The Mermaid

“My bleeding heart, my open vein, a feast for the gulls of this storm born world. I weep openly, for if they read my tears they will know I am real.”

– J. R. Rogue, Le Chant des Sirénes

Mermaid TOC
John W. Waterhouse – The Siren, 1900

Rough men in hard times desire one thing, a woman to love. If it turns out she loves him too, he’ll change his life and march for an eternity, even kick down the doors of Hell to find his way back to her arms. This is the story of Derek, a sailor, who exhausts his life trying to get back to Meera, the love of his life. The only complication is Meera being a mermaid.

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Chapter 1. Real Mermaids Aren’t Like That.
Chapter 2. The Love of Sea and Shore
Chapter 3. Dark Eyes and Deadly Sins
Chapter 4. For the Love of Meera
Chapter 5. Mermaid Skin
Chapter 6. Safe Harbor
Chapter 7. Hidden Lagoon
Chapter 8. Nature’s Way
Chapter 9. Mermaid Eyes
Chapter 10. The Sea and Me

Chapter 11. All For Love

Chapter 12. Nature’s Way

Chapter 13. Love at First Bite

Chapter 14. Sea and Sky

Chapter 15. Sea and Shore

Chapter 16. Sea and Fire

Chapter 17. Sea and Storm

Chapter 18. Reunion (20 Jan)

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