Origins-Scene 1

“What would you do, if you could do anything?” I took a step toward him, closing the space between us. “This,” I said. And then I kissed him.” ― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever



   Red lips framed pearlescent teeth in a smile perched on an upturned face. Faith’s hair was tied in a ponytail that danced between outstretched arms. The mist caught the light breaking through the branches of rain-kissed pines casting a glow on the skin of her face, arms, and legs like a candle under a burning wick.

   She laughed at me for suggesting we go inside out of the rain and abandon our morning jog along the Han River in Seoul. I caught a glint in her eyes as she turned to look at me, questioning my seriousness. Her smile signaled a new plan had entered her fertile mind.

   Almond eyes guarded by long lashes locked on my gaze as she drifted to me in the light of dawn. The tap of short steps and the swish of fabric on swaying hips and smooth skin highlighted her seductive smile. Serious eyes of polished agate wandered over me.

   She moved like smoke emanating from an ember of a neglected campfire. The twist of her hips and the rock of her shoulders as she walked toward me enveloped my mind and created a spark in the pit of my stomach.

   The specter of sensuous grace distracted my want of comfort. A flicker of flame, a licking flame of desire, reached up my legs. The burn in my groin engulfed me in a craving for her and the morning air to fill my lungs and soothe my racing heart.

   She glanced down and touched my waist. Her fingers drifted along my side reaching around to my back, pulling, tugging, and closing the distance between us until chest to chest we held each other in a silence that took us away from the raindrops gathering on our clothes and skin.

   A scent of feminine musk mingled with lavender, citrus, peonies, and damp hair. Her essence swirled around me as she leaned against me. The right foot lifted to the curve of her bottom. A foreshadowing of my immediate future, I hoped.

   Palms rested on my chest; the pads of her fingers under manicured nails gathered the fabric of my shirt. She pushed me toward the porch we just left. I reached back for the handle on the door as her mouth found mine. Her lips massaged me; lipstick smearing, adhering to my chin, my jaw line, under my ear, down my neck until I had to have her. I wanted to feel her skin on me and taste her like aged Beerenauslese wine. Her love was an ambrosia enjoyed a sip at a time.

   Screw the door. We held a probing kiss and played a game with hands and fingers drifting across damp skin and cloth feeling the hard and soft landscape below. Drops of water clung to arms and reflected a glow like gemstones against a backdrop of bronze skin painted in shifting shadows and light.

   Her elixir of eroticism left me feeling drunk as shadows crept away from the light of day awakening me from a dream with the impetus of her love. Touches across centers of rising pleasure gave way to burning desire. Under a low ceiling, framed in the archway of the porch, we let our passions run wild.

   She made a sound in her throat, a hum like she was enjoying dark chocolate with a vintage port wine. Her lips and tongue implored me to enjoy the delights she held in her imagination, which I’d learned centered in the erotic arts and delicacies of lovemaking only a woman can master.

   Hungry lips, wet and smeared, reminded me where she marked my face and neck. I had to laugh as I looked in the surreal cast of her eyes on my face.

   “Do I amuse you?” She asked with a touch of impatience.

   “You set me alight like Ouzo at a Greek wedding. Drink slow and careful or get burned.” Her eyes hypnotized me as I spoke. The words fell from my mouth but sounded like they came from another.

   “What if I like getting burned by your passion?”

   She reached down, the heel of her hand riding up along the front of my jogging pants with fingers trailing along exploring every detail of my lust for her. My siren looked up to judge my pleasure as she lingered with a playful touch. Twinkling eyes and a coltish smile gave away her satisfaction with my response.

   “Then come inside and we’ll start a fire.” I thought I sounded like I was begging.

   “What’s wrong with right here?” She whispered as her lips reclaimed some of the red colors she had left on my neck.

   “Oh, what the hell,” I mumbled my unconditional surrender to the spell she cast over me.

    We made love like wild beasts in the corner of the porch. Her eyes narrowed into slits with a blaze of light refracting from the liquid pools of her dilated pupils. I buried my face in her neck and held on to her.

   She leaned back and braced herself. Soft cries kept time with our frantic rhythm. The sound of her pleasure drove me out of my mind with the need to feel every centimeter of me plunged into the pleasure she gave me.

    Glassy eyes looked up into my face as Faith leaned back against the corner. She held on to my shoulders and surrendered to my obsession never taking her eyes off of me. I couldn’t resist any longer. Lost in the moment, I felt her press against me.

In the heat of passion I lost myself to the sensations of arms wrapped around my neck, her chest tight against mine as she pressed herself fast against my hips.  My climax pulsed so quick I almost dropped her; my legs gave out as strength drained from me like water poured from a bucket.

   Strange, what clear visions come to mind in those moments. When someone releases their mind, body, soul, and heart to another, it burns an artful expression in the retinas that remains long after the moment has gone. Seeing and feeling the woman of my dreams lose herself to me sent me over the edge, and I slipped deeper into the web she cast.

   My dark-eyed dream released me and let her legs slide down to the ground pressing against me and shaking in my arms as I held her. My breath came in spasms as we embraced. I felt like I was lying in the hot sand on the beach as the waves ran up and over me. She tapped me on my backside to wake me from my stupor.

   “I’m ready to go inside now,” she whispered before biting my earlobe.

   There were many times like this moment. She was spontaneous, even volcanic at times. It was her Asian nature, I suppose. I did my best to ride the tempest of our passion without losing my head over her.

   She came and went as she pleased. I would miss her for days and then she would call and see if I had time for her. I always did. Even if I didn’t have time, I made time. When she popped in at whatever place we agreed to meet, that smile, those full lips, and laughing eyes surged past my defenses. We started up wherever we left off as if no time had passed between us.

   We traveled to places she wanted to show me and ate at restaurants in the old parts of the cities we visited. Introductions to people she knew were a blur. She had a sound knowledge of the local history for many of the places we visited. The staff of those out-of-the-way places we went to always showed her a subdued fealty. The people she greeted with open friendliness knew something I didn’t.

   I saw a lady of exquisite taste and a proper manner in public while she remained an untamed tigress in the shadows, hotels, and apartments we shared together while on travel. She was a storm of emotion at times and tranquil like a mountain lake on other occasions.

   Regardless of her mood, each time we were together she searched my mind, my heart, and my soul for clues of my connection to her culture and my bond with her. I’d never experienced anything like her before.

   I wanted to love her. My mind wandered across dreams of her visitations and an elusive promise to stay with me. It hurt to know as much as we made love and spent time together, I hardly knew her at all.

   She was an enigma to me. I had no idea what her reason for including me in her life meant to her or me. I just knew I needed her. I felt a clawing addiction to her. I suspect that was what she waited for and wanted all along. She had to know how fathomless my bond to her was before she allowed me inside of her world.

   It was during this time she opened up and guided me to the discovery of who she was and why she chose me as her lover. She told me the story of her life as a Dragon Sister. A Sentinel, she called herself. I drifted back in time as she told the stories of her Dragon Society and its origins.

   She was a Black Dragon. They were the most feared of all the house of dragons. They symbolized the dragons of dark waters and deep shadows of the north, which was the land of death in the mythology of her Mongolian heritage.

   The Black Dragons were the keeper of secrets. They were also the enforcers for the rulers of the clan. She was a Sentinel of the Black Dragon Society. She served the Masters and did their bidding, and they bid her seek me out and become my pair-bonded mate. Her seduction worked.

   I joined their society, pledged my loyalty, and received the keys to an ancient past rich with history, culture, and secrets. It was the old Master’s hope that I would tell the story and break the millennial silence to herald the beginning of their prophecy.

   Their prophecy tied mortal humans to the constant force of the universe and lived in the memories of those who accepted the bond with the Dragon. Legends and skill passed from one generation to the next folding time and advancing their singular unified goal across the centuries. Their goal was nothing less than advancing science to improve themselves through bio-engineering, mind, body, and spiritual conditioning. From what I saw of the world, I preferred the Dragons.

   My Dragon Sentinel called herself Chungshil Chuŏk; it translated to heartfelt and faithful memory. She was my Mnemosyne. I called her Faith. Her name represented all things of a female nature. Faith was Yin to her Asian clan. She called me Nae Yong, her Dragon. Hyperion was hard for her to pronounce. It made me smile every time she tried.

   Often, my Asian siren rested on her back with her head on my lap, and her knees were bouncing to some melody as she told about her life and her clan. My Sentinel had a long and storied past, and she wanted me to hear all of it.

   I kept my thoughts to myself and let the story unfold in moments shared together on park benches under the shade of Wisteria trees. We talked over meals with sweet aromatic rice, exotic vegetables, and fish or fowl. We talked on the sofa looking out over the East China Sea on the coast of Jeju Island as the sun kissed the playful waves and wisps of clouds moved like fingers to reveal the cerulean sky.

   In the high-rise apartment overlooking Hyundai Beach in Busan, Korea she would lie against my shoulder and trail her fingers across my chest and stomach or rub my thighs. Sometimes she used her long nails as if she were playing a stringed zither tied to my heart’s rolling passion.  I rested in a somnolent mood as she told a remarkable tale of intrigue, duty, honor, and fealty to the Masters.

   On the balcony of a hotel in Singapore, we overlooked buildings of steel and glass. The sky dappled with dim sum-like clouds reflected in every panel against a backdrop of the bay full of all types of ships. She looked out over the city and leaned against the railing as she talked.

   The graceful curves of her waist set under a slight arch in her back flaring out to straight shoulders and sloping down and out to tight hips emphasized her body. She was sleek like a mountain lion and her movements, though graceful and smooth, always seemed like a well-trained predator. It was this predatory grace that intrigued me and made me hunger to join her for whatever it was she hunted.

   The light of day bathed her in light showing her body through the fabric of her shirt. The nightshirt was too short to cover her, exposing her raw sexuality to me as she spoke. I sat mesmerized by her comfort at letting me take in her strength and beauty as she took me on this journey of indoctrination into an insular society that hid in plain sight.

   I was her Dragon, her bonded mate, and the scribe of her exotic tale. What follows is her story told me over the course of several years. I guess it’s always best to start at the beginning.

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33 thoughts on “Origins-Scene 1

        1. Take your time, M. The dragons aren’t going anywhere. I never finished the Origins series but will some day. I hope to turn it into a novel but there is a lot of work to do. Your comments are always welcomed.

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          1. I thought you were already running with it. I should have known you had bigger things in mind. I know you’ll accomplish everything you want to. Aren’t you concerned of your work being copied? I think I would.
            Let me share some numbers with you, I’m truly proud of myself. I took my advocacy work to Twitter aprox. two months ago. I’m following Charities & Charitable organisations, about 40. Today I have 1411 followers. God showed me the way and I’m so humbled. I dedicated a song to Survivors but WP was screwed up so hope to get reblog wouking today. You have to take a peak, I picked the perfect song.
            Super Big Hugs

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    1. Hi Alina! Yes, we missed you. I have done a lot of rewriting and changing the story from the original. The most changes were to Domi’s story. I’ve edited Origins a little to tone it down some and to hopefully make it more interesting. There is a lot of work to do yet on Origins but the rest is done for now. I wrote a short biography of myself trying to add a little humor. It’s in the menu under meet the Dragon Master. Please continue to enjoy whenever you have the time. I do very much appreciate your time here. 😊

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  1. Wow, I loved it. It is brilliant. So rich and full of beautiful description, and yet not overbearing description. It feels very deep from the beginning and I love the Faith character, she seems like a truly wild one, romantic, feminine and free-spirited. The scene of love making is written in such a way that it is very intimate but not vulgar. I’m very impressed and intrigued, it is so beautifully written and captivating, and full of knowledge. I really liked this phrase: “She had to know how fathomless my bond to her was before she allowed me inside of her world.” because I strongly connect with it, it is how I feel as well in relationship. I might steal it for Facebook 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you so much for these kind words, Natasha. I truly struggled with this opening chapter. You really get to the core of what I wanted to portray. The intimacy is meant to signal how Hyperion is pulled into a relationship with Faith because of her depth of character and feminine charm balanced with self assured strength and confidence. The bond of mind, body, and soul sets the stage for what follows. I’m glad to read you connect with Faith’s approach to making sure Hyperion is her true bond. It speaks of a quality of character that is rare and special. I’m honored and happy for you to use any part of the Dragon tales you like. I do hope the story holds up to your interest. I hope to have scene 6 out this weekend. We begin to explore Faith’s past which will explain what happens in her and Hyperion’s future. 😊

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      1. Great, I will catch up with the rest before the weekend:) I love Faith character, as I always loved this type of women, who are feminine and romantic but strong and free spirited, which makes them irresistible to almost any man. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, you are absolutely correct, Natasha. Especially in my case. Faith is based on a woman I loved dearly in my past and other women I knew that listened to the lioness in their heart and pursued their dreams. Strong men desire a strong woman. It is an insecure man that can’t accept a woman as his equal or better and the world is crowded with insecure men. The secret is mental toughness and training but this never requires a woman to stop being who she is or to give up her femininity. The path is difficult and that is precisely why not everyone can achieve the dreams they have for themselves or share with their loved one. In the story mental and physical pain is symbolic of the difficulty in obtaining the right to be a Sentinel of the Black Dragons. The reward for perseverance is the love Faith and Hyperion share. This is definitely a favorite subject of mine. I’m thrilled you identify with it and you are right on target. 😊

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            1. I do hope you will enjoy Faith’s story. Some of it will be a tribute to an actual person who through this story, you will come to know as well as I did. I weave a lot of my personal experIences, philosophy, and people I have known into this story. It helps connect me to the story and characters and gives me a solid path forward because it’s easier for me to remember than imagine although weaving those vignettes into a fictional tale does give my head elves a good work out at times. 😀

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    1. Hi Chris! glad you dropped by. This chapter has been edited and reposted so many times I lost count. I just couldn’t find the right balance. But, I decided to leave it in it’s current condition and move on to the rest. Sherrie’s story captivates me and has captivated me for two years now. She is the real deal, a true Dragon Sister minus the negative aspects of the fictional story. An Awesome lady and our dear blogoteer sister. High Five my friend. Welcome aboard the Dragon Express. 😀

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  2. Rain-kissed pine? That’s my favorite candle scent, Daniel…so this is already off to a good start. As always, you’re great with including the 5 senses in everything you write. You really have a magnificent way of describing women. Love the comparison of her and a mountain lion. A predator! And you describe her as a tigress in another sentence.

    Really, the only bit of critique I have to mention is the first sentence – seemed a little long and I feel it would sound more natural to break it in two somehow. I had to reread it a couple times. I also want to know why Hyperion was chosen as a mate for this dragon sister, but I suspect we’ll find out more later.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren. Your comment helped me cement a few thoughts I’ve evolved for the story. I did edit that pesky first sentence. I’ve struggled more with this first chapter than any chapter I’ve ever written. I don’t think two people have read the same text because I change it every day almost. Eventually, I’ll get it where it feels right. Ultimately, this story is about Hyperion and I planned to slowly tell Hyperion’s story as it interweaves with Faith’s past. I think I miscalculated on Hyperion’s introduction in telling the story. But, hey…I’ll find a way to back up and get him squared away. I’m always thrilled beyond measure when I describe the Sisters well and I thank you for mentioning it. There are qualities that I admire that I want to draw attention to. Hopefully, the reasons will be evident in the story as we go along. I look forward to your comments.

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    1. Ah, you are very perceptive, Sherrie. I think you more than most will understand the delicate trappings of this story as our two warriors form a bond for some yet unnamed mission they must perform even if it cost their lives. Such is the allegiance to duty, honor, and clan. Hyperion is in love but is Faith in love or is she just following orders or her assigned fate. The duplicity of life for the warrior and the spy is never simple or straight forward. Their are no straight paths to follow. Faith and Hyperion’s tale will unfold and we’ll know more soon.

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      1. Ahah!
        I commented on the very same subject on Faith if they child would come … What would she do? Is love alone enough to break that walls of hers and she will do the right to be a human being … or holding on forever eternally on her Dragon Code of Honour …

        My father, therefore, had chosen the opposite for his true love … and the true meaning of life (without the code) because to him, HONOUR can be something else MORE NOBLE than just holding to the rules. Sometimes, to break the rules for other reasons of honouring life and love, earned way higher purposes than to bind to the wrong reasons …

        I agree on my father fully. Wow … I just said what he told me so many years ago and I didn’t expect I would remember every line of that conversation he said to me when I was a child …

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I believe in my heart, your father was absolute and correct. Honor doesn’t serve a leader by adherence to rules. That is merely discipline and discipline can serve good or evil. A true Code of Honor serves humanity and the positive virtues of humankind. It is founded in selfless sacrifice to bring the light to darkness. Your father knew this and never wavered from it even with great loss of his family ties.

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          1. You just nailed it there, Daniel!
            Right you are.
            My father would have shake hands with you if you said that to him. It is one thing of which would have touch his heart.

            Yes, my father knew it even before that he had paid a higher price of pursuing his true love for the noble way of life he had chosen to believed it was the right ones. He had made a right choice all along.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I believe your father made the right choice as well and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. Though I only know him through you and what you have shared about him, it is enough for me to know he was an extraordinary man in many ways. It would have been the greatest honor for me to walk with him and hear his wisdom. But, I do hear his wisdom through you and it is a remarkable gift which I am eternally grateful for. Our talks and the things you share have been a big influence on my writing of the Dragon Tales. You will surely recognize some of it. 😀


    1. I hope you enjoy it.Scene 2 has a tea service scene in it. I think you are the only reader that knows the ritual and meaning of the service. I don’t go into detail but it is significant in defining the Character Faith and her bond with Hyperion.


  3. “The scribe of her exotic tale,” love it! You have a certain way with words that shines through at certain moments in your writing, and which are just brilliant. I can’t wait to see what Hyperion’s role is in the story, and why the Dragons had Faith seek him out. I also wish I knew just a bit about Hyperion’s story before Faith. Was he a normal person until Faith came along, and he discovered that he was special? How did they meet? Who was Hyperion before this? I hope a chapter will come in which such curiosity as mine finds satisfaction and, if not, maybe some backstory? 🙂 Good job, dear cuzz!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Thank you, Dear Cuzz. I actually build entire chapters for certain statements that are left as guideposts for the story. Chapters 2 and 3 drop important hints about Hyperion as well as tell Faith’s story. Faith will explain the reasons for the Dragon Sisters and how Dominika’s parents, Dr. And Mrs. Aristov use DNA from a Kimodo Dragon with the same biological ability as the Electric eels, to shock prey and defend themselves. Using bio-engineering and DNA therapy, Dr. Aristov creates women with this electric pulse capability, predatory instincts, and extreme strength. Faith tells the story of her Dragon Sisters; Lee Kwan Che, Dominika, Jade, Jasmine, and the Cybrid Mariah. The story will focus on Hyperion as well and then Faith and Hyperion’s mission which will be a lot like Gloria and Raul’s. The challenge to me is to tell this story in gritty detail, the beauty and the horror, but do it in a way that is not cheap and gratuitous but stunning, captivating, and at times horrifying. It’s a lofty goal. I’m determined to have a go at it.

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