Origins-Scene 3

“Consider the capacity of the human body for pleasure. The whole body is susceptible to pleasure, but in places, there are wells from which it may be drawn up in greater quantity. But joy is not inexhaustible. How long is it possible to know pleasure? Consider pain. We are always ripe for it. All life is ripe for it. Always.”  ― Jesus I. Aldapuerta, The Eyes: Emetic Fables from the Andalusian de Sade



The Courtesan


   The black auto prowled down the street past upscale apartments facing streets and shops with windows into a world of wealth and fashion. Men in suits and women in expensive adornments walked down the sidewalk lost in their thoughts. The life of wealth created a veneer of satisfaction on the faces making their way to their destiny.

    The car stopped in front of a walled home with the branches of fig and persimmon trees laden with fruit reaching out to passersby on the sidewalk. A woman got out of the vehicle and rang the bell on the walk-in gate. A moment later the gate unlocked and opened. The woman dressed in a simple gray outfit disappeared behind the entrance.

    On the steps of the home, a governess wearing a white skirt, blouse, and black apron met the woman with a child in tow. The little girl wore black pants gathered at the ankle and a long sleeved red smock with loop and pearl buttons. She wore cloth shoes with beaded embroidery. On her back was a pack with personal items to take on her journey.

    The lady led the child to the back door of the car and ushered her inside. The nursemaid carried two suitcases and helped the driver place them in the trunk. The window lowered, and the sobbing child cried out to her governess with outstretched arms and a teary-eyed face. The nanny hugged the girl through the window, tore loose from the desperate fingers inside, waved and smiled.

   The car left the sidewalk and disappeared down the street. The sound of a child wailing drifted down the avenue of wealth, and happy dreams as the auto mingled in the flow of traffic. The nanny hurried to the gate with her hand to her mouth as sobs broke loose through her fingers. The door opened as she moved inside the wall and shut the gate. The woman fell to her knees and wept. She knew all too well the child’s fate.

   A lorry fell in behind the vehicle with extra fuel and supplies to make sure they made it to their destination and to deliver crates of goods to the Pleasure Market near Sonid Youqi, Inner Mongolia. The sedan drove out of Ulaanbaatar, the capitol of Mongolia from the River Garden Luxury Village on the Tuul River and picked up Narnii road to the traffic circle that spun them out on the highway south on their 764-kilometer journey.

   Hours driving across the steppes of Mongolia left the dirt and noise of city life behind and opened up the vast sky.

   “Darya, doesn’t it look like we’re sailing a sea of rolling land with waves of grass to the horizon in all directions?” Doctor Viktor Aristov never tired of Mongolia.

   “We are fortunate to enjoy all of this travel. I don’t think you could pick better subjects for your experiments than the Mongol people. They are so beautifully healthy and energetic.” Darya mused as she stroked the child’s hair.

   Faith slept in the arms of Mrs. Aristov against her swelling belly. Darya was expecting her first child in six months; a girl she would call Dominika. She loved the ancient Latin name because it meant, of the Lord. Her child was the progeny of the Russian Black Dragon. Darya felt Dominika was destined to a great future in the world of the Dragons.

   The trip from Russia to Inner Mongolia was hard on Mrs. Aristov, but she dedicated her life to her husband and his work. She cared about his patients and the girl asleep in her lap was no different. She believed as her husband believed, the secret to divinity, expressed in a pure humanity, could only come to pass through a crucible of hard sacrifice and pain.

   They crossed the border of Mongolia into Inner Mongolia and picked up the G208 highway into Xilingol Prefecture and soon arrived at Sonid Youqi. They drove to an unremarkable house on the edge of the village in the flat plains of an ancient land still untamed by human endeavor. Dr. Aristov carried Faith in his arms with Mrs. Aristov at his side to comfort the child. The driver followed with the suitcases.

   At the door, a heavy-set man with close-cropped hair let everyone inside. He glanced around then shut the door. Outside the men from the truck carried two crates through the gate to the back of the house and unpacked the electronic gear and lab equipment and began setting it up in the building behind the house.

   “Welcome doctor. I trust your journey was peaceful.” The white-haired gentleman rose from his chair to greet the doctor and his wife as they entered the living area. He extended his hand. Across his forearm was a Black Dragon tattoo. The tail disappeared under his sleeve.

   “It was uneventful, Brother. I’m sorry to visit under such unfortunate events but ever thankful you can help.” Viktor bowed to the elder man and held the hand of his Dragon Brother. Mutual trust and respect showed in their eyes.

    “I can never repay you for what you have done for my people,” the elder gentleman replied. “It’s the least I can do. The child will stay under our care until she is ready for her induction and education.” The old Dragon turned and pointed to a low table with pads on the floor as women hurried to set the evening meal.

   “We were fortunate to gain custody of the child so quickly. Pity about her dear parents. They were good friends, and I’m sure they would approve. The little one’s life is destined to serve as a Dragon Sentinel. I checked her DNA at birth, and she is a near perfect match for the treatments.” Dr. Aristov chatted as he followed the old Dragon and sat down. Darya and the other women sat in the kitchen to gossip and keep an eye on the two Master Dragons.

    After Viktor and Chingis finished their meal and a few too many drinks, one of the women enter the room and sat with a small zither across from the men seated around the table and began to play. The haunting sounds of the zither were soothing to Viktor after a long day of listening to tires roar on rough pavement.

    “Bravo, Rose. You are more beautiful and talented each time we meet.” Viktor’s eyes were bright with admiration of the courtesan.

    Rose bowed but said nothing. She continued to play; her body moved with fluid grace as she plucked and vibrated the strings.

   “Chingis, can you arrange for Darya and me to examine Rose tonight. If she is progressing well, we can give her a treatment tonight and save a trip later.” Dr. Aristov never ventured far from the subject of his work.

   “Yes, indeed.” The old Master replied without taking his eyes off of Rose.

   When the courtesan finished her song, Chingis got up from the floor and walked over to her offering his hand. Rose took his hand and unfolded from the ground under her layered silk dress.

   “Go to the doctor,” Chingis ordered.

    Rose bowed and followed Darya and Viktor down the dark hall to a side room. Darya helped Rose out of her silk coverings leaving the last layer to cover her nakedness. Darya checked her vitals, took some blood samples, and asked a few questions about her health, annotating the answers in her notebook. When she finished, she looked at Viktor, who walked up to Rose. The courtesan dropped her eyes to avoid looking at the Dragon Master’s face.

   “I must test your optical reflexes, Rose. I’m sorry, but it’s not a pleasant thing I must do as you know.” Viktor watched Rose for her consent.

   “You must do it, Master. I am ready for your test.” Rose never lifted her eyes from the floor as she spoke.

   Darya opened the silk to expose Rose to the tall doctor with the narrow angular face and piercing stare. Viktor gathered her nipple between his index finger and thumb pinching her and watching her wince from the pain. Darya handed him a small spring clamp with wires trailing back to a box with a dial. The doctor attached a clamp to both nipples and instructed Darya to turn the knob to the number five and press the red button.

   “Look into my eyes.” The doctor commanded the patient.

   Rose looked up and focused on his harsh pupils and tried to endure the pain. Viktor looked over at Darya.

   “Increase the power to ten.”

   Rose trembled from the burning pulses that felt like the teeth of the dragon feasting on her flesh.

   “Okay, stop.” Viktor gazed into the eyes of his subject and marveled at how little clue she gave to what was an excruciating dose of electric current.

   “Note the patient showed only mild iris agitation and minimum pupil distortion. I’ll agitate her further to see if I can detect a transformation.” The doctor’s clinical intonation alluded to a ritual of tests routine to the tester and a traumatizing hell for the patient.

   “Rose, please forgive me what I must do. It is the pain response and anger that creates the conditions for your transformation. Don’t resist what your body insists. Give in to it.”

   Rose looked into the tormentor’s eyes with a disoriented plea for mercy. Viktor oozed confidence under the control of a desire for something greater than her life or perhaps even his. The doctor pulled on his examination gloves and opened the courtesan’s silk.

   “Place your feet in a wide stance. Good, now bend your knees slightly like you are about to sit down in a chair and put your hands on my shoulders to steady yourself.” Viktor’s voice denied what Rose feared most from these treatments she endured.

   Viktor turned to Darya. “Note, the patient emitted a small current when she touches my shoulders.”

   Viktor watched his subject’s face for distress as he reached down between her legs. He felt the apex of delicate folds with his index finger. His thumb traced down until he was sure he had the sensitive spot where the body concentrated the most nerve endings. Again, he pinched her until a small cry escaped from his subject. The doctor looked into his patient’s eyes then attached the clamp.

   Rose pursed her lips together, closed her eyes to the pain, and turned her head as the clamp bit into her tender skin. Viktor slapped Rose across the face with his left hand.

   “Look in my face!” Viktor demanded.

   “Now, prepare yourself.”

   Rose’s legs trembled. Her fingers dug into the doctor’s coat above his shoulders. Darya applied the current and eased it up to its maximum output.

   Rose’s pupils vibrated and narrowed to vertical slits. The irises began to change from brown to a golden yellow. The burning current forced the trembling woman to open her mouth in a wide yawn as her face raised to the ceiling in agony. A rush of air came from her lungs, a rumble like distant thunder.

   Viktor motioned to cut the power and Rose collapsed in his arms. Darya rushed to help her husband lay Rose down on a bed pad. They placed a cushion under her neck as the courtesan’s body shook with tremors.

   “Be careful Darya. She can emit a powerful shock in this state that could injure you.” Viktor’s voice was no longer the demonic torturer. He looked at his patient with concern. She was a means to an end, and the end always justified the means. He kept to himself how exquisite her pain was to him.

   “Please bring my bag over, dear.”

   Darya delivered his medical bag. The doctor removed a syringe and vial with a dark fluid in it. He drew 120 milliliters into the syringe and injected the medication into the side of Rose’s hip as Darya massaged the knot that formed at the injection site.

    “While she is in the altered state this will help strengthen her. I added some morphine so she can rest while the treatment works.”

    “She endured so much pain, Viktor. Did you see how she focused her mind away from what you were doing to her? For a woman, this is traumatic to be treated this way.” Darya’s voice cracked as she imagined Rose’s experience as her own. She too knew the doctor’s skill at giving pain and the enlightenment it brought to her life.

    “It would be the same for any reasonable person, man or woman. It’s the high threshold for pain the Mongolian people are born with that makes them best suited for the experiments. The women have thresholds twice that of the men. It makes the women the best subject for the tests.” Dr. Aristov continued to administer to Rose as he spoke.

    After checking his patient’s blood pressure again, he continued. “It is the pain and anger that creates the chemicals in the body that make the transformation possible. The DNA from the black dragons travels in the pain channels attached to the neurotransmitters and slowly causes the biological changes.”

   “What will become of Rose after her transformation is complete?” Darya asked.

   “Rose is the genesis of a new warrior class of Dragons, the Eve to the Dragon’s Adam. The Black Dragons will use her unique skills as a courtesan to get past the defenses of important people they want to influence or eliminate. When finished with her duties as a concubine, they will find her a mate. Her children will carry the transformation naturally. She is the first mother of what will become the Dragon Emperor’s Praetorian Guard, his Sentinels.”

    “And what will become of Faith?” The child falling victim to some nefarious plan concerned Darya.

    “She will stay with Rose for now. Later, she’ll go to school in Korea to learn her trade.” Viktor sounded so confident; he convinced himself that everything in his plan would come to fruition.

   “Will she take the treatments?” Darya asked.

   “She must, my dear. Her DNA is perfect for the transformation. That is why we want her to stay with Rose, so the process is familiar to her, ingrained in her subconscious. She’ll become one of the society’s greatest sentinels, and her children will be just like her without the necessity for the treatments. If her bonded mate is a natural warrior too, the DNA pairing could be phenomenal.”

    Darya stroked Rose’s hand as Viktor put away his instruments of change and tucked the comforter around the sleeping courtesan. The two Russians left their patient and returned to the others.

   On the floor, a faint golden glow from Rose’s eyes cast a pall on her face. Beads of sweat collected on her forehead as her body twitched under the comforter.

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30 thoughts on “Origins-Scene 3

  1. The power and beauty your writing holds is strong, and it drew me back once more to read on about the mysterious dragons. I shudder to think of what Faith has to endure in the future if it’s anything like what Rose has experienced. I like how you presented the doctor in different lights – the torturer, the gentle, concerned caretaker, and the hungry scientist. Hope you’ve been well! I’ll be back on and off as I’m currently preparing to move to a new home.

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    1. Hi Bug! :D. I’ve missed you. I suspected a serious case of abandonment anxiety had settled in because I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were doing. Thank you for your visit and great comment. Faith endures some significant challenges and tells Hyperion all about it. The story is evolving slowly but I suspect some real drama will bust loose any scene now. Behind it all is Chingis and Dr. Aristov. They’re a couple of old school Dragons and they don’t mess around with making things happen. I hope your move goes well. That is always stressful. I suspect you don’t mess around either when it comes to making things happen. I’m rewriting all the Dragon Stories and posting them up as I go. Hopefully, it will all make sense when I done but if my noisy head elves are any indication, there is no telling what we’ll end up with. Don’t be a stranger. The door is always open to my Dragon Sisters and Brothers and I’m always happy to see you here. 😀

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      1. Aww. You’ve been missed, too. I’m doing well! Just been a busy bee finalizing the move. We ISTJs like to be SUPER prepared, you know. I’m using this moving company called College Hunks so I’m looking forward to some nice views later this week. Heh, that makes me sound like a cougar. I have some time today to read a bit more so I look forward to the dragon drama.

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        1. Muwaa haaa haaaa! I think if you have to undergo one of the most stressful things we civilized humans must do, which is move ourselves and all our earthly belongings from one well known place to an unknown place, we might as well find a way to enjoy it. Don’t forget to practice your grrrr. I’ve been busy with the Dragons doing a lot of rewriting. I have lots of chapters from each part popping up like weeds. The first half will be familiar but very different in plot arc and new characters added. Mariah and Gloria will stay essentially the same with some minor editing for content, grammar, and punctuation. I look forward to your comments and hope you like the window dressing of the new and improved Dragons. 😀

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          1. Those hunks were GOOD! I’d use them again. We had to make a pit stop at my mother’s to drop off a shelf and Mom was very interested in seeing if the “hunks” were truly hunky. I’m going to get some more dragon reading in today. 🙂

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            1. LOL! A Mother-Daughter assessment of hunkification qualities is the most rigorous test one can go through. If they passed, then they gotta be good, very good. 😀 My budget analyst is going through a move and enjoying a lot of moving and selling stress. Being unattached, I recommended she see if there was a hunk team in our area. She asked that I pass on her eternal gratitude to you. She wouldn’t say if she signed up or not. Discretion in our business is allowed.:D

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  2. Beautiful, Daniel! I see you’ve done great research on backgrounds, names, and genetics. It sounds very authentic. Today I saw a dream with a small Mongolian girl but it was before I read this part of the scene. She was a movie star. It’s strange to say because she had Mongolian face in real life but she looked Russian on the screen.
    My grandma has Mongolian blood in her veins and she is the strongest woman I know. After my grandpa died she continues to maintain their farm and a large garden where she grows so many different kinds of vegetables by herself and she is 76.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much, Marta. To be honest, When I wrote this, I worried that you might be offended by the conflict of views expressed by the characters and the implication that this scene and Hyperion’s reaction painted Russians in a negative light. But, as my tag line reads, nothing is as it seems. The mystery will evolve and reveal itself. And as you know Dominika, Ivan, and their children, Peter and Alexa are central characters in the evolution of the Dragons. It all starts with Dr. Aristov and Darya. As we see, the path to divinity and enlightenment is no ice cream sundae. I can clearly see a meaning in your dream. It is significant to me in what it represents but the meaning to you is only for you to know. I will say that it is a positive sign that I see. I love the thought of your dear grandmother being so strong and active at age 76. What a blessing and I’m sure you also carry this strength of mind, body, and soul with you as well. I have many memories of this strength in my Dragon Sisters. Not the ones in my fictional story, the Sisters I’ve lived among and come to respect as examples of the strength a woman possesses clothed in a refined dignity and grace. Now, I see that you too are a true Dragon Sister and I’m not surprised. Of course I should say that one need not be Asian to be a Dragon Sister. Dominika comes to mind. I will rewrite her story to stay in line with a more realistic character. I do hope you like the story and I thank you for reading and your wonderful comment. Hope your project is going well. I look forward to reading your entertaining and informative posts. 😊

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        1. I’m thrilled you will read further and please feel free to tell me your honest opinions because I value your input and I proceed with what I learn from you. My readers teach me a great deal and shape the story along the way. Don’t hold back. We Dragons can take it. 😉🐉🐉

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  3. Wow. Such an incredible story unfolding. It shows how much the upbringing influences people; if Rose had a different life she would be a different person, not going through the torments and achieving the transformation. It is horrible what they put her through, but it is truly the way we learn the deep lessons of life – through pain, unfortunately. Makes you think why we were born in certain circumstances, and how we were meant to progress our soul. In the end, however, it sounds that Rose won’t have a choice to understand that she is above the sufferings, and walk away from it, but will fall into the trap of her tormentors, fulfilling their purpose, because she can’t walk away. But maybe I’m wrong. And this: “She was a means to an end, and the end always justified the means.” – great line. That’s how many great emperors thought, not that I agree with it. Peter the First, for example, built Saint Petersburg, that is so much admired nowadays, on people’s suffering and death; there are literary dead bodied all over underneath, because people were dying building it. They were very cruel means to an end but no one remembers that…

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    1. I admire your deep thought process, your intellect, and reflection when considering the point of this chapter, Natasha. “How we are meant to progress our souls.” I believe that only under the best of circumstances is our soul’s progression in our hands. It seems for most people that this progression is made through our choices given the circumstance and experiences in our life. Many will not live out their lives and obtain a true understanding of our humanity and divinity. For those who suffer the greatest sins of humankind and survive, their lives diverge on two paths. One is a broken life lived on the brink of madness and the other is a profound understanding that the beauty of life is in small things easily obtained in the right circumstance. To value life in terms of the positive virtues having suffered before, we can truly understand what a great gift the love of another is, how beautiful a healthy garden and clean air can be. We can cherish solitude and hear a symphony in the sounds of nature where every note is played in tune – where the untrained ear hears a cacophony and pays it no mind. Beauty and joy are elevated by the necessity of ugliness and sorrow in the human experience. I don’t advocate that we seek and purposefully experience the dark side of our human existence. It’s just that it exists and we must strive to find the light in every dark moment. We shouldn’t live to cause darkness, but live to find the light. I am fascinated with the history of Russia and those countries brought under the reign of Russia throughout its history. Anyone that has studied the facts of history and avoided the revisionist theories of governments can see that the darkness and cruelty of Russia’s past were no different than the constant war and conquests of America, Europe, and China or Japan and Korea. Today’s bitter pill is played out in countries tearing down old empires they deemed evil and replacing them with the deepest darkness of human suffering unseen since WWII. When one sees the beauty and accomplishment of humankind in the architecture and art of Saint Petersburg we don’t think about the misery and suffering of those whose labor brought the dream to reality. One could say the currency that bought this world treasure was flesh and blood. We should never forget that. It is better to build a life, a village, an empire, a nation on love, respect, honor, and moral courage, to name a few of the positive virtues. I believe that only after the avarice and need for the power of men are finally tamed can we have those enclaves built on positive virtues. I will try to show in this story how pain and suffering did not conquer our characters. Their desire to love and be loved was their passage to something greater than the bond that held them together. There are missteps, mistakes, anguish, and pain but love in all its many layers and colors does conquer all. Thank you so much, Natasha, for your wonderful comment and observations. I feel you have overcome much in your own life and you are one that has chosen the light. I look forward to our discussions and reading your wisdom learned from emotions, experience, and deep introspection.

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      1. Thanks Daniel. I had hardships, just like most people, some would think they were difficult, others wouldn’t, but I try to see the world as it is, and not fall into illusions. I would argue that indeed we can progress not only under the best of circumstances. You said your characters’ desire for love was a passage to something greater, and that means they were able to look further than the circumstances in which they were born and raised, and that is what I see as progression. It is mental and moral, to understand your purpose, and see past the illusions of the dogma, propaganda, judgement, and narrow views. Great talking to you Daniel, I like your deep thinking and a very strong sense of who your characters are, their purpose, not only in the eyes of the dragons, but in life as individuals.

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        1. Well stated, and I agree completely, Natasha. I like your attitude about your own experiences. Seeing oneself holistically provides a relative reference and helps one to find that silver lining. I’m all about the silver lining. It can be a real Easter egg hunt at times, but it’s there. You will definitely see the example you gave come to life through the characters in the Dragon Tales. I illustrate the conflict of duty to conform and the individual’s mental and moral compass. Faith and Hyperion will struggle with this as well as the other Dragons as their story is told. In the fictional society of the Black Dragons, they draw members from all nationalities and races which is a way for me to say their experiences and views are without borders but an innate part of being human. In the meantime, there is a lot of action and drama ahead. We’re just getting warmed up because those Dragon Masters are always up to some kind of shenanigans.. 😀 Thank you again for engaging.

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  4. This story shows the tortures that go on in the name of science.

    I’m also totally blown away by Sherrie’s story of her father.

    A truly gripping tale- more riveting than any blockbuster Hollywood has come up with the 5 years.

    And all the more mind blowing because it’s true.

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    1. Yes, I agree. Although this is fiction and mild compared to some experiments that went on in the 2oth century. Yes, many don’t know what goes on behind the facade of humanity. As Ana illustrated in her chapter on Eros and Thanos, never far from the light is a deep and black darkness. But to those adapted to darkness as those adapted to light, life is lived in a brilliant splash of all the primary colors of emotion and the millions of permutations that follow. We have to chose where we stand.


  5. Uh wow … that is quite a brutal thing anyone could do to a lady like Rose, who is a gentle soul herself until her pain transformed her into a very hard Sentinel.

    I felt the suffering and agony of the dragon lady Faith. And now, I am wondering on how will Nae Yong goind to face more of her dark past …

    It is something of which I truly can understand as it reminded me the very fate of my own father who tied to the tradition of his own clan. It took him WHOLE to finally made the decision to be cut off from the ancestry’s line of which price to pay was higher than he thought. The family disowned him and so that way they never claim his children are from their own blood either.

    One of his elder brother followed his footsteps and came to Malaysia to stay nearby by my father. These two are like twins who can never be apart from each other and they cared for each other.

    This of what Faith had in her past is almost the same as my father as a fate to be a warrior has its price to pay.

    Love this story, Daniel. I can’t wait for more!

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    1. I’m so glad it resonates with you, Sherrie. I do think you will understand this story on a deep level. I hope I write it well enough to hold your interest. All of the Dragon Stories have been about the conflict of human nature and the heart versus the merciless and unfeeling code of honor. Breaking the code is a fate worse than death for some but for others, the moment the code is broken is the moment they truly begin to live their life. The difference is whether the code of honor serves a benevolent master or a demon with a black heart masquerading as a benevolent leader. Either way, the warrior’s life is second to his or her code of honor.

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      1. My father told me, even in this modern day, death by Code of Honour is still being practise by many other ancient old clan in Asia. Unknown to the public hearing or eyes, the thing is still going on in the closed community. It is the same if I were to think of those Mormon community or Jehovah witness, or whatever those shit religious communities are doing …

        My grandfather (the father to my father) is the ONLY ONE that can rip off the damnation from his own son, of which he did so many years ago on his death bed, asking for forgiveness from all his sons and daughters alike. Even from his wife. He felt he is not treating his family good enough but he is still strongly holding on the the family code of honour.

        My father would NEVER abide by their decisions nor rules anymore because he is an outcast already and he is no more the son of that family … It did hurt my grandfather’s heart and that had made him ill for the last twenty years of his life, just as we were told by my uncle Hironori …

        It was never my father’s brothers that wants him down, but the others like the cousins of the families and other connected family clans who were reigned under this particular clan, of course … Years back they hunted my father down to the harbour and even spying on him at the airport, but because of my uncle’s earlier actions they managed to deport my father as quickly as possible. First destination in mind was the US, but it was too far a journey and they feared the others might find him easily over there before he reach the place.

        So, it was the direction to Vietnam where he got landed first and escaped the assassination. Many people could not understand this particular thing nowadays and they think that it existed ONLY in movies or something. But the truth is real and it is dangerous … My father hide in Vietnam for a couple of years before he flew up to Philippines. From there he stayed for two years worked as a labour and then he went down finally to Malaysia …

        I did think on writing a book on his journey but my uncle didn’t agree on this because the family might feel fully offended. It might cause havoc somehow, (AGAIN), and they might sends a Koroshi-ya or a hitman to me.

        So, that effort has to be forgotten because this is a true story that directly connected to me and my father. I have to think of think on the safety of my family and my children …

        A warrior held on the Code of Honour will have to bleed before they gets to be a true warrior or a Shin no senshi. This is the way of true warrior or Bushido.

        And truly, Daniel, I am HONOURED to read your story even. I have tears in my eyes – especially reading this part of the blog. Truly an amazingly written story.

        Thank you, my dearest friend!

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        1. Thank you so much, Sherrie. Thank you for your continued support and sharing your incredible story. You are a true Warrior in every sense of the word. The Warrior is not a superior species of human but an ordinary person that achieves extraordinary things. A true Warrior serves peace through strength, is kind, thoughtful, and compassionate to those who deserve it. The warrior hones his skill, nurtures the spirit, and grows his or her mind with a concentrated effort to bring humanity to the innocent and vanquish evil and inequity. A true Warrior has a personal code of honor that cannot be corrupted by the violent or evil virtues of man. Many carry the banner of their cause and fight with honor or follow their orders, but few obtain the enlightenment of the pure heart and soul through pain and sacrifice. I believe your father was a true Warrior, and his daughter has continued in his footsteps. I have the deepest respect for you and your family and are proud to call you my blogoteer friend and Dragon Sister. I do hope this story can entertain but also provide a glimpse into the soul of those that serve a cause and must decide if that cause is just. I would kindly suggest you write your father’s story in your journal and keep it only for your family’s eyes. When the kids are much older and interested in their history, the secret journal will become a family treasure. you can leave instruction never to release it outside the family. It is too beautiful and inspirational a story to let die. But, truly, I do understand why you would choose not to. Big Cyber hugs and thank you for your comments.

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          1. And I thank you you for being that friend who like Christopher, understands me more than myself, I think.

            When your stories reminded me of my father in every way there is, I felt as if my own father lives in your story in a many different way, to tell you the truth.

            To read your story have touched me deeply more than you can imagine. I am deeply HONOURED to be your friend, my dearest Daniel …

            You are to me a Shin no senshi, a true warrior with a Shōki, a true heart.

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            1. Thank you so much for this honor, Sherrie. It means a great deal to me. I can say that our discussions have influenced me very much in my writing of the Dragon Story. We do connect very well with our understanding of the Warrior Ethos, as I call it. But this Ethos is not only about the conflict of war but the challenge of life and you understand to a very deep level the challenge is great and the body, heart, mind, and soul must be one entity at times hard as steel, flexible as rope, flow like water, and stand like a stone next to flame. We don’t have a magic life. The challenges are great and perfection is not possible but we understand what awaits on the far side of every challenge. Each challenge is a bridge we must cross. We can do this with a proper attitude, education, training and mindfulness. I give Faith these qualities. She is a strong woman and wise. Her passion is strong yet she never harms the one she loves. Instead, she offers companionship, respect, and wisdom. She demonstrates her strength and skill in her actions but never in empty boastful words or aggressiveness to force things to her will. But, as we’ll see, she is not to be mistaken as weak, submissive, or easy to sway from her virtues. While my characters are fiction they are based on virtues I admire in real people. Their challenges shape their lives and though imperfect, they ultimately rise to Shin no senshi with Shōki. You have been there for a long time and now a Sensei that is more than a teacher but one who teaches with wisdom born of experience. That is the most noble in my eyes. It is my hope that this story, however slow it evolves, will honor you and your family whom I hold a deep respect for. You are a true Dragon Sister Blogoteer friend, Sherrie. 😀

              Liked by 1 person

              1. LOL Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita, Daniel-sama 様!

                Your words are precious pearls of kindness that came straight from your golden heart. It touched me as deeply as the rain that touches my skin as I can feel the very essence in your wisdom and greatness.

                I had to laughed when you called me a ‘sensei’ as I am not up to that level yet, I think. I like to think of myself more a ‘Student of Life’ who still on the way to learn the ways of this world itself. But thank you very much for your beautiful compliment. I am honoured, Daniel-sama 様!

                People always think that my soul is older than my physical look. They think my soul or furui tamashī. Many of those who believes in the incarnation of the old soul reborn in someone they know because good old soul will always be born again as a human in a good family. Perhaps it is, I don’t know.

                But it is the same thing I might think of you, my friend. And you are in so many ways also a ‘sensei’ to me.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. You are too kind, Sherrie. But, I do appreciate it. 😀 I like your explanation and it’s really the best way to see oneself. I too feel the same as a student of life and I experience the greatest pleasure when I can learn from someone. I look for lessons in every age and culture. I too believe in the presence of old soul. I feel very connected to my ancestors, their culture, and way of life. I identify better with many eastern beliefs such as Yin and Yang but see this in western philosophy just called something different. My lineage is like many westerners. I had my DNA traced and do my genealogy to find my ancestors, their story, and the history they were a part of. My earliest Paternal trace is to Greece before the Roman times then Romania, next Scandinavia, then England, and finally America. On my maternal trace is Spain and Ireland. I feel very connected to my Greek blood which is why my alter ego is named Hyperion after the Titan god of knowledge and light. Recent research shows that we inherit memories from our ancestors through our DNA although the memories don’t manifest in conscious thought it does manifest in sub-conscious thought and can come to us via dreams, intuition, and behaviors. It is this suggested connection to our past that I feel is a strong influence. So, not only can you have the same traits as your father in your mind and soul but also those of your ancestors. Our paternal line is an unbroken chain spiced by our maternal chain which is ever changing through marriage and children connecting us to each other in various strengths of blood bonds. The idea of an old soul is real as the part of being human that connects us to our heavenly spirit is passed down through our lineage connecting us to the souls of our ancestors. I believe eastern philosophy and the honoring of ancestors was because the ancients understood this connection and made it a part of their belief system. So, believe in your old soul and listen to it. There is great wisdom of millenia in every cell of your body just waiting to connect with your mind and spirit. This is my interpretation of scientific research. I don’t think the scientists are comfortable in making the definitive connection to soul but a lot of research is going on to define where the mind makes that connection and to understand it. To me, the history of mankind provides plenty of anecdotal proof. Finally, it is my belief that what differentiates us from animals of which we are as well, is our capacity for humanity and our benevolence is a part of the global and ancient blood bonds of all the connected families. We have compassion because the same DNA and ancestral connection lives and bonds all the families that are related. A true global family. While animals are more pure than humans because of the diversity of species, they always exhibit the same traits in each generation because of powerful DNA. Humans are a single species but infinitely diversified by environment, culture and many other traits that make us individuals but connected or bonded by blood. This bonding is part of my Dragon bonded pairs I talk about in the stories. So let us continue to be students in the same class and share notes that we may learn more. 😀


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