Origins-Scene 5

“Everyone sees what you seem to be; few know what you are.”

― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince




   Faith and I rested on the Yo; a thick bed mat rolled out on the tatami-covered floor. We shared pieces of our lives in strings of disconnected conversation. The lure of Faith’s essence pulled my heavy eyelids open. Her questions lifted me from the haze of exhaustion brought on by the day’s activities.  Words mingled with the edges of dreams until I wasn’t sure if I heard us speaking or dreamed of voices.

   “Tell me why you came to Korea after you got out of the Army,” Faith’s birdsong voice drifted to my ears.

   “Master Lee invited me to work as a bounty hunter. I needed the money, and my life was stuck in neutral back in the States. Too many ghosts, I guess.”

   “You have ghosts from the Army or your ancestors?”

   Faith’s question brought a smile to my tired face.  “Both, Yobo. I like my Greek ancestor ghosts. The Spartans have guarded my life since I can remember. It’s my teammates that make me sad because they’re dead, and I can’t bring them back.”

   “Nae Yong, do not mourn them. They are bound to your spirit now. They will never grow old and will always be active and healthy as long as you keep them bound to you. They will give you strength and comfort as your ancestors will give you their wisdom if you honor them.”

   I hugged my angel as her voice warmed my face and heart. Her hair flowed over my skin as her lips touched mine. She tasted like a piece of heaven at that moment. I knew I would love her for as long as she allowed. I felt compelled to reveal my long-held secrets under her careful questioning.

   “Tell me about that day.”

   “Which day? The day Master Lee called me?” I asked

   “I want to hear about your last mission. I want to know about your teammates. Their story will help me understand something about you.”

   “What do you need to know?” The surprise in my question sounded odd to me. I felt myself shutting down.

   “The way of the Dragons is not easy, Nae Yong.  The Masters do not make this choice without knowledge. Something happened on that last mission that opened the Dragon’s eyes.”

   I realized if Faith was correct my meeting her was also planned. A chill went through me. I wondered if her love was a charade to gain my trust and loyalty or if somehow she did love me as much as I loved her. I decided I had nothing left to lose. If this was all a trap, I threw myself on it without regret.

   “What happened? I disobeyed orders and got my teammates killed.”

   I looked up into the black ceiling and let the visions I locked away flood into my mind. Faith lay her head on my chest. I let my hands wander over her shoulder, arm, hip, and back. Feeling her body kept me grounded in the present.

   “Tell me, please. I hold nothing of my life away from you. Don’t shut me out. I need to know.”

   The whispered plea cut the iron bands of my will.

   “We dropped in close to a village in Nigeria. A suspected terror cell had set up an arms smuggling operation from Africa to South America to arm the drug lords.  The destabilization of South America was a spear aimed at the heart of America. Our orders were to observe the village and identify any suspects for a later snatch operation. Our team would get the layout and routines and pass that to a snatch team.”

   “Intelligence agents would get the information they needed to help interdict the weapons. The Nigerian government didn’t know about the mission. We couldn’t let anyone know why we were there or draw attention to ourselves. The team had to avoid any contact unless compromised and had to fight our way out.”

   “What went wrong?”

   Faith kept me talking with simple questions.

   “I observed a large gathering of villagers on the path that lead to the village. Several of the men had an elderly man, his wife, and a younger woman that could have been their daughter. They sat them on the ground and interrogated them. The agitated men began to beat the three on the ground with long branches they cut from the brush.”

   “The beatings got more severe. One of the men began to kick and stomp the man and two women. They were pleading with the villagers for help, but the crowd ignored their pleas for mercy. It got worse until they set them on fire and burned them alive. They beat the old man senseless.  He sat on the ground and burned unable to help himself. The two women tried to escape the flames. The men beat them and threw them back on the fire and their clothes and skin burned off. They were still alive, and the torture continued. I lost it and decided I would take the bastards out.”

   “Why did these people do such a thing?” Faith asked with a touch of anger in her voice.

   “The old man was the wrong religion. They wanted to make an example out of him and his family.”

   “What could you do to stop it?  You had your orders and your duty was to obey.”

   “Watching that destroyed my sense of humanity. I hated all humankind, especially those religious fanatics who committed the worst atrocities. I disavowed my code of honor to obey and sought a personal solution.”

   “That night I told the team I was going in close to observe which huts the suspects occupied. I went alone. I watched until I had all the information I needed. I waited until everyone was asleep except a few guards. I killed the guards then went into the first hut. I knifed all the occupants and moved on. Someone saw me coming out of the third cabin and sounded the alarm. I shot him and headed back to the jungle.”

   “The whole village was crawling like an ant bed after that first shot rang out. They were shooting in every direction. The team heard the commotion and came to assist. We killed a few of them, but it didn’t run them off. When they discovered the bodies, it enraged them. There was just too many of them, and we had to escape under fire.”

   “What happened next? How did you escape their bloodlust?” The soft voice in the dark implored me to continue as the blurred gray and red scene flooded out of my mind into my vision.

   “We headed for a predetermined extraction point on a sandbar in the middle of a shallow river.  The terrorists had a much better communication network than we knew. Their spotters saw the chopper coming up the river and called it in. They had waited in the jungle without us knowing it. The ambush started when we entered the helicopter. We took heavy fire which damaged the chopper and killed the pilot.”

   “The co-pilot managed to pull away from the landing zone. The chopper was too damaged and crashed a kilometer from the extraction point.  The team got shot up and was too injured to be effective. I moved everyone to a hiding place in the jungle. We needed to get out of there before the enemy found us but I was the only one able to walk. I hiked up river about 20 kilometers to a friendly village. I hired some litter bearers and a doctor to help us get everyone out.”

   “The enemy discovered the team and butchered them before we got back. They fought well to the last man. There were blood trails everywhere from the enemy dragging off their dead and wounded. The villagers helping me were afraid and left. I didn’t blame them.”

   “I decided to take the war to the terrorists and began hunting them down. It took me three weeks, but I killed many of them along with half the villagers. It was hunting them and killing them one by one wherever they went that changed who I was. It turned me into a beast, and I liked it. I enjoyed shooting them. I felt obsessed with killing. I could see the terror in their eyes never knowing who was next and when or where death would grab them.

   “What happened then, Nae Yong?”

   “I went back to the friendly village and arranged to get a message out for a pickup.”

   “What did your commander do when he learned of your battle in the jungle?”

    “I was discharged. The Army didn’t want to create an international incident. They did damage control by sweeping everything under the carpet.  They threw me out on my ass and here I am.”

   Faith could feel the pain and anger in my voice. She tried to soothe me, but she wasn’t through asking questions.

   “How did you come to know Master Lee?”

   I thought for a moment before continuing. This part lead me to Faith. The more I learned about Faith and the Dragons the more I felt myself sinking back into that man I was before. The man I missed and wanted to be was the Warrior, and it seemed Faith was leading me back to the Warrior Ethos. She was my love and my guide back to something I cherished more than life. She was giving me a chance to win back my honor. I accepted her offer and damned the consequences.

   “One of the guys on Team 2 was Korean. Pak was like a fire hydrant, short and solid as steel. He was a master at Hapkido and trained the company in hand to hand combat and knife fighting. Pak was an animal that always seemed serene and emotionless until it was time to fight. He was a stone cold killer in battle.  We got along well. When he heard I was leaving, he told me to call him and gave me his number.”

   “I didn’t want anything to do with my past. I left it all behind and drifted around doing whatever I wanted. I’d work just to afford a chance to move on to something else. Later, after a three-day binge of drinking and whoring I woke up broke and disgusted with myself. I was tearing my wallet apart looking for a dollar for coffee, and the slip of paper with Pak’s number fell out.”

   “How did he convince you to come to Korea?” She asked, the interest in her voice deepening.

   “It wasn’t hard. We met at Pak’s house for dinner and his wife fixed a feast of Korean dishes. That dude could pack away the groceries. I was so full my stomach hurt. It was the first good meal I had in over a year. His wife poured Bac Se Ju. . .”

    “Oh, that is a high honor to you for her to serve the pear wine. Pear wine is for special guests. He must have respected you.”

    The excitement in Faith’s voice emphasized something I hadn’t paid attention to before. The pieces of the puzzle were falling into place. Pak was likely a Black Dragon, a conduit to recruit people like me for the nebulous society of Dragons.

   I saw a pattern of employment of people disconnected from family and friends. Orphans, Outcasts, and others looking to belong to something embraced the Dragons. I wondered if we were people no one would miss. Did it mean we had a mindset the Dragons could exploit for their secret objectives?

   “He was more than willing to help me. But that wasn’t unusual. We were tight on the teams, like brothers.” I explained.

    “Did Pak offer to help you get to Korea?” Faith continued.

   “He told me about Master Lee and his bounty hunter business. He said it could lead me to other work if I were good enough. Master Lee would take care of my education and training as well as housing. That sounded like a sweet deal.  Pak had contacts at the embassy. All I had to do was take a health exam, and he would take care of all the paperwork. He even let me stay at his house while I waited for approval.”

   When I mentioned the health exam, I felt Faith’s body stiffen. Her fingers massaging my chest stopped, and her hand went to her mouth.

   “Are you okay? Is something wrong? I asked more than a little concerned at the surprise in her reaction.

   “You took a blood test?”


    “Were you told the purpose of the blood test,” she asked. Her fingers touched my breast, and her thumb played with the hair on my chest. She was trying to soothe me as her hand drifted down my side and across my groin and thighs. She was working up to something, but she wanted me calm before she asked.

   “It was routine they said. The Koreans don’t like foreigners bringing in contagious diseases,” I replied.

   “Nae Yong, they also checked your DNA.”

   “Why would they do that?” I asked with more than a little concern.

   “To find out if you can become a Dragon and to find your bonded mate. Our meeting was no accident of fate, Nae Yong.” Her voice was steady and strong almost demanding of my understanding.

   Her face loomed over mine. The ambient light shone like stars in her wet black eyes. I felt the supple inside of her thigh slide across the top of my leg as she rotated on top of me. Her leg pressed down between mine. The soft hair between her legs slid across the ridge of my hip then her stomach rested on mine. The feel of her breasts settling on my chest and her arms diving under my armpits had a hypnotic effect. I felt flooded with soothing energy coming from her and coursing through my body. My muscles tensed with an aching pleasure.

   “Yobo, are you with me because of some duty and fealty to the Masters or do you want to be with me?” I had to ask. I couldn’t go on if what we had together was nothing more than an assignment.

   “Both,” she said as her mouth closed over mine. Soft caressing lips and flooding pleasure afforded a moment to hear her reply. I submerged myself in the elixir of her lovemaking.


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29 thoughts on “Origins-Scene 5

  1. I am glad to finally be reading about Hyperion’s background and it’s fascinating to think that some of these events are autobiographical. Chilling, too. Raw and descriptive to the max as always.

    Loving the photos at the top bar and before the posts begin!

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    1. I’m thrilled this worked out with the reveal of more on Hyperion and Faith. You were a big part in that decision as well. There is more to come. We’re into chapter 10 already and haven’t hit half way yet. But things do heat up soon. After I get through Faith’s growing up and training, I circle back to Faith and Hyperion as the Dragon Master gives them their challenge. Then it all trickles into the other parts as each Dragon Sister’s story unfolds. I hope I don’t get confused and wander off the reservation. 😀 I’m glad you like those images. They really speak to me. I filtered through hundreds of images to find the ones that work for me. I have a bunch more to load up soon. And, I haven’t given up on those tattoo pics yet. 😉

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        1. LOL! No worries. The Dragons will be around for a while. When it’s all said and done, I’ll have a free download for an ebook available. I’m almost through with the other chapters. I have two more for Domi and it’s all done. Then I can fill in the blanks with Origins. Domi and Lee are basically new, familiar but new and Domi gets a first boyfriend in the beginning, which just happens to be Lee’s older brother. I add more of the past on Lee and Domi’s story. I edited out most of the Bear and Dragon blessing although I did enjoy the wicked humor of that. I’m a sick puppy so I have an excuse. I decided to normalize it a little and focus on Domi and Ivan’s interest in each other. I do hope you like it. If you don’t, let me know. I’m a fanatic editor. Not because I like it, but because my writing needs it, lots of it. 😀

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          1. Oooo free ebook. Sign me up. It’d be fantastic for you to do an audiobook, too. Female voices and all. Domi is one of my favorites so I look forward to more on her. Haha, the bear and dragon blessing was a fun treat but if it’s not part of your final vision, so be it. If I come across anything of concern I’ll let you know.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Thank you, Lauren! I do like Domi a lot too. I didn’t completely remove the Bear and Dragon blessing but I did tune it down. To make up for it, I completely rewrote Domi’s story and included Lee. I think it’s not as fun as the first version but hopefully still good. And please speak up. I always listen to smart women. That’s how I survived. Guys that only listen to guys keep the medical industry at peak workload. 😉

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    1. Thank you, Natasha 😀 There was a lot of intent in that line and you picked up on it. Hyperion and Faith are still in the learning phase of their relationship and Hyperion is slowly realizing there is more to Faith and her motivations than meets the eye. She is a perfect companion yet she remains fiercely independent. We are learning why as we go. Hyperion realizes their relationship is on her terms, not his. Every man should understand that basic truth about relationships. Under normal circumstances, the female of the species always chooses the male regardless of what the male thinks about his own control over the circumstances. His job is to impress and her job is to chose. Poor Hyperion. How does he impress an Apex predator of the Black Dragon Praetorian Guard? This is what we’ll find out. 😀

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  2. Guten Morgen, Daniel … I just received and read Christopher’s email. I am saddened by his fate. I pray everything is alright with him over there. Gosh, I sweat like hell over here thinking of his fate. At least I still have roof on top of my head … I told him on what to do if there is no where else to go … I hope he is doing just fine over there …

    Can you please once more give me your email add? I packed all my things in boxes because I will soon going to a new house … I’ll tell you more later …

    Just email me and I will reply …

    Thanks, Daniel!

    *** I will read this later towards evening time. Now, got to go to work. Many things to manage.***

    I wish you a lovely day, my friend!

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    1. I sent you an email, Sherrie. Don’t worry about reading this story. It will wait for you as long as you like for when you have time and a good interest in a dose of Dragon mischief. 😀


  3. This is really deep. It sounds more than just a story. I would agree with Chris that it sounds like fiction was combined with real facts because there are so many descriptive details. And then you said that these were actual events. Which history is it based on?

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    1. Hi Natasha! Thanks for dropping by. Hyperion is my alter ego on the blog so I unburden memories and experiences on him. I was in the Army and a lot of what I write about are my personal experiences threaded into the fictional story of the Dragon Society. The focus is on the Dragon Sisters. They are based on my witness to the strength of women in conflict. Women often suffer the cruelest brutality in war and yet they exhibit the greatest strength, even in death. It is quite deep but I boil it all down to the internal conflict between duty and honor and the desire to love and be loved. The greatest defense against conflict is love for one another in all it’s layers and forms. To me, love is what gives us our humanity and differentiates us from the other predators we share the planet with. From that simple premise comes all the rest of our senses and emotions guided by our persona. The story examines all of the above as the story unfolds. Probably more than you wanted to know, but that’s the story behind the story. The history, is my own crafted into a tall tale about Dragon Masters and their Pretorian Guard, the Dragon Sisters. Oh, and Hyperion, of course. 😀

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      1. Oh wow. I can’t imagine how much you have witnessed being in the army, and how much you went through. I can only guess, but will never know. I will try to comprehend it through your story, as those are always great stories that are written from one’s heart and bear real emotions.

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        1. Thank you, Natasha. I hope you never experience anything close. But, as we say, there are well trained men and women on the front lines of freedom doing all they can to make sure most of us never have to find a way to live with such memories. The story reaches for loftier goals but part of the reason for the grittier parts is my belief that nothing worth having is easy. Our mental, physical and spiritual pain teach us the beauty of small things. Hope you like it. Please feel free to comment good or bad. It’s all helpful. I learn from my readers what makes good writing.

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          1. I agree, there is no use in sugarcoating anything, telling it how it is makes it real and heartfelt. If we don’t know what is going on then we are just ignorant. I prefer to hear the real details because then you feel the experience and have a real idea of what the situation is like. And thank you for your service.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I agree, Natasha. The authenticity of a story, even fiction, is what captivates the reader. For me, it is important to show these moments in the story in a way that isn’t excessive or gratuitous but clearly communicates what is happening. At times, I do struggle with that and my edit elves give me hell. And, thank you for acknowledging my service. To know our service is appreciated makes every veteran feel the experience and sacrifice was worth it.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. Of course, thank you.
                I agree. It does make it authentic. In fact, I mentioned Game of Thrones, and when I was reading the books, it was utterly gruesome, never in my life have I read anything so gruesome, G.R.R. Martin not only describes the horrific events that happen but describes them very very graphically… Just saying 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                1. You make a very good point, Natasha. I think G. R. R. Martin has the story and the skill to really smack us between the eyes with the reality of the world he created. He sets a new standard for what readers want. The Dragons will have their moments too but it all supports their philosophy of pain and sacrifice teaches them how to value the heights of joy. 😀

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  4. Dear cuzz, like Chris I sense a bared soul in this chapter. I read it with great interest, and I’m very glad that so many loose ends came together, allowing me to understand much of Hyperion’s backstory and how he came to be part of the Black Dragons society. Among the many things that are striking and soothing to me from this chapter is that it conveys so well a sense of belonging that most of us long for these days. We can all feel the wind of change, and I believe only fools can yet deny it. Storms are coming, and feeling safe within a copact, strong group is probably people’s ultimate craving these days. I’m completely gripped, can’t wait to see what happens next in this beautiful epic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, my favorite cousin in the whole wide world. I’m so relieved this chapter helped with the loose ends. My original plan was to slowly tie the strings together. But, from your, Sherrie, and Lauren’s feedback it was apparent that was a misstep on my part. This was the best spot to have Faith and Hyperion discover the reason the Masters put them together. Now, we can explore the significance of their bonding and how it came about. I’m very excited about the reveal of their secret and I hope it is worthy of everyone’s time that reads it. We’ll have to wait a little for the right time but there is plenty of adventure and other secrets to reveal. A sense of belonging with like minded people that support one another is a rare and beautiful comfort. While Hyperion and perhaps the reader isn’t sure the Dragons are a benevolent society with altruistic goals, it remains to be seen whether they are good or evil. The trap is the desire to belong often outweighs a clear assessment of the value of membership. There is much about each other and the Dragons our two lovers have yet to discover.

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  5. Very riveting chapter.

    Say Daniel, I have to ask, are any of the incidents that happened to Hyperion in these Dragon stories autobiographical?

    Because reading it, I get the intense feeling that something more than imagination is at work in describing these incidents.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris, there is a surprising amount of actual fact involved. The holistic view is fiction but the vignettes sewn into the tapestry are actual events watered down to a certain level of acceptable prose. The true horror of those events cannot be described nor should they.

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