Origins-Scene 7

“I am the blood of the dragon. I must be strong. I must have the fire in my eyes when I face them, not tears.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

Dragon Blood

Dragon’s Blood

   Rose felt anxious for her Little Sparrow’s suffering. Panting, Faith lay on her side on the bed mat and clung to her pillow and life. The smiling panda, the doctor gave her on her first treatment lay on the floor near Faith’s head, ragged and torn.

   Visions overtook the little Dragon’s thoughts. Primordial things whispered their secrets to her. She didn’t understand but listened as the voice droned on in her head. Fever made her cold, made her hot, made her hallucinate. She thirsted. She hungered, for what, she didn’t know.

   Knees appeared before her eyes. Blurry. Thighs, like walls leading to darkness, disappeared under a bright fabric. She could smell her sister. It was delicate and familiar. Comforting. Nostrils flared to take in the scent of her Dragon Sister. The tongue flickered to sample the air. She felt comforted by the fragrance of cloth and skin that filled her nose.

   Hands caressed her face with a damp cloth. Water.  She craved water on her skin. The pheromone changed. There was another. Behind her. She felt it. Familiar. The hunger, the thirst, the smell. Familiar.

   Rose massaged her Little Sparrow. A song chased away the strange chant in Faith’s head. A soothing warmth penetrated her back and flushed through her body. Sighs formed in her throat. Sensations and the essence of Jasmine and Rose flooded her with relief. The Dragon was safe amongst her kind. She rested and listened to the whispers around her.

   “Is Little Sparrow going to die?” Jasmine asked as she traced the curve of Faith’s neck with the wet cloth.

   “No, she is deep in the Dragon. It will release her soon,” Rose replied as she continued to rub Faith’s back.

   “She has already taken so many treatments and each time she sinks deeper into these trances.” Jasmine worried aloud.

   “The Dragon’s blood affects her in a different way than it does us. It seems more powerful and more consuming,” Rose offered. The heel of her hand pushed against the knots in Faith’s back. “Look how she develops before our eyes.” The Dragon Mother ran her hand over Faith’s leg. “She has beautiful legs instead of those chopsticks from a year ago.”

   “My legs are bigger and stronger,” Jasmine offered with a hint of jealousy.

   “You are already a young woman. Faith is still a child. Besides, your legs are not the only thing growing and catching the eye of men,” Rose replied with a spare smile and glint in her eyes.

   Satisfied with Rose’s approval of her, Jasmine went back to caring for Faith. She didn’t know why she felt so competitive. Jasmine envied Rose’s sway over men. The young woman wanted that power too and desired the men for herself. The fire in her stomach filled her thoughts when they came to her. She had come into season with her Dragon and desire filled her heart and head.

   Jasmine felt pleasure with her visitors. She loved the feel of them on her body and the wildness of their lust. Still, the Dragon wanted to tear them to shreds with fingers and teeth to protect her sister from their lustful eyes and eager hands.

   She wanted them to come to her and leave her Dragon Mother and sister alone. The Dragon in Jasmine was potent too. She felt a bond so close she sensed their emotions even before she saw or felt them. The three Dragons were bonding the same as in the animal world. They sought each other’s comfort whenever they were near or needy.

   “Next month the doctor comes to test us.” Rose offered.

   “I don’t want him to touch me anymore. His test takes me to dark places. Why does he have to do that to us? Can’t he find a better way? He’s a doctor; he should know.” Jasmine’s anger caused her pupils to close in a vertical ellipsis. Her irises flickered between a hazel and golden hue.

   “The tests are not pleasant for a reason, dear. The pain awakens the Dragon so Dr. Aristov can judge how to treat us,” Rose answered. She thought for a moment and continued. “In your class, you have a book and a teacher as well as your classmates. Everyone studies and the teacher can guide the class and classmates can help each other.”

    Rose looked into the simmering eyes of her adopted daughter. Their shared pain was one thing, but Faith was a child. Jasmine was right, she thought. Her Little Sparrow should not be touched in that way before she is old enough to understand the meaning of it.

   Rose looked down at Faith. She was calm and distant. The massage and damp cloth had relaxed her. She looked back to Jasmine and continued.

   “For us, there is no book to study. We have no teacher to guide us, and we are the only classmates. We must learn on our own what it means to live with a Dragon.”  

   “How will we learn what to do if we don’t know what is to become of us?” Jasmine asked.

   “I will go to Master Chingis. He will talk with Master Aristov. We will find a way to engage the Dragon inside us without the doctor’s tests. Dr. Aristov is not an evil man. His goal is noble but the path is dark and filled with uncertainty. Faith will get her first blood within a year, and the lessons of pain must begin. I think these smart men can find a better way, but we will look for our way too.”

   “I want to start now. What should we do now?” Jasmine pleaded.

   “We must wait for Little Sparrow to come out of her trance. We’ll do this together,” Rose replied.

   “Remember, the Dragon is a fierce animal, but she is one that responds to habit and training. We will train our Dragons to do our bidding and become our faithful companion and not the demon tormenting our soul.” Rose’s eyes glowed in the dim light as Jasmine looked on.

   “How will we train our Dragon?” She asked.

   “By training ourselves.”

   “Tomorrow, I will go to Master Chingis, and we will begin when I get back.”

   The two Dragons refocused their attention on Faith. They soothed her flushed skin and sang to her. The Littlest Dragon lie still on the floor lost in dreams brought on by the Dragon’s blood in her veins. The chimeras in her mind were not the illusions of humans. They were the dreams of Dragons.

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33 thoughts on “Origins-Scene 7

  1. I’m eager to see what Master Chingis says about an alternative way to test the sisters. I hope there’s a way so there lady bits don’t have to be tortured! Eek.

    Loved how when Faith comes back to life her nostrils flare and tongue flickers out just like a dragon or serpent. You write beautifully as always! No critiques come to mind, I’m happily immersed.

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    1. Awersomeness abounds! Thank you, Lauren. Master Chingis is greatly influenced by Mrs Chingis and a lot of vodka 😀 Rose transitions the treatment from pain induced transition to training induced transition. The cusp of that change leads us up to Chapter 10 where I stopped to coordinate the story by finishing the other parts first. I know that doesn’t make sense but I had to know how the story ended before I could write about the beginning. I’m anal like that. Backasswards as my mother used to say. 😀


  2. This is a very cohesive, enlightning and super written chapter, dear cuzz! A really deep reach into Faith’s past, and I must say, I could feel her pain. I could also understand very well what’s happening to the women, why they are being put through that, and the advantages they get from their transformation. Their animalistic side is vivid and natural, in some way, I could feel it to a deep lever. This story is heating up! It gripped me so, that before I knew it I was done reading it. Fantastic job, cuzz, well done!

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    1. Thank you, Ana! I’m so happy it was able to explain what is happening to the first generation of Dragon Sisters without being too boring or clumsy. The Dragon Sisters are on their own and so no one knows what the genetic changes will do or how to control the strange urges as their bodies and minds change. Readers aren’t going to wait too long before all hell breaks loose. Dragons are fierce and not to be trifled with. 😉

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  3. Had someone latched on to Dragon Blood in the ’60s and given it to people, it really would have been the ultimate high- dreams of dragons.

    Most of them probably wouldn’t have come back from their trips.

    But the undertakers would have made a fortune.

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    1. I think that might have been a blessing since we wouldn’t be dealing with the ills of over population and in this case, only the best make it through so what remains is mighty good stock. The gene pool would finally be clean of sinkers and floaters.


  4. A story deepened into the depth of the past. This is truly Faith’s story and her past that has made her who she is today. A dragon child that has to go through that and I cannot imagine what she went through. All those tests and experiments that can even kill a normal human child.

    A dragon is an animal that cannot be tame, but one can gain its trust, said my grandfather once. That was at that time when he told us the story of our ancestors and that a dragon would turn on you if it felt threatened and there is a danger lurking nearby. It will automatically trying to protect itself and its family to the death. It won’t give up on anything and it can fight for days on and weeks – that is the will of the dragon, a metaphor of which was taught to me by him and from my father.

    Every family is different and we are the snake-dragon descendants. My grandparents best friends are of tea family and they are an artist of philosophy. They do tea and when they do tea, you have to be patient enough to sit and watch the ritual done the least in 15 minutes long. It tasted bitter! As if there are like 100 paracetemol are crushed into the hot water! LOL I never get used to it. And you should never show the defeat of the drinking bitter tea in front of your guests. Of which I did and stick out my tongue. My grandfather’s best friend hit the mat hard enough to alert me and I sit up straight again, and just swallowed! UGH!!!! Never again!!!! But of course it is healthy. It taught me respect and discipline.

    But I argued on it with my grandfather the same evening because I could not understand it. I remembered I said this to him …,”It is just drinking tea! Why do they make the fuss out of it. It was bitter!” My grandfather did not get angry on me and he thinks it was funny of me. And he said, “Did you see Master Kai’s face when you stick your tongue out? It was hillarious!” hahahaha …

    Then he starts to teach me on what defines a kyusu (Japanese teapot), chasen (tea whisk) and chawan (teabowl). I got confused. He said that tea is life and it has its own philosophy. Tea calms even the dragons and monsters, and beasts. Tea ceremony requires respect from the true heart and when we do tea ceremony, then there is no war there. Only peace.

    I have to admit, it took me years trying to understand that.

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    1. Oh, I just love this story, Sherrie. I smiled because I had a similar experience my first tea ceremony. My Korean family are from a Yangban clan which is the Korean Nobility. Three of the family were President of South Korea and Minister of Defense. They are a very humble family that lives privately and stays away from the light as much a possible. But they have taught me most of my eastern beliefs. We did the Korean version of tea ceremony. Everything went fine until I tasted the bitter tea. It was so bitter, I asked for some sugar and my older Korean brother got very angry at me for that breech in protocol. But he whispered to me the reason I should not insult the tea and the meaning of the ritual with a casual adulteration of the tea. I developed a taste for it in time and now I enjoy it because of the understanding of it. Later, to fully accept me, I took a Korean name, No, Ho Tae which combines the paternal and maternal surnames and Tae which is very rare and means Great or noble. So my name is an honorific of the two famous Clans of No (Rho) and Ho. The loved me for that and many Koreans bow to me when they learn my name and see me in public as a show of acceptance and respect. It all started with the Tea service before we attended my older Korean Brother’s art show. It’s the little things that can have big importance sometimes. 😀

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      1. hahahaha … That is so classic! That story of yours! hahahaha … LOL So, we both had the same experience then. I still not get use to it, but I do drink green tea from time to time because of my health. My health improves because of it and twice a week I will drink ginseng as well. My family from Malaysia sends original ginseng from there and my uncle brewed it. My mother’s family has been known to do tradition ginseng since four generations and now two of my uncles (the brother of my mother) continues it and also their sons. One of the son, my cousin Jong On, made a ginseng business up in Vietnam, Hong Kong and in Taiwan for more than 15 years now. Rarely hear from him but he has done well with the ginseng. Once, he sends me both the original green tea, freshly pluck and processed in his factory and also his ginseng too.

        Do you do ginseng, Daniel? Try it. It really improves your health as well. Drinking tea is one thing, but ginseng really did beat vitamins.

        These days I try my best to do healthy diet and doing extra sports as well. I felt way much better than I did few years back when I neglected myself over such matter. I just waved it off and now since I got landed too many times at the hospital, I just do not want to die too young. I am only 40, for goodness sake! I must take care of myself from now on, for real.

        I love your Korean name. You know, Sherry was never really my name in the first place and I have Asian name because my parents decided to give me a Western as it is easy to be recognise, memorized and easy. My father actually had chose the name Andromeda for me at birth but my mother does not really like it because it sounded like a boy. She argued on it on how she might call me – Andro or Dromeda? Sounds like a gurgling mouth, she said. LOL hahahaha …

        But my father had his reason why he wants to name me Andromeda as he is in love with the character of Princess Andromeda, a warrior princess who went to wars fighting monsters and the lead an army of men down the field. The people love her for her courage – what a rare beauty, she is. My father love that character so much that he wanted to name me after it.

        Finally, they named me ‘Sherry’ as it means LOVE. And then my second name was given Valerie which was then connected to the Valkerie or Valkan clan, who were known as the vampire hunters – it was myths or some legends of which my grandmother told me. Awesome choices of name for a child, really.

        I thanked my parents for that.

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        1. Another awesome story of your history. You should do an autobiography of your life and teachings from your family. I think many people would find it fascinating. No need to write any deep personal things only the culture and wisdom stories would be great. You should take care of yourself now. I was very healthy. Not one day sick from any disease or illness but I pushed my body very hard for a long time and lots of stress. So now because I didn’t drink enough water and had a lot of stress, I have stage 3 kidney failure. Lots of veterans have this for all the same reasons. It is our reward for our hard work. I thought I was invincible and when I was 40 there were no 20 year olds that could beat me. Even now, when I do my walk, the young men cry and whine for me to slow down because they can’t keep up. I’m use to it with 40 kilos on my back. Now, with no weight on me I feel like I have feathers for feet. But, there is a price to pay for those early years of neglect. I do love green tea mixed with roasted rice. That is yummy stuff. I do use ginseng and ginger. I have some reduced in wild honey and it only takes an amount the size of a pea in a cup to get a good dose of the ginseng benefits. It comes from a village near the DMZ in Korea. I think that is so cool your father wanted to name you Andromeda. I remember the painting of her by Edward Poynter (1869). Such classic beauty and also the tie to Greek Mythology. Perseus rescues her on his flying horse, Pegasus of which I have a tattoo on my back and my Hyperion alter ego is a wink to my early Greek ancestry. Then your connection through your name to the vampire hunters. So it was only natural from these early omens that you would meet your Blogoteer Brothers, Chris and me. Perhaps the three of us will save the world from evil with our blogging. 😀

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          1. You sounded so much like my grandfather. He did much hard work in his past days and he was a fit old man. Even at his age no 20 years old can beat him when it comes to do walking, hiking or any other activities – he is so incredibly fit and strong. Not until he had a bicycle accident where he broke his knee cap. But even then, he was really active despite the injury and pain, but he keep on moving forward.

            I pray that you stay always healthy and fit for a longer more years, Daniel.

            Oh, yes, Andromeda was known for her beauty too. Unlike others, this is a very beautiful princess who has a very big brave heart and she has more the courage than a 100 men. And to speak of Perseus rescued her with the flying Pegasus, I do hope that there is someone out there who has a bigger heart and courage, and much, much unconditional love to rescue me with his flying horse as well … sigh

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            1. I shall keep on trucking until the Dragon Emperor calls me to Elysium. Your Perseus is out there Sherrie, looking for you. You’ll know him the instant you see him. And, you will know exactly what to do. You deserve a man who understands the depth of your soul and the expanse of your heart. He will know how to cherish his, “Ma Cherie.” He won’t be creepy or too old and his love can’t be diverted from you. That isn’t an ordinary man. That is an extraordinary man for an extraordinary woman. Just believe and keep an eye out for when he swoops down on his winged horse. 🙂

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              1. That line “Ma cherie” reminds me of a line from one of my 5 favourite movies of all time, Daniel, the 1990 movie Green Card with Andie MacDowell and Gerard Depardieu.

                The plot is they meet (having never met before) and get married.

                He a Frenchman marries her to get his green card to work in the U.S.

                And she marries him because the apartment she really wants the building board will only rent to a married couple.

                So they get married.

                He gets his green card.

                She gets her marriage certificate to get the apartment.

                In a few months, they’ll divorce.

                They think they’ll never see one another again after the ceremony.

                But then the U.S. Immigration service starts to investigate them.

                So they have to meet to get their respective stories right for the interview by Immigration services.

                And the more they meet, the more they actually start to fall in love with each other.

                Gerard Depardieu’s character when he starts to fall in love with Andie MacDowell’s character starts calling her “Ma cherie.”

                But I remember Depardieu’s character was a composer who stopped writing music.

                But after meeting and getting to know Bronte (Andie MacDowell), he starts composing again.

                In fact he tells Bronte in a special moment, “You make me hear music again.”

                Funny, just today I wrote a poem about a jazz pianist who had given up on his life and then his music.

                And then a muse comes into his life and changes everything.

                I hadn’t thought how much that poem was like the movie Green Card until you commented, Daniel, about “Ma cherie.”

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                1. Awesome connection, Chris. I feel like my life is a movie sometimes in how these threads of our Blogoteer lives interweave in so many ways. We are connected in ways only a screen writer could dream up or maybe the big author himself is at play. Yes, most are familiar with the masculine Mon Cheri but the beloved lady is Ma Cherie which tied back neatly with Sherrie’s story of her name. Just so many prophetic and connective threads between the three of us. You and Sherrie being the beautiful velvet colors and me the inevitable coffee stain or worse the not so house broken Dragon stain.

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                1. I know what you mean. There were times when I felt that. Something missing. It will come to you when you least expect it. Then you must decide to ride the horse or stay behind. It is a metaphor for the change in our lives. Change can be frightening even when we desire it and the hardest thing is to take the leap of faith into the unknown. But, I believe with all of my Dragon Spirit, when the time comes, you will know it.

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                  1. The changes are not the least the thing that bothers me. It is just how we manage things along the way that exhaust you sometimes, especially when one has a family to taking care off. But still, I am so thankful that I am still in a very good condition when it comes to life itself, but the heart and mind suffers much of the ordeal that I have to face everyday. Never easy.

                    It is through writing that I find the true joy and happiness in it, to able to escape the reality for awhile and finding peace and healing at the same time while jotting down words on pages … I cannot live without my pen and journal. I must have those if I do not have my electronic gadgets with me. 😛

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. It’s so true what you say Sherrie. When the heart and mind is burdened with sorrow, the body is soon ill. My writing has been the balm that helped me let go of many sorrows and given me the means to laugh with my Blogoteer friends. Writing is a life in itself. A world we can go to and feel we finally have some control but not always. The characters like for things to go their way and they take over sometimes.

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                    2. I love writing here online or out there with my leather journal. I would pack my messenger bag together with all those stuffs of which other women does not have in their handbags.

                      I have no make-up bag inside my bag but just the purse, a thermo flask filled with either coffee or tea, a pencil box with all different coloured pens, a small A5 sized leather journal, my handphone and a notebook – and of course, the small tablet. That would be fine. But never ever without the pens and my journal! I would write everywhere if suddenly my muse inspires me with some ideas.

                      My kids did joked on it that Mommy must also have written her journal while sitting on the loo! LOL hahahaha … Kids!

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                    3. I can picture you bringing all of your drawing supplies out on the bus or in the Kafé and sinking your mind into one of your poems. That is the true artist that is never away from her craft. Next time the kids try to hurry you in the bathroom you can tell them to be patient you are busy creating a masterpiece. 🏔😉👍

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                    4. Bwaaa haaa haaaaaa! That is hilarious. You would have to take a picture of your children’s faces. The expression would probably win a photo competition, LOL! 🙄😁😳😂😮😇😍

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  5. It gets even more engaging as we get to know the characters. I love how you use flashbacks into the past to tell a story, to explain. That’s a great technique, and not always easy to execute in a way that’s not confusing to a reader, but you did an excellent job bringing us from one time and place to another. It makes it easier to understand the whole picture, and the story behind the curtains. Great chapter!

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    1. Super comment and thank you so much. This means a lot to me and I appreciate it, Natasha – a lot! This is probably not the recommended way to write a novel because it does confuse readers. Dreams, flashbacks, and switches in point of view all happen because each person is relating their past as their present is moving forward in time. Life is not linear in our minds, only on our calendars. That said, Origins was my attempt to answer the questions that came out of the previous chapters written in 5 parts and 51 chapters. Origins is actually the 6th part. The more readers got into the stories the more the need to understand the history because not everyone wanted to go back to the beginning of Act 1. Also, I gave the Dragon Sisters some of the animal traits of the dragon which was intense bonding, predatory skills, and the ability to shock their opponents like the electric eel. The Dragon sisters had the ancient Asian custom of taking love from each other in a bonding process because they were forbidden male companionship until the Dragon master chose a mate for them in the old arranged wedding style. This made them fiercely loyal to each other and helped them fight as a group or alone. Anyway, I was told it came across like a story about gay relationships and that really wasn’t the point so I needed to rewrite that and make it a little more modern and leave out the ancient customs because no one understood that and it wasn’t explained. The reader had to assume a lot. Finally, the story was told in blog format which meant I tried to keep every chapter as close to 1000 words as possible. That didn’t leave a lot of room to elaborate details. So I lengthened the chapters and began rewriting the original story to tie it all together. Here we are today. Hyperion and Faith spin off three generations of Dragon Sisters and their stories. Scene 7 alludes to the Dragon bonding as Faith in her delirium finds comfort in the familiar scent of Jasmine and Rose which is how the animal world identifies members of their group. They begin to compete but also nurture and protect each other. Faith being the cub gets the nurturing of her surrogate mother in Rose and replacement sibling in Jasmine. She no longer identifies as an orphan but as a family. That’s the back story so far. More on the way 😀 And, I’m looking forward to some vampire tales too!

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      1. Well, sometimes it is hard to break up a story in small pieces to carry across a certain point, so we do what works best for each of us. You are very talented, and have invested a lot of emotion in this story, I can tell. Looking forward to more:) And thanks, Daniel, I will be posting soon too. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you, Natasha. Yes, that’s right. We find our balance. This story does have a lot of emotion in it, good and bad. There are some fun scenes in the Dragons too. We need to smile once and a while or it gets boring. What would you like to see or learn about the Dragons? It could happen 😀


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