Lee-Scene 1

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” ― Edgar Allan Poe



The Black Dragon Returns

   It was the year of the dragon in the middle of spring.  Only a handful of people knew that the world order would change that day. It started with a breeze and azure skies.  Offshore, clouds collected shoulder to shoulder.  Perhaps it was an omen.  

   Light drifted through the open window of the estate near the coastal bluffs as a breeze carried the scent of hyacinth from the Koi pond into the study.

   A white-haired gentleman in a suit sat by the window and looked down at the reports from the enclaves under his command.  The news was always good unless the old general read between the lines. He spared his leaders the disgrace of finding fault. Instead, he coached them with his iron will.  

   His son also advanced in years, sat next to him in silence.  He had over a million Black Dragons under his command. A small part of the force developed over the course of a hundred years.

   A sound, like a hum, drifted into the room. The sound became a moan, a woman’s moan that filtered into the chamber and caused the gentlemen to look up.

   “It won’t be long now, father.”

   “It is always long enough.” replied the general. He returned his gaze to the reports. As he finished a page, he handed it to his son.

   The moans soon rose like a gale blowing in from offshore, screaming as it scraped along the bluffs and hills. The commotion traveled down the hall with urgency. The sound of metal and fabric mingled in the screech of pain.  A struggle and exhortations clamored through the door of the study and haunted the countenance of a long-bred aristocracy.

   Father and son could not ignore the suffering of Lee, Kwan Che.  Both men reflected on their own time in that room with someone they loved. Both were born in the same light of the same window, the same statues, paintings, and wall covers their witness.  The room blurred from the mist in their eyes. Screams laced with pain and fright caused a collective winch. Collapse and resignation filled the air of the estate.

   A cry echoed in the halls and minds of those removed from the scene. At first, there was a joyous noise. The sound stopped like a cord cut with a knife and fell to silence. Pain and relief washed down the halls as Lee cried. The burden of birth receded from her like the coming of low tide.  

   She was a high-risk pregnancy because of her age. Destiny dictated the time of her union with the heir to the throne.  She had waited for her arranged marriage for 40 years. The general and his son, oblivious to the news dripping in each enclave’s report, felt a fear that destiny was not theirs to control anymore.

   The men sat lost in anticipation. After what seemed like forever, a midwife came into the room with a bundle in red silk with dragons, peonies, and peacocks cascading in the folds. The hanging silk rippled in the breeze that clawed through the window to get the child.  

   The light dimmed as clouds jostled together.  The general’s grandson walked in behind the midwife. His stature exuded strength and resolve without emotion.

   He stood next to his father. Both looked on as the midwife presented the child to the general.  He held the child who seemed more red than blue.  He was a handsome child for a newborn.  The old man took in the sight of the child and with trepidation, turned the child over and studied his back.  

   The midwife stepped away in fear. Her hands covered her gasp. The three generations of fathers gathered and looked.  There on the child’s back was the birthmark foretold three thousand years earlier. Juron had returned to the living. The Black Dragon had arrived.

  “It even looks like the Dragon,”  The grandson whispered to no one.

   “It is the Dragon,” The father replied.

   The grandfather wrapped the child in the silk and handed the baby back to the midwife.

   “How is the mother?”  The general had a film in his eyes, and his voice hinted of a tremble.

   “She will live. It will take time for her to regain full strength.”  The midwife acknowledged the nod as her dismissal. She hurried the new Emperor in waiting to his mother.

   The light through the window flickered as the clouds lifted their heads to the sun, burning their shoulders in the light as their bellies grew dark and foreboding. The wind blew harder, shifting the scent of the garden to the ionized taste of sea air.  

   The grandson closed the window and locked its clasp made in the shape of a dragon. Everything about their physical and spiritual world seemed tied to the dragon that now lived and wailed in their midst.

   The general stood. The others assumed a stance of respect to the old man and bowed to him. He returned the bow with equal respect. The patriarch of the Black Dragons looked down the hall again, turned to the others and issued an order.

   “Begin the invasion. The prophecy has come true with the birth of the child.”  He walked out of the room with his thoughts as rain played a melody in the garden and against the window panes as the wind hummed its mournful tune.  

   The other two remained at attention until the Dragon was gone. They relaxed. The father looked at his son.

   “Come. You need to go back to your wife. We must get the word out to the enclaves in secret.”  The father touched the son’s elbow to urge him along.

   “I’ve arranged for the birth announcement concert to play in the enclaves.” The son said. He believed in the prophecy as if it were as real as the plum wine he had with his breakfast.

   “Good.  Wait on the local concert until the mother can attend with the child.”

   They walked out of the study. The son returned to his wife’s side. His father went to join the grandfather. They had much to discuss over the next few months.  An invasion of over two hundred sovereign nations with members of the Black Dragon Society was a figure of speech. They already lived for decades as citizens in the countries that would aid them in their quest.  

   It would take time and the fact it had to happen unnoticed made it difficult. By the time the child was thirty, they would change the world order to that of the Black Dragons.  He might live to see it, but he doubted it.

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30 thoughts on “Lee-Scene 1

    1. I’m thrilled you’ll give them another chance, Lauren. It will be familiar with some changes. Domi’s story was changed a lot. Hopefully, it’s better and it includes Lee and how they came to be big buddies in crime together. 😉


  1. I just send my Book Folder to you, my dear Dragon Brother, hope you can help me with it.
    And I just got here after a long day work at the new house – so much things to do there but the wet wallpapers has to settle in first for a night. Did some cleaning and then it is finished, for now.
    Now, I am preparing simple meal of mushroom soups with chicken meat with potatoes as lunch. It is entering 13:32 or 1:32 in the late afternoon here.

    I love this chapter here as it reflect back into the past and a prophetic tale of the coming birth of the ONE DRAGON’s birth that is vital for their society. A lovely chapter, Daniel. I really love it. Especially the special bond these two has as father and son. Usually, a father is much closer to his daughter rather than the son – there is always these rivalry between the men. But it seems their bond is a very special one.

    I’ll read some more chapter as I am ravaging my soup! Gosh, I am starving! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sherrie! I liked this chapter too. It feels good to me. In my second writing, I will have more of the young Dragon and his teachings as he leads his clan into the future. You are very right in the rivalry of father and son and also brothers. In Europe’s long history of the rule of kings and queens, the families were more enemy than family and it forged the history of Europe in blood just like the Game of Thrones. One’s mortal enemy was more trustworthy than friend or family. From this I try to show a different side. While we can never be sure if the Black Dragons are benevolent and altruistic we can see that they live and love and devote themselves to their cause with great sacrifice.

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      1. I guess, that is why people like you and I, are hard to trust anyone closer to us as we had BEEN DOWN THERE before. Life experiences taught me a lot of lessons and being smart enough not to step on sharp stones and hurt myself along the way because of being careless or neglect.

        But then, I learned along the way that there are those whom I know are the gems in our life, special friends that has the special bond unlike others. You and Christopher are one of those gems to me and I do not know why such gems are too far to reach! LOL

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh, you make my face hurt, I’m smiling so big, Sherrie. Yes, I am always amazed at how people find each other and bond in such a tight friendship. Like it was meant to be. Trust comes very hard for me but when I do trust someone, I don’t hold anything back from them. 😀

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          1. The same here, Daniel. I’d been through so much in my life and it makes me tired too, to try to trust someone. When someone you love with your whole heart and soul, and that you gave up so much in life for that particular person and that you THOUGHT you know that person for more than a decade, are the ONE that has lied and betrayed you … it hurts really, really bad. Well, you know what I mean. Not only in marriage but also in friendships.

            You know, like I told Christopher a few times ago, back then when I was separated from my ex-husband, it was at that MOMENT when I know who my real friends are. The ONES who stood and always being there with, the ONES who does not judge me, nor asking anything in return but TRUE friendship … these KINDS are too few, really.

            I am more than glad and very, very extremely happy, even proud, so to say, that I met you and Christopher.

            I remembered not awhile ago when I helped Christopher to put up his books in his Blogsite and he cannot know how to do it, I offered him that help.

            I remembered I wrote him in the email, that if he trusted me THAT MUCH, he can ask me to do it for him. He gave me his password and username and in a short time I helped him. He was so extremely happy about it. Now, that kind of trust is REALLY A BIG ONE that came from a TRUE HEART. That sort of trust must be earn, my father would say. And he was right, you know …

            Geezzz … talking on such thing makes me missing my father a lot …

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            1. Your father was truly a great man and rare. Few men can be human and have such divine wisdom. My heart aches when I think of how you’ve been treated. To me, betrayal was a constant sword held over my head. I expected it from some and so protected myself. But, the bitter pain of it doesn’t come from those you expect and protect against. It always comes from the one closest to your heart. There are many kinds of love and many kinds of betrayal but nothing hurts more than betrayal from the one person we love the most. I think of moments of battle when the mind, body, and soul is laid to waste and it is not possible to go further. In that moment one is forced to accept death because the realization that one can no longer go on creates the conditions for a miraculous transformation. To accept death and yet continue to live brings a new perspective of life. It’s the same with love of another. When one’s heart is laid to waste by another, one is forced to let go. The miracle is not in living through the death of love but in the freedom from the lie, the wisdom to know the lie’s face, and the process to come to love again. Some can turn as quickly as an animal and mate again in the next season but others take longer and in fact can take a lifetime to heal. For those who take time to heal, the next love will be a wise one if it is chosen wisely. Love that transcends the five senses and the chemical soup our libido creates, is a love that will not betray the lovers. Because you feel so much pain, Sherrie, means your path is the arduous journey to a deep spiritual wisdom and the greatest love awaits. The true beauty of it is you will recognize it the instant you see it if you trust and love yourself.

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              1. I will survive this somehow, like I always do, Daniel. We, human are built to survive. I have been down that road before and I am more than ready to go forward into the future. I may lose some things, but I have the least my family and they are the greatest treasure I have. Nothing out there that is more meaningful than my family and my children. They are my everything and my life.

                I would do anything and everything to make sure that they are happy.

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                1. I believe that with all my heart, Sherrie. My ex and I are actually friends and a very sad thing happened to my son which caused him to divorce his wife and take custody of his son. My ex and I worked hard to make sure my son made this painful transition without harm coming to my grandson. She said to me that she now saw her purpose in life to help my grandson get past the pain of his treatment and loss and grow to be a happy boy. Such dedication and love is not surprising from her. What is surprising was that I let her get away. But then, my life would never have been what it is today. I suppose we never know what our story is until we can see it’s end. In the meantime, we go on and try to live a good example for the little ones.

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                  1. We all did mistakes in life – it is unavoidable and does not matter how we prevent some things NOT to happen, it will eventually happen, anyway.

                    It is just like this one movie I’d watched a few years ago when this one man invented a Time Travel Machine to prevent the death of his beloved girlfriend. Every time he return to that time and propose to marry her, she gets killed all the time. The first time was she slipped down on frosty ground as a thief took away her marriage ring, the second attempt was she was shot and then she was run by a wagon. So, not matter how that man tries to get back to prevent her death, he failed. He failed because her TIME was meant to be – fate has been written.

                    It took time for him to accept his fate was for the OTHER WOMAN who came from the future when his Travel Time Machine that nearly cost the world destruction as his machine found by a powerful being that kills all human adults and left only young children to live.

                    Eventually, the man himself had made a choice to destroy his machine and using it instead as the bomb that destroy that other powerful being and saves the whole planet and mankind. Including the ONE GIRL that was meant to be his future wife.


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                    1. What a cool story. I should watch that. I think so too. Sometimes we are fated to experience something and no matter how we work around it, it comes home to us anyway. I think heartbreak is like that. Early in life or late. It will hunt us down like a hungry wolf.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I got to find the name of that movie. I simply could not remember its title. It was not the best movie, either, but the movie got me thinking about life itself in general.

                      And yes, FATE is the hungry wolf, actually. It has no form but it is THERE and it hunts all us down in this life now or late.

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    1. Oh gosh! This could get crazy up in here. Yes this is the first scene in part 2 of the story. You’ll meet the characters soon in origins. I’ll add the first scenes to each of the six parts just to give new readers insight to the story. Each scene will progress linearly but each Dragon Sister’s story has some look back to their past to understand their story. I will try to minimize the recirculating as much as possible because it does make it hard to keep up. I use The Scrivener program which is designed specifically for writers and it makes it easy to move scenes around and edit different parts at one time to keep consistency in the timeline straight. I’m going through that now.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. The Scriveners’ program is a writer’s code name for a bottle of bourbon which of course makes for all sorts of interesting moving of scenes and editing of different parts in the time line.

        So that is what Daniel is currently going through until he spews out bourbon on his computer screen when he reads a witty remark by Sherrie or myself.

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        1. Yes, every good make author drinks bourbon and we always have two bottles, two keyboards, and two monitors. That way when Sherrie or Chris make me laugh and I spill the first bottle on the keyboard, I can be back to work in a jiffy. 😂

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I actually intended to write Male Author instead of make author but I was using my iPhone and auto correct absolutely hates it when I have my own intentions about what I want to write. we disagree on what I want to say often. 😛

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        1. Stay tuned. I’m editing chapter 8 now. If you write a lot and plan to publish, Scrivener is very popular. YouTube has a lot of videos on it. If you have a simple straight forward approach then you may want to stick with that. I use google docs for blogging and Scrivener for serious development. The nice thing is it only cost about $40 give or take and there is an iOS version you can use on the iPad and iPhone and everything syncs. It is also available for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. It’s free to look. 😍


    1. Yes, That’s the one. After an intense session of mentorship on adjectives and my abuse of them, I am going back and rewriting the entire Dragon stories and building literary bridges to connect the stories and give more depth. It’s all impossible for someone with my limited skills but that never stopped me from jumping off the high dive into the deep end of the pool.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes, I need to go back and expand and finish that ultimate goal of his. I’ll drop back to the beginning with origins and then go straight through to the end finally tying all the loose ends. It should be fun and we’ll all get wet in a Gallagher smashing a watermelon sort of way.

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