Gloria-Scene 3

“I’m tired of her diving deep into nothing and leaving me on the surface. Waiting for her to come back up for air.” ― Julie Cantrell, Into the Free




   The small light in the distance darted like a firefly between the twilight sky and the blackness of the horizon. Raul watched his ship’s RADAR as the light tracked across the heavens. He looked out of the pilothouse window at Gloria perched on the bow looking like a silver hood ornament.

   Her meter long swim fins hung over the edge of the boat as she intertwined her arms above her head and stretched.  She lowered her hands and clasped them behind her back, dropped her head to her knees, and lifted her arms exposing herself to Raul.

   “By Zeus, she’s going to give me an aneurysm if she keeps that up,” Raul mumbled to himself as he strained to take in the erotic view on the bow of his ship.

   Raul touched his throat mic and warned Gloria to get ready to jump into the ink-black water to find the payload dropped by the drone.

   “Package inbound. Two minutes.”

   “She can’t keep doing this to me, dammit. I’ve got to convince her to quit this relentless hunt for errant Cybrids and stay with me.” Raul’s mutterings were a hopeless encouragement to the figure framed in the glass of his pilothouse. He knew better than to ask Gloria for such a favor.

   The light dipped down, and a dark shape raced toward the ship.  Fifty meters out, a splash behind the drone appeared as it flew over the top of the vessel, its thrust engines vibrating in Rauls’ chest leaving the two Dragons in silence as it arched out over the sky.

   “Touchdown. Give me a radio check before you go.”  Raul watched as Gloria gave him a thumbs up and then twisted to fall backward into the water. She held her mask with one hand and waved at Raul as she went over the side.

   Raul walked to the bow where Gloria had slipped into the sea and looked down into the water. Her shimmering figure glowed under the rippled surface of the water.

   “Come on in lover, the water’s fine.”  Gloria hung suspended in the water on her back. She spread her illuminated legs in a playful gesture and beckoned to Raul under the water.

   “I will as soon as you bring my bon voyage package back to me, dear.  Be a sweetheart and keep warm for me and please hurry back.”

   The bright image rolled over and darted away. Raul watched on his handheld viewer as Gloria’s sonar return closed on the dot drifting in the underwater currents of the sea.

   “I’ve got it on my wrist viewer,”  Gloria reported as her faint light moved under the water’s surface toward the blip on Raul’s screen.

   Raul tapped the screen on his viewer and instructed the ship to set a bearing toward a point 20 feet away from the intercept point. He watched the screen as the boat moved to the pick-up position to retrieve the package and Gloria.

   “I’ve got it.” Gloria sounded relieved, her voice husky from her labored breath.

   Raul halted the ship and ordered it to hold the position.

   “Come on up and we’ll celebrate your find.”

   “And what reward do I get from my captain for a job well done,” Gloria asked as she swam toward the surface next to the ship.”

   “I think you earned your favorite treat with this accomplishment, my love,” Raul said with a hint of pleasure.

   “Oh, you made coffee?”

   “That too,” Raul replied.

   There was a muffled laugh then Raul heard, “ your dirty talk is making me wet.”

   “You are already wet, my dear.” Raul chuckled.

   Gloria’s teasing voice whispered promises in his earpiece and sent chills down his back, raising the hair on his arms.

   Raul leaned over the ship’s side to throw the rope ladder over for Gloria. He watched as she swam just below the surface toward him. Her skin glowed in the darkness illuminating a halo around her body. Raul thought of the sirens of ancient mythology singing to a ship’s captain luring him and the crew to the hazards of the sea. In Gloria’s case, he shipwrecked himself in her arms without hesitation.

   His Siren threw up the loose coils of a thin rope, which Raul wrapped in the friction wheel of his winch he used to bring pallets of cargo aboard. He started the winch motor and went to help Gloria climb on board.

   Raul handed her a towel and forgot about the winch as she dried herself. Gloria leaned against him as he reached for her. Her lips closed over his as she pressed herself against his body. The towel dropped to the deck as the pod slammed into the winch.

   “I think your winch is unhappy.” Gloria eased away from the aroused Dragon as his eyes followed her with the ravenous look that caught her breath and made her heart pound with anticipation.

   “I’ll get cleaned up while you break down the package. Don’t keep me waiting too long.” Gloria turned and headed down the passageway to the door that led to the captain’s suite.

   Raul hurried with the task of opening the pod and taking out all the gear. He put the container in the forward storage compartment and the fins, towel, and gear in a net bag. He threw it over his shoulder like a pillow and hummed a salty sailor’s ditty as he made his way below decks.

   A few minutes later, Raul dumped the contents of the bag on the table in the galley and sorted out the weapons, ammo, and other gear. He put the swim fins away and hung up the towel then went to work on making coffee just the way his Siren liked it.

   Raul poured the coffee in an insulated decanter just as Gloria walked in wearing her favorite oversized t-shirt and merino wool thigh high socks. Her damp hair hung in loose strands with lazy twists ending in needle sharp points. Her eyes glowed in the dull light of the galley matching the luminescence of the exposed skin of her upper thighs just before they disappeared under the shirt. Raul could not take his eyes off of her as he felt the ache in his loins increase, awakening the ferocious dragon that coursed in his blood and sinew.

   “Oh, you are so good to me.”  Gloria took the decanter of coffee from Raul’s hands and poured them a cup.

   Gloria sat down at the table and looked up into her Dragon’s hungry eyes. His face was fierce and rugged. His rawness was the antithesis of his gentleman’s behavior. He always gave her butterflies, and she felt like a young minx in heat when he looked at her with those hungry eyes.

   “How soon before landfall?”  Gloria’s voice wavered with anticipation.

   Raul strained to regain control.

   “We have a little over an hour,” He replied.

   “Let’s check out our weapons and gear and get ready.” Gloria lacked the coldness in her tone she usually had before a mission.

   Raul and Gloria worked together function checking their weapons and gear, fitting their powered armor suits, and strapping everything in place for easy access. They checked each other out to make sure everything was correctly installed and attached. Raul tuned his exoskeleton to his neural network. The suit made up for his decline from age. He honed his experience and cunning to a razor edge though he was not a young warrior anymore.

   Satisfied everything was ready to go, Gloria helped her Dragon out of his suit touching him and caressing his skin with her fingers as she removed each piece. Raul took Gloria out of her protective cage of gear returning the favor of her attention with less tenderness and more passion. She eased the captain’s shirt over his head and undid his belt taking his pants off the galley floor as he stepped out of them.

   Two bodies glowed from the galley light subdued by the black night outside the portals.  Gloria saw the stallion of her past sculpted and thick, his beard and mane black and shiny framing his stunning deep set eyes. She held her man’s thick fingers in her hands and tugged him to her as she sat on the edge of the table and lowered herself down on her back instinctively embracing the beguiled captain’s hips with the soft warmth of her thighs.

   They made love like it was the last chance they had to feel the ecstasy of their enduring bond. Raul’s passion was as rugged as the man.  Lips savored velvet skin as fingers and palms explored along the trade routes of pleasure. Melodies of sound spilled over the tip of tongues tasting ear, nipples, and skin like decadent dessert on their way to the main course.

   Gloria twined her fingers in her Dragon’s hair to hold him to her. He swore to the denizens of the deep as his Siren’s fingers and mouth closed around him. When he could resist no longer, he entered her.  His Siren moaned as she strained to accept his girth setting his mind on fire.  She thrashed on the table under his relentless thrusts.

   She clutched him and impaled herself, growling like a she-devil biting his chest, neck, and ear. They writhed in exquisite pain, the kind of pain Dragon Warriors are accustom to when the lust for blood and sex fuses in the body and soul of the beast within. The legendary sound that caused fear among the Mongol tribes when Dragons made love echoed across the water as the Black Dragon ship rose and fell on a gentle sea.

* * *

   Five kilometers away inside the treeline by the shore, Tamari dismounted her horse and took him and the other two over to a low hanging branch and looped the reins to keep the animals from wandering off.  She moved closer to the beach to watch for the Dragon Warriors.

   A Cybrid watched through his night vision goggles as Tamari slipped through the forest to the beach. He looked over at the others and motioned for them to get ready to attack.


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