Dominika-Scene 2

“Just one caress became a symphony of passion, insatiable longing, an unquenchable desire, our song, played with loving fingertips, diving deep into each other’s ocean eyes.” ― Oksana Rus

Dance Lee 2


A Crash of Waves

   Morning gave way to afternoon, the sun burning away clouds and scattering shadows. Pastel colors turned vibrant in the garden. Under cerulean skies, a breeze played with leaves in treetops. Birds rode wind currents in lazy paths on their way to some distant point as the tempest sound of sea and shore’s affair carried across the bluff. After a break for lunch, Ivan and Domi continued their discussion on what they could do to help Lee with her recovery.

   “What is your friendship like with Lee?” Ivan’s tone was careful but penetrating. Domi felt honesty was the only way to approach it.

   “I love her very much. We’ve known each other since we were young girls. We’ve been through a lot together. When Lee and I are together, we are like two halves of a whole. She is spiritual and reflects inward. I am intellectual and reflect outward. We are both tuned to each other. When we are together, I feel completely absorbed into her. There doesn’t seem any boundary between us.” Domi paused for a moment then continued.

   “With you, I feel completely safe and secure. Our love is deep and overpowering at times.  I can turn myself loose and enjoy your touch, your taste, and scent in any way you chose to share it.  When you do those things you do to me, you rock my world. I want that for Lee and Hue too.”

   “With Lee, I share something very singular between us. With you, I share the greatest part of my life, our children, our work together. We share our hopes and dreams and all that we are.” Domi’s face glowed from the emotions she felt at expressing her love to her husband.

   Ivan hugged his wife. “It’s the same for me. While your world is rocking, mine is turning upside down and spinning out of control.”  

   Domi smiled and considered less verbal expressions of her love for Ivan until Alexa ran back into the yard followed by Peter with a large Super-Soaker water gun. Somehow he figured out how to turn the water bright green.  Alexa’s green skin and hair would be a contentious issue later.

   “That didn’t come from my side of the family.” Domi was sure Ivan’s long heritage from eastern Russia corrupted her children’s DNA.

   Ivan continued after watching the two teens disappear around the other corner of the house.

   “I think this difference of spiritual and intellectual sensing is an essential part of our bond and our marriage. What you describe with me is missing from Lee and Hugh. You and I are more intellectual and objective until we make love and all that goes out the window. Lee and Hugh are more spiritual; but, when they make love it appears more of a ritual, a rote duty to them.”

   “They are exact opposites to our experience or your singular experience with Lee. Both of them want each other with such love and passion but can’t seem to find the same balance as you and I. We are opposites as couples.” Ivan looked at his wife to hear her thoughts.

   “I think the bond between us all is a spiritual connection, its influence we feel, but can’t describe.”  Domi was tracking Ivan enough to complete his thoughts.

   “What part do you see in this for me?” Domi’s curiosity was burning in her thoughts.

   “I think you have the dark energy that binds us all. This bond represents one of the most elemental relationships in the universe. It is that force that holds the atom together and allows it to combine in infinite ways, creating everything in the physical universe. This dark energy is also the deep attraction between living things and is the genesis of procreation, passion, and love in humans. It is the spiritual energy of perpetual life, love, and all the positive emotions we feel. For balance, an opposite force must exist.”

   Domi let the idea of this powerful energy that bonded her to the others settle in her thoughts. The implications were far-reaching. They might not ever unlock all the secrets of their bond of Dragon blood, DNA, and the love they felt for one another. Her parent’s mysterious death destroyed the depth of understanding about the DNA experiments her father conducted on the dragon and human DNA.

   “What do you want me to do, darling?” Domi saw the tension building in Ivan’s eyes and the color in his face. She rubbed his chest to relax him.

   “Tell me.” Domi’s voice had that soft allure that hinted she wanted to hear what Ivan had to say.

   “I want you to try to use your bond with Lee to do more to attract Hue back to her side. She needs closer physical contact with Hue to heighten the sensual bond. The contact of skin on skin between the Dragons triggers the start of the cycle of release and dark energy transfer. Try to ease her into accepting Hue purely from her desire to have him. Finally, we need Hue to bring her to a second or third release when they are together to train their Dragons to bond closer.”

   “I can try it during our healing bath and massage session,” Domi suggested.

   “Yes, the timing would be perfect and expected. I believe it will reset Lee and Hue’s bond with each other to a higher level. It’s the power of combining love and sexual desire in all regions of the mind, body, and soul that achieve the greatest bond.” Ivan seemed determined to assist Domi in her effort to help Hue and Lee even if he was a little too scientific.

   “I’m not sure how I’ll do it or if Hue will agree.” Domi was unsure but felt relief that Ivan acknowledged her desire to help Lee and was giving her an idea of how to take it to a logical conclusion, which was to have Hue and Lee experience what she and Ivan felt when they made love.

   “Start at the bath and let Hue take over and we’ll leave them alone to sort it out together. We’ll hope nature and emotion will overtake their cultural constraints. Once they cross the barrier together, they’ll never cross back. Just like you and I.”  Ivan’s thoughts reassured Domi as she envisioned how she would reconnect Lee with Hue.

   “It wouldn’t hurt for you to help her understand some of the finer points of making love to Hue.”   Domi thought about Ivan’s suggestion. Maybe a few secrets shared between them would help her break through Hue’s reluctance to reconnect to Lee. His withdrawal after Little Dragon’s birth needed to change.  Hue’s withdrawal subconsciously robbed Lee of her self-esteem and her desire to go on.  She had waited so long for him only to have him pull away at this critical time in their relationship.

   Domi felt validated that Ivan came up with the same conclusion without them trying to convince each other of it. They were finally on the brink of an answer to this mystery force that bound them to each other’s lives.  All she needed to do was teach her two students of love how to dance without the shackles of duty and culture.

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