Gloria-Scene 9

“I can be hurt, she said, only by people I respect.” ― Mary Balogh, Then Comes Seduction



Eye of the Viper

   Vika walked out into the living room. Her robe hung open revealing supple skin and sculpted legs. She moved like a cat in the shadows cast by shifting light that searched her out through the curtains as car headlights passed by in front of the rented apartment.

   Val greeted Vika with the news she had located the Dragons. She looked at Vika, who seemed to ignore her. A smile crossed Val’s lips. She knew how to get Vika’s blood boiling as the plan to bring the hunt to its logical conclusion revealed itself to Val’s cunning mind.

   She walked over to Vika and forced her to look up by blocking her path to the kitchen.

   “Has anyone told you how sexy you look fresh out of the shower?”

   Vika stared at Val like she had lost her mind.

   “Has anyone told you how disgusting your fuck me, please face looks?”

   “Oh, don’t be so coy, Vika. You’re a sexual beast, and you know it.”

   “What the hell is wrong with you? Step back before I cut that freakish face of yours.”

   Val turned to let Vika pass. She let her fingers trail across Vika’s stomach. Vika stopped and turned to Val placing her hand over Val’s and pushing it lower.

   “Is this what you want?”

   “I want all of you; right down to your dark soul.”

   “I don’t have a soul; you’ll have to settle for the flesh.”  Vika slipped her fingers on the inside of Val’s wrist, her thumb crossing the back of her hand as she pressed herself against Val.

   Val stared into Vika’s cold eyes as the assassin tasted Val’s lips with her tongue. She struggled to mask her disgust and hate for the soulless Viper. If only she could kill her now, but that would be too anticlimactic. She continued to play the charade of lust with the she-devil.

   Vika jerked Val’s arm and whipped her body around as she used her grip on Val’s wrist to twist her arm and lock it in a painful move that forced Val to trip over Vika’s outstretched leg as she spun around. She felt the back of her head slam into the floor. Vika was on top of her before she knew what happened.

   “If you want to do me, carrot top, you need to know I like it rough.”  Vika slapped Val hard across the mouth filling Val’s mouth with the taste of blood.

   Vika sat across Val’s stomach and laughed at the stunned Russian.

   Val wiped her mouth and tried to smile. Her head buzzed from pain and her arm felt like it was a lump of meat lying on the floor. Things weren’t exactly going to plan, but Vika’s elevated aggressiveness gave Val the opportunity she needed to manipulate Vika.

   “Does Kirill like to hit you until you come?”

   “You keep your eyes and hands off Kirill, or I’ll dismember you one pound of flesh at a time.” Vika leaned forward and placed her hands on Val’s neck and squeezed just enough to emphasize her control while she grinned.

   “In case you haven’t noticed, Kirill doesn’t have what I want.” Val’s voice came out in a rasp.

   “Ah, so you want me instead of him?”  Vika’s wicked grin changed to a mocking leer.

   “One night with me and you’ll forget his name.”  Val rubbed the outside of Vika’s thighs like she enjoyed the harsh treatment.

   Vika’s cold stare caused Val’s skin to tingle as the Viper lifted herself off Val’s sweating body. She tied her robe at the waist and walked to the kitchen like a cat whose mouse has stopped twitching.

   Val stood slowly, her body aching in so many places she wasn’t sure what to rub first.

   “Since you are playing so hard to get, I think I’ll excuse myself. It seems I’ve located two Sentinel Dragons near Tbilisi. I’ll take care of them while you make friends with yourself and think of your precious Kirill. Maybe you should go back to Kazakhstan and mount him on the floor since that seems to be your favorite position.”

   “You bitch. Don’t play games with me. Tell me where the damned Dragons are,” the Viper Assassin demanded.

   “I’ll tell you where you can ambush them and kill them yourself if you promise not to tell anyone about tonight.”

   “I’m listening.”

   Vika’s glare gave Val pause. She realized that Vika preferred to kill Dragons, but anyone would do at the moment. She decided to set the trap instead of pushing her luck.

   “They asked for someone to take them to Tbilisi. I’ll bring them to our safe house and leave them. You come in with your team after they get comfortable and sleepy and wipe them out. When I know they’re dead, I’ll go back to Russia, and you can go back to Kirill.”

   “This is the first thing you’ve said all night that gets me excited.”

   “I was saving the best for last.” Val tried to pretend she was still interested in Vika. She decided if Vika gave her any inkling of trouble she’d gut her like a fish and strangle her with her entrails.

   “Damn, you do know how to seduce a girl with that long tongue of yours,” Vika smiled, but her fathomless eyes screamed violence was the only passion she felt or wanted.

   “I’m only in the mood for killing Dragons now. Let’s have tea and discuss the details.” Val tried to move Vika along with her plan before she settled down enough to question her motives.

   Vika seemed to consider a truce. After a long pause, she nodded then turned to heat the water in the kettle on the stove.

   Val sat on the couch and ran her fingers through her hair and held her aching head. Her hands shook. She hoped she lived long enough to see Vika’s shredded body after Gloria got to her. She would make sure the Dragons had their chance. It was more important at the moment to ease Vika’s suspicions about her and Kirill. If Vika were convinced she had no interest in men, she wouldn’t suspect her return to Kirill while Vika waited to ambush the Dragons.

   Val went to tend to her bloody lip in the bathroom while Vika hummed her favorite melody, gathered the cups for tea, and placed them on the table.

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