Lee-Scene 6

“I speak the language of love. That’s right, I speak Russian.” ― Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

Dominika RoD Scene 6


For the Love of Dominika Aristov

   Lee glanced at the clock on the wall. Uncertainty twisted in the pit of her stomach. She was unsure of the art of matchmaking. She had no real experience at it. Now, she must use this ancient art to bond two people to each other and her.   

   Lee knew affairs of the heart were destructive weapons in the hands of the unskilled and uncaring. It frightened her. The Dragon Sister had no idea how she would convince her friend, Dominika Aristov to favor Ivan. She knew it was important to the Masters. Lee had to trust the old Dragons and do what they told her to do.

   In the lull of the after dinner rush, Dominika glided into the diner, like a white swan clothed in a black dress. She came to meet the Dragon Sister from her past.  Lee met Dominika at the entrance and felt the nervousness in her stomach grow.  This meeting was two years in the planning, and the time had arrived.

   Dominika greeted her friend with passionate interest. Lee wore a glowing smile and bright eyes. Domi’s cheeks grew warm as they exchanged a friendly hug. Lee sat Domi in a corner booth and welcomed her to the diner.

   “Would you like something to eat or drink?”

   “No. Thank you.” Domi went straight to the point. “So how do you like your job here?”

   “It’s not so bad. The people are nice, and my co-workers make me laugh with their crazy antics sometimes. I like working with Ivan. He’s playful like a boy with a hunky man’s body.” Lee’s eyes sparkled when she mentioned Ivan.

   Domi’s friend eased down on the bench next to her. Lee’s perfume was like the other Asian girls at the lab where she worked. Domi found it spicy, pleasing, and familiar.

   Lee touched Domi and drew her fingers down to the elbow easing herself closer. Domi loved the Dragon Sisters and especially Lee. Their bond of the Dragon’s blood brought them to each other like the Komodo Dragons basking together in the sun. The other Asian girls were always touching and admiring her feminine features, giggling like little girls and chattering in their songbird voices.

   Domi recalled when they were in school together. The others who grew up in the society were always close with each other. When she learned the spiritual meaning of their bond and her connection to it, she enjoyed it and reciprocated. Domi liked the safety of their physical closeness. When they went to lunch, the girls walked holding tight to each other. She loved that about her sisters. It protected her from dark memories.

   “Song Yi told me you could get me in to see the orchestra for free.”  Domi loved theater and symphonies. Anything that stimulated her intellect gave her the greatest pleasure. She kept her shattered heart behind the walls of her mind and buried her sexual tensions in her work as a physicist. Lee made her feel wanted and loved, like the other girls.  Dominika wanted to leave her past behind and renew a close friendship with her Dragon Sister.

   Lee read Domi’s body language and tried to put her at ease. “Oh, you’ll love the new arrangement, sister. It’s a new interpretation of a traditional song about the Yellow River in the north of China where the Black Dragons were born.”

   “Ah, the Dragon’s affinity for the north and deep water is never far away. I love the idea. I can’t wait to see it.” The Russian Dragon Sister’s eyes came alive as she thought about her Polist River where she lived in Russia.

   “You must come. I’m playing my Urhu solo and then we have a special drum encore. The drums always give me such a good feeling here.” Lee touched Domi on the stomach at her panty line. They both stifled a sinful laugh.

   Lee sensed Domi was becoming comfortable.  She eased into Domi’s personal space, past her fear of men, beyond her awful memories of heartbreak.

   As they caught up with each other, Lee moved in deeper to that core of desire.  She caressed Domi’s most profound need; the one that begged to belong and feel loved again. Lee talked about fun things they should do together to reacquaint themselves, captivating Domi’s mind.  

   Domi’s lifelong friend stroked her fingers to reassure her and told her she knew just the right person to take her to the next concert.

   “Don’t run away, sister. I’ll bring Ivan to meet you. He loves the symphony too. I think Russian people are born to music just like the Dragons. He’ll be happy to take you since I have to go early to set up.” Lee excused herself and left to get Ivan before Domi could protest.

   Ivan inventoried the supplies on the shelves in the storeroom and pondered his theory on time-domain reflectometry. He was a brilliant physicist. Ivan lived as a waiter and dreamed of advancing science with his theories of waveform propagation and neural networks.

   Lee approached Ivan and placed her hand on his lower back. She liked the feel of his twill pants and starched shirt. “Mmmmm, you smell good, Ivan. What is that cologne you’re wearing?” Lee felt a surge of energy. She suspected Ivan was a Dragon Master in hiding. Only the Dragons who took the Dragon’s blood could pass the energy between them.

   Ivan looked down into Lee’s eyes and saw a starburst from the light in the depth of her pupils. His scientific mind could not overcome his sudden paralysis.

   “Ivan, can you help me?” Lee cooed.

   The sound of Lee’s voice and the touch of her body against him stirred Ivan. His theories evaporated. “Of course, Lee. What can I do to you that would please you?”

   Lee enjoyed the thought of those misspoken words. “I am talking to a Russian woman, a friend of mine. She is a physicist – like you. I need help talking to her. I don’t speak gravitational modulation in free space well,” she joked.

   “Uh, yes…sure, Lee. Let me mark my place here and I’ll be right over.”

   Lee luxuriated in Ivan’s interest.  She found it easy to arouse him. Still, her uncertainty grew about Dominika. Her sister lived a closed and insular life. Domi’s heart was a labyrinth with many dead ends. Lee wasn’t sure if Domi would connect with Ivan.

   Ivan sat down across from Domi and introduced himself. He performed a mental probability analysis to find the odds of sexual delight occurring twice in ten minutes. The results assured him, he was a lucky man. Ivan fixated on the flush of Dominika’s cheeks. He felt consumed with a strange need for her. The Russians studied each other through the opened windows of their eyes for a long pause.

   The physicists fed on each other’s arousal. Ivan talked to Domi and sought a connection. While he portrayed himself a refined gentleman, he recited the formula for the stochastic flow of viscous fluids in his mind to control the burgeoning sexual attraction he felt for the white swan in the black dress. He chose the wrong method.

   Dominika felt undressed by Ivan’s focused attention; but, the sparkle in his blue eyes, the way his lips moved, and the sound of his voice made it impossible to look away. He leaned forward; his hands reached to the middle of the table, and his fingertips caressed the table top in concert with his voice. Domi wanted to be the table for some reason.

   Lee sat next to Domi.  She watched the two as Domi fell into Ivan’s spell. When they arrived on the subject of physics, Dominika lost herself. Ivan had her so aroused; Lee could see she struggled to control her voice and breathing.

   Pheromones and cologne mingled in the air with spice and floral notes from the girls. Lee felt a soothing heat rise from the pit of her stomach and flow across her breasts, flushing her cheeks, and making her dizzy. She looked at Domi who mirrored her reaction.

   Lee eased away. It was time to give them a chance to bond on their own. Ivan exchanged places with Lee to sit next to his captivated swan. The Dragon Sister excused herself and made tea.

   The couple sat together and bantered like two children in a schoolyard about the quantum migration of matter through holes in space. Lee saw Domi was smitten with Ivan and smiled. She felt a sense of relief but a new pain filled the space left by her anxiety. Lee delivered the tea and left to the bathroom.

   Trembling fingers gripped the sink. Tears made little patting sounds on the porcelain and mingled with droplets of water, cascading together, and racing to the drain.  Nothing removed the ache in her heart so strong was her need to feel the touch and intimacy of another.  Lee chastised herself for feeling jealous of Domi.

   The Masters had forbidden Lee the pleasure of love and relationships. She remained chaste for her unknown husband. She lived without any hint of when she would feel his longed-for breath on her body. She was twenty-two years old and felt like a lost child.

   Lee struggled to compose herself and went back, more for her own heart than her duty. Ivan moved to the inside of the booth as Lee slipped in next to them. Lee hugged Domi’s waist. She rested her chin on Domi’s shoulder and listened to Ivan’s conversation with her mesmerized Dragon Sister.  Lee felt Domi’s quick breathing and racing heart match hers.

   The Russian swan’s eyes wandered over Ivan as he discussed waveforms and frequency. Both girls giggled as he described the magic of rhythmic undulation and forward thrusted energy in a confined media. There was that wicked smile again. Domi and Lee didn’t think a girl needed a college degree to understand that. Dragon Sisters developed a natural inclination for undulation and thrusting.

   The Dragons who planned this meeting for two years knew that Lee, Kwan Che, Miss Dominika Aristov, and Ivan Ivanovich had the bonding patterns that formed the deepest relationships. Judging by the enthusiasm the trio showed for each other and the common appreciation of undulation, it was safe to assume their future together was going to be quite interesting.


5 thoughts on “Lee-Scene 6

  1. Great chapter, my friend.

    I love that line, “He performed a mental probability analysis to find the odds of sexual delight occurring twice in ten minutes. The results assured him, he was a lucky man.”

    I love those odds. 😉

    There’s a restaurant in town here called the Dragon Pearl- a Chinese restaurant that goes back to 1931.

    Someday when I’m flowing in cash, I’d love to go in there to eat (their meals are fairly expensive).

    In my imagination, I’m hoping there’ll be sharply dressed Dragon Ladies in there hiding in plain sight as waitresses.

    In my imagination, I can hear one of the Dragon Sisters saying to me, “Christopher, we’ve been expecting you. What took you so long to get here?”.

    She then throws me back on a table and we start banging away.

    Then one of the other waitresses comes by and says, “Are you ready for the main course?”.

    And I’ll say, “I thought this was the main course.”

    “Oh no,” she’ll say, “that was just an appetizer.”

    She’ll throw me back and start banging away on the same table.

    Then of course I’ll have dessert. And then a fortune cookie. And then coffee or tea. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! If I didn’t know better, Chris, I’d swear that rascal Renfield R. Renfield has hacked your account and joined in as a reader and active participant of the Return of Dragons. 😀 There is one thing you can bet on. If the Restaurant is still owned by an Asian family, there will be Dragon Sisters there hiding in plain sight as waitresses. Your challenge will be making sure you get the right waitress. Non-Dragon Sisters can still shock the hell out of you but they use a taser or pepper spray. The real Dragon Sisters fry you with a kiss. I’d say all you have to do is ask the waitress if she knows any sisters that need a charming well educated husband to take out the trash and mow the lawn. They’ll know what to do. 😀 Oh, and drink the coffee or tea before the meal is served. You’ll need the extra energy. I wish you the best of luck on your mission.

      Liked by 1 person

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