Lee-Scene 7

“Dance as the narration of a magical story; that recites on lips, illuminates imaginations and embraces the most sacred depths of souls.” Shah Asad Rizvi



A Ballet of Love in Motion

   Ivan continued to captivate Domi with his knowledge and quiet strength. She felt her mind open to the idea of letting Ivan into her heart.  The iron bars of Domi’s control fell away, and her spirit soared, careless, and free.

   Ivan’s eyes sparkled as he raved to the girls.  He felt motivated by their attention and the sensuality of their perceived feline grace. Their ease with him and each other set his heart on fire. His passion came rushing out in his oratory of waveforms and energy.

   The rote task that controlled Lee’s life took leave as she felt the warmth of intimacy grow among them. Her heartbeat and breathing matched Domi’s.

   Ivan’s intonations were soothing even though Lee had no idea what he was saying. She closed her eyes as some concept presented by Ivan caused Domi to vibrate with excitement. Lee held on tight as Domi reached back and pulled Lee closer sharing her moment.  Lee felt drugged and unable to focus.

   Domi held her breath as Ivan’s animated waveform discussion finally overwhelmed her. She moved with a sudden shift backward causing Lee to fall on the floor between the bench and the table. Shocked at Lee’s acrobatics, Domi swung around to help her Dragon Sister.

   Rhythmic tremors shook Domi while Lee struggled to climb out from under the table.  Lee’s head popped up between Domi’s legs. Looking for something to hold on to, Lee grabbed her Dragon Sister’s knees and forced them apart.

   “Uh, Oh, Um.” Ivan’s vocabulary faltered. He stared at the grinning brown bear on the white background of Domi’s panties.

   Domi’s mind had experienced a cerebral orgasm from Ivan’s over-stimulation of her brain. At the same time, her body forced her to respond to the intense demands for satisfaction. Domi clutched at Lee wriggling under the table.  She tried to help her up and ignore the throbbing muscles in her groin and thighs. Lee grunted as she came face to face with the grinning bear. Domi moaned as her body throbbed and limbs twisted together in a desperate struggle.

   Ivan thought the two girls seemed like ringing bells in their excitement over his discussion. He felt good about it. The girls did too. Ivan continued to stimulate his fellow physicist and Lee. He mistook the strange utterances under the table as encouragement.

   Lee saw stars and fought to stay conscious.  Domi slurred her Russian dialog without proper forming of the lips and tongue.

   Ivan forgave the girls for lack of public decorum. He found this waveform stuff damned exciting too. Ivan did worry about Lee. In all his time with her, he never heard her speak Chinese that sounded like that. Perhaps it was just the excitement of the moment.

   Ivan enjoyed his captive audience’s musical rendition of; “Oh! Oh, My! Ugh. OH MY GOSH! Oh, DON’T! STOP-uh!, OOOH-uh”   Domi’s Alto to Lee’s soprano harmonized well with the beat. The enthusiastic waiter cum physicist decided to entertain the girls with more on the interactivity of high-charged particles.  It was evident; they loved science as much as he did.

   Ivan thought the girls were splendid friends the way they held on to each other. He noted Domi squirmed on the seat with her hand occupied in a vain attempt to hide the grinning bear. Ivan felt a little discomfort at Lee’s focus on the bear with wide eyes and open mouth. It was then he noticed his eyes were straining. Ivan self-consciously closed his mouth.

   The enthralled physicist thought it possible the songbirds were over-stimulated. Perhaps the girls needed to use the restroom but were too kind to interrupt his oratory. Ivan made a mental note to finish his point so they could take a break.

   With renewed vigor, excited hands moved in waves and patterns. Ivan, with eyes to the heavens, oblivious to the miracle that just occurred, described how energy comes together, reforms, and departs again. He described the invisible forces and their interactions like a conductor guides an orchestra.

   Lee and Domi felt it all as waves of sensation flooded them in chaotic patterns, crashing into each other like a storm-tossed lake. The girls were a captive audience, not wanting the moment to end. Both girls rested in each other’s slack arms. Neither girl smoked cigarettes, but they shared a strange craving for one.

   Ivan paused and looked at Lee’s eyes. They were narrow slits with coal-black orbs peering through fluttering lashes. Domi had a glassy gaze. She looked everywhere through unfocused pupils with blue rims.

   Ivan looked down and discovered he and Domi held hands. They stared into the same cosmos of love, guided by Ivan’s whispered mathematical expressions.

   Dominika Aristov was in love again. She hugged Ivan and thanked Lee for such a memorable evening.

   Lee couldn’t shake the vision of the grinning bear from her mind. She had some ideas she’d like to try with dragons and peonies to spice up her lingerie collection.

   After a long pause, Ivan decided Domi wasn’t letting go of him. He hugged her back. His white swan in the rumpled black dress and grinning bear panties forced him to search for another formula. He hoped it would help him control his surging delight. Ivan grew quiet as Domi embosomed Lee into their embrace. The three luxuriated in the afterglow of successful bonding.

   Lee believed Russians and waveforms were the languages of love. The day’s happy ending was also a happy beginning. The Dragon and the Bear had blessed them in ways the three could never imagine.

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2 thoughts on “Lee-Scene 7

  1. This was the most hilariously funny chapter you ever wrote in your Dragon novel, Daniel my friend.

    Who would have thought that a physics lecture would lead to the mother of all orgasms and a great threesome? 😉

    Rumour has it that Renfield R. Renfield is now starting to read Physics textbooks. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bwaa haaa haaaa! I did tone this version down. There were some parts I really wanted to keep like the blessing of the Bear panties and other parts but I needed to make it more suited to the general reading public. It was the most fun chapter to write, that’s for sure. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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