Domi-Scene 6

“When the filly and the warrior are ready to take up their Destinies, each will know it. The filly will become a mare. The Warrior, however, will never once remove his eyes from the true road that lies beneath his feet. And yet, he will never know that he is on his Path.” ― Stan Sudan, Sisters of Light



The Filly and the Dragon

   They drove northwest up the E263 across the rolling Estonian countryside. The driver wound his way through fields and forest to Tallinn and stopped near the airport to eat. The two travelers sat overlooking the Ülemiste Järv, a large lake at the end of the runway.

   Eo-Jin engaged in light conversation to keep Domi’s nerves settled. Domi never flew in a jet or traveled outside the western region of Russia before her trip to Estonia. Her nerves and fear of the distinguished gentleman seated across the table kept her silent. She offered only a few words here and there.

   Domi began to look up and take notice of her escort. His oiled hair had every strand in place. Long lashes rimmed Hazel eyes that announced his contentment with what he saw. He looked time and again into Domi’s eyes and held her gaze.

   She watched his hands move with mindful efficiency as he ate. She adored his skin. He reminded Domi of a male version of Jade. His arms were strong, his skin smooth, and almost hairless. His voice lulled her into a distraction of velvety skin under her fingers and lips. Domi startled at the thought. “Where the hell had that come from?” She wondered.

   “Is anything wrong, Miss Aristov?” He asked in a genial tone but with an edge of concern. He tensed, ready to jump at her need.

   “Oh, no. I’m sorry. I am just nervous about flying.”

   “It’s a normal thing to expect a little nervousness. I feel it each time I travel,” Eo-Jin intimated, his eyes knowing, searching her face for clues.

   “You do?” Domi exclaimed, her interest peaked.

   “Of course, it’s only natural. The anticipation can be sublime or torture. It depends on one’s willingness to give in to the journey’s rewards.”

   “How does a journey reward someone?” Domi sat up wide-eyed and leaned forward over her plate.

   Eo-Jin’s eyes wandered over Domi with penetrating interest that coincided with his engaging smile. “You have a window seat. I’ve paid for the two other seats as well. You will have plenty of space to stretch out and watch the world below you. You’ll see what Eagles see when they soar to the clouds. It’s liberating, and it passes the time.”

   Domi imagined the scene as her Dragon escort painted the picture. “Will you sit with me so I won’t be afraid?” She asked.

   “If you wish. This journey is about you, Miss Aristov. I will take care of all your needs, and you can be sure, your safety and comfort are first on my mind, always.”

   “I have a demand. Will you grant it?” Domi’s assertive voice sounded good to her for a change.

   “I will.” was the reply.

   “Call me Domi. It’s what all my friends call me.” She reveled in the smile and sparkling eyes that received and granted her demand.

   “Domi, your friendship is my pleasure. Let us take a walk and explore our new friendship before the flight.” The gentleman with smooth skin and sparkling eyes took Domi’s hand. They made their way outside to look at the lake and watch the busy enterprise race the clock around them.

* * *

   Domi sat glued to the window watching the plane rise over the Gulf of Finland and turn to head out over the Baltic Sea. She reached back from time to time to feel Eo-Jin’s presence. She called to him to show him the coast as they crossed into Europe. He leaned over her shoulder, his chest touching her back. Domi shivered.

   Eo-Jin’s cologne was subtle. The scent eased into Domi’s consciousness. She paused to take in the scent of his hair, his clothes, and his skin. Domi focused and tried not to close her eyes as the Dragon placed his hand on the window ledge next to hers. She felt his hand rest on her shoulder to guide her.

   “look down there, over there, there it is. Do you see it?” he would ask.

   “Oh yes, she did. Yes. Oh. Yes.” Domi enjoyed the scene below and the pleasure of his body against hers. He felt like security and strength. He smelled like confidence. His voice rocked her. The gentle Dragon cradled her imagination as he explained the sliding scenery below.

   Lost in her struggle to take it all in, she dropped her hand to the inside of Eo-Jin’s knee. Her fingers played across the fabric and sinews below. Trust and intimacy blossomed under the surface of fear and uncertainty. It pleased the Dragon.

   Eo-Jin continued to cultivate Domi’s trust, melting away the layers of defense. They chatted like old friends after a long absence.

   The landing at Frankfurt, Germany frightened Domi. The plane smacked the runway and decelerated pitching the couple forward against the seat belt. Eo-Jin held Domi’s hand. His calm voice eased her anxiety and gave her something new to consider. No man had ever held her hand to comfort her.

   New sensations washed across Domi’s mind and body. She collapsed around the hand that held her and offered her solace and protection from her demons. She felt a warm tingle below where before only the pain of her shame existed. Domi closed her eyes tight and squeezed the hand that comforted her.

   Eo-Jin’s embrace nestled the skittish girl under the wings of the Dragon. She didn’t know tears of joy and relief fell on the hand of the Dragon who entered her life unencumbered. She only knew his arms held her tighter as the plane roared down the runway.

   They took the subway to the Frankfurt Marriott and checked in. The skyscraper hotel and surrounding buildings left Domi speechless. From the picture window of her room, she could see across the city as dusk came and the city lit up in a sea of light and shades of dark blue and gray.  Domi’s spirit soared in the expanse of this new world.

   After freshening up and a change of clothes, the two travelers walked a few blocks from the hotel to a small Italian restaurant.  They sat for a long time and talked while enjoying a delicious meal. Afterward, the owner brought them his finest grappa and sat with them and chatted. It was a new experience that Domi enjoyed.

   Eo-Jin handled the orders after helping Domi with the menu. The girls were right, she thought. He was the perfect gentleman. He was attentive and could read her like a book, always seeming to know what she wanted when she wanted it. It was a new feeling having the undivided attention of a man that meant her no harm. Before long, Domi was laughing at the owner’s jokes and catching Eo-Jin’s cheerful gaze on her face.

   That night, Domi slept dreamless for the first time in many years. The next day, the journey continued with their flight out of Frankfurt to Singapore. The secret courtship of Dragon and Filly continued with more touching, talking, holding, and laughter. After landing, Eo-Jin acted as tour guide and took Domi to see the sights before dinner.

   They went to the waterfront that snaked through the tall buildings and found an open place next to a giant fountain with the body of a fish and the head of a lion. The water’s edge was a continuous set of curving steps that followed the natural contour of the water.

   The manicured flowers and greenery reflected in the glass buildings. Up above a blanket of clouds gave texture and a muted background to the bright colors of the lights that filled every space.  Domi was captivated by the sights, and her imagination led her from one interesting spot to another. She dragged her Dragon escort by the hand as he did his best to keep up.

   After dinner, they went to a movie that featured a screen that wrapped around the ceiling and walls. They reclined back and watched the movie play out as if they were in the middle of every scene lying on a bed.  Domi watched while her errant fingers rubbed the smooth skin on Eo-Jin’s arm.  He refrained from touching Domi choosing to let her express herself without any concern of his intentions.

   After another night out, Domi felt exhausted. Her guardian had earned Domi’s respect and trust. She felt her budding friendship grow deeper with her companion.  He always went to her room first to make sure everything was in order then leave with the assurance he was next door if she needed anything. This time, she asked him to stay and talk to her, away from the noisy public.

   The Dragon massaged Domi’s tired shoulders and neck as they chatted, lighting up her body and mind. For the first time, Domi insisted she return the favor. Eo-Jin’s acceptance of her excited Domi. She felt a fundamental change in herself.  Her gentleman’s submission to her touch gave her a sensation of touching her new friend’s soul.  It connected her in a way she never felt before. Instead of hiding her feelings, she wanted to let them free. While she worked over the muscles in Eo-Jin’s shoulders and back, she dreamed of exploring all of him. His delicious scent made her hungry for more as the beast within stirred from its long nap.

   Eo-Jin felt Domi relax with him. He remembered how he struggled to accept his fate with the Dragon’s blood. Domi was just beginning to feel the beast after years of struggling to understand what was happening to her. She was still fragile emotionally. It was a long road ahead to build her confidence and teach her to tap into the strength of the Dragon’s blood that flowed through her veins. She was like a rose; beautiful to watch bloom but painful to grasp. He felt a strong attachment to Domi. The Dragon reached up and touched Domi’s hand as it ventured hesitantly over his collar bone. He signaled her he accepted whatever she willed.

   The lines between duty and devotion were beginning to blur. The gentle Dragon and skittish Filly did nothing to stop the bond of friendship from tying their emotions to one another. The touch of Dragons fanned the flames of desire.

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4 thoughts on “Domi-Scene 6

  1. That Eo-Jin! What a lucky man, he was! Got the best of the Dragon Domi on his side.
    And now they are in Deutschland? Cool! I’ll go and find them here. LOL Kidding!

    Surely that Domi has some fear of her own, but that FEAR can become the one thing that drives her Forward. It is the ONE WAY to discover your own strength and hope. She is sure fearless at the same time and that too, keeps looking Forward into the unknown future.

    And I hope good Things awaits her on the other side of the Dragon’s life.
    It is her choice and her life.

    Just as Eo-Jin said it himself … He accepted whatever she will – it is her choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Sherrie, Eo-Jin is indeed a lucky man. Fate has intervened on his and Domi’s behalf, or was it the old Dragon Masters? Hmmmmm… Those old Dragons seem to be behind everything. 😉 I totally agree with fear being a driver. To me, it is a necessary if unwelcomed emotion. The secret is to keep moving toward your goal and the fear will subside and eventually replaced by confidence and experience.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Seems the old Dragons always behind everything – just our parents and we, ourselves, are behind the Young and the Reckless One all the time. They are there not only to guide and to protect, the Old Ones love to watch and learn again and again the nature of the Young, trying to understand them to make themselves a better Master. I quoted that from my father’s words … And yes, he is the old wise man himself.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s very true, Sherrie. Before I retired from the Army I was teachig young soldiers that weren’t born when I joined the Army. I was 20 years older than most of them. It was good for me to maintain relevancy with them. They kept my thinking young and I educated them so they would live to grow old. Your father’s wisdom is now your own and always the light on the true path. 😀


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