Lee-Scene 10

“Light falls through the window, falls onto me, into me. Moments. All gathering towards this one.” – Jenny Downham, Before I Die



The Ministress of Science and Knowledge

   Domi stood in front of the three Dragons and answered their questions; always careful to use a respectful softness in her voice. She withheld some information. It served no purpose to concern them.

   The real concern was what the tests indicated about their young Messiah and his mother. Domi explained that it showed Lee was still weak, but the child was growing stronger and was healthy. Domi insisted Lee needed more physical therapy and plenty of rest. The old General thanked Domi and urged her to continue her plan.

   Domi bowed in respect and held her eyes averted until the formalities passed. She caught Hue’s eye and held his gaze. Both remained expressionless.

   The message was clear to Hue. Domi wanted to talk with him. He knew there was more to Lee’s recovery than Domi let on to his father and grandfather. A few minutes after Domi left the room, Hue excused himself and walked down the hall.

   The White Tiger enter the room and saw Domi by the window looking out into the garden. He stopped and looked at his Dragon Sister. The shadows of the chamber and light filtering through the open curtains cut across her face and accentuated the curve of her hips and waist in a wash of shadow and light. Her straight back and profile telegraphed her thoughts, stopping Hue’s advance and freezing him in the light dappled shadows.

   Domi turned and looked at the Dragon in the filtered light of the room. She felt her skin grow warm and tension in the pit of her stomach. Hue reached out his left arm; palm down, fingers bent in a sign of respect and acceptance.

   Domi accepted Hue’s gesture and pressed herself against him; her arms wrapped around him. “How long have we known this moment was coming, Hue?”

   “Eighteen, maybe twenty years,” Hue replied, his voice distant and hushed.

   “Hue, do you love Lee?”

   “With all my heart, I do.” Bai Hue spoke in an even tone though he was struggling with the tempest of his emotions.

   “She needs you,” Domi pleaded with Hue. “Lee is giving so much of herself to Little Dragon that I can’t keep her going alone. She has waited all her life for your love. She wanted nothing for herself but you since that day she met you at the diner when Master Ong brought you to us.”

   “Domi, I’m afraid of what I’ve done to her. She is struggling to survive because of me.” Hue’s deep regret at Lee’s suffering held him back. Domi, near tears and struggling to hang on, pressed Hue harder.

   “She loves you; she needs you. Make love to her. Let her feel your love every day in some way.”

   Hue struggled to contain his emotions. Domi’s entreaty took him to that place he once felt with his wife before guilt and doubt pulled him away.

   The two sat next to each other. Hue kissed Domi on the forehead and thanked her for all she’d done for him and Lee. His bond with her spanned half his life. He thought of her as the Yin to his spiritual Yang.

   “Hue, she’s healed enough. She can have you again. Promise you’ll be gentle and take your time but give her all of your love.”

   Domi continued to urge Hue to take the lead in keeping their beloved Lee balanced between them. “I’ll continue to take care of her and take her to the healing bath. You need to find a way to spend as much time with her as possible.”

   “Domi, how will I know if we are keeping her balanced?”

   “The monitor will tell us.” Domi had faith in the sensors. She also knew she could sense Lee anytime they were together. “You must learn to look into her eyes and see what she feels with her heart.”

   Hue looked across the room at the colors in the patterned carpet.  They danced in the light that eased around the disturbed curtains guarding the window. Lost in thought, he felt Domi’s hand rest on top of his, reassuring him as he struggled with the weight of his rigid upbringing and the free spirit of love for his wife and son. He met his Dragon Sister’s eyes.

   “Okay. I’ll make arrangements for my father to pick up some of my work and I’ll take some time off with Lee and Little Dragon.”

   Domi, enervated by their exchange, hugged her Dragon Brother and kissed his cheek. Satisfied, He would do his best; she told him of her plan to help Lee restore her balance. Once Lee was able to sustain herself, Domi would back away and let Hue take over. With Hue’s agreement, Domi departed. She had work to do.

   The White Tiger admired Dominika’s devotion to those she loved. She returned a vital life-force that fueled a synaptic marvel of Human and Dragon bio-engineering.

   The old Black Dragons, led by Master Ong, were far more advanced in their wisdom than anyone knew, he thought. The time was drawing near. Ivan, Domi, and their two children would advance the breakthrough science needed to execute the General’s strategy. He, Lee, and Little Dragon would provide the leadership to bring the Dragon’s closer to their divinity. It was a good plan.

   Hue went to the window and looked out. He wondered what Domi saw that inspired her. He wished he could see it too. What he felt was self-doubt born of the nagging question, “What if we’re wrong?” The consequences to Lee for his subterfuge was immeasurable.

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