Lee-Scene 11

“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.” ― Albert Schweitzer


Minister of Light

   Tendrils of fog enveloped the garden of Ivan and Domi’s home and grasped at the arriving night. Birds called to each other in the twilight harmonizing with the rush of water coming from the bedroom shower. Slender fingers darted like dragonflies on daisies, filling the room with a staccato of clicks from a keyboard, like crickets calling for their lovers.

   Domi paused to absorb the results of Ivan’s report. Intertwined with the graphs and tables of data on the screen were thoughts of countless searches, reviews, and investigation of facts coursing through her mind.  The screen registered Domi’s keystrokes as she correlated, shifted, and cast aside disconnected notions until one paragraph stopped her in mid key press.

   Ivan’s brilliance held her captive. The glow of the screen illuminated her face in a blue tinge that blended with pale hues filtering through the window. Ivan knew why and how Domi was able to feel such powerful emotions when she shared physical contact with her Dragon Sisters and Brothers. His analysis of all the data collected from the sensors, the doctor’s instrumentation, and Domi’s discussions led to his discovery of the electro-chemical processes that created a reactive coupling with her other pair bonded Dragons.

   Domi felt her desire wash over her. She paused and considered the man behind the words. Ivan’s quiet nature was like staring at the cosmos; he was quiet with endless depth interspersed with light. He was tall and dignified with a mischievous nature out of view of probing glances. 

   What Domi loved about her man was how his hands spanned her back when he held her against his chest. Ah, the thought of those hands on her and how he looked at her when he pleasured her. “Oh, Domi, silly girl. Stop it. You have work to do,” she scolded her still hands resting on the keyboard.

   Now, without so much as a sideways glance, Ivan deduced her ability to touch and feel with such magnitude she gave and received physical, cerebral, and spiritual ecstasy, like handshakes to those she loved. She doubted some of Ivan’s hypothesis regarding the others. Only he brought her to the peak of her emotional energy. The Black Dragons gave him the title, Minister of Light. It fit him, she mused. He lit her up with just a touch and a smile.

   Domi continued to read. She argued with the report. It was Ivan that reached past the tumultuous waves of pleasure and released her from the bonds of her analytical mind. His body on hers, his kiss, and caress dominated her emotional center.  The power of his union with her tore her mind from its cold logic and propelled her into a colorful world of metaphor and dreams.

   Domi’s skin flushed as she tried to concentrate. The feeling spread like warm honey down her thighs, up and across her chest, to her neck; filling her eyes, tickling her lips, and distracting her thoughts.

   There was much to learn. Domi struggled to hold on as she continued to work through the unanswered questions. What they learned was the origin of her ability to bond with and inspire Ivan, Lee, and Hu. She wondered if her dark past and the two Dragons that rescued her had anything to do with how her life transformed. They helped her escape her torture, trained her as a Praetorian Guard, educated her and found her the job at the research and engineering lab.

   Her saviors and the first man to love her disappeared from her life leaving her adrift and alone. She wanted to know if the Black Dragons and her father knew what their experiments produced. And what of her children? If Ivan’s report were correct, then Alexa and Peter would also have the Dragon’s blood in them as well.

   The growing awareness toyed with her as she recalled how the Asian girls at the lab accepted her and taught her to receive love again. Then there was her meeting with Lee and Ivan.  Shortly after, came Hue’s introduction to her and Lee by Master Ong.

   Was it all planned as Ivan suspected? How could anyone know that the four of them would bond and share this phenomenon that fused their lives together? How could they know that she and Ivan would bond and marry advancing their scientific work through the synergy the Dragon’s blood provided? Domi pondered many things but always returned to why it was important that the four of them shared a bond with her at the nucleus. She thought if she could uncover the reason for it, the rest would fall into place.

   She felt an overpowering love for the members of her Dragon family. Domi was devoted to the cause of the Dragons. Now, after reading Ivan’s report, she wondered if love alone was enough. Did she need to do more? Was the secret to Lee’s recovery and sustainment dependent on something she feared would tear her life apart? Domi rose from the bed and walked across the room trying to make sense of her feelings.

   The sensations with Lee were always strongest when they were together in the mineral bath.  Domi realized it was because they had more contact with each other during the exercises to recover from their childbirth. Domi’s massage and closeness to Lee energized her.

   Domi recalled how intense her feelings were when Lee tended to her after her son and daughter were born. Domi and Ivan believed it was the transfer of emotional energy that gave them such residual strength. It also left them with strong bonds to each other’s psyche. They felt each other’s emotions and responded to each other with near telepathic sensing.

   She saw that Ivan understood the Dragon’s blood. Their DNA treatments as children changed how She and Lee related to each other. It was a sixth sense imbued in their minds and bodies. When the Dragon Sisters were together, their minds became a single entity. They lived for the whole and not the individual. 

   Somehow, Lee had lost her ability to sustain the life force the Dragon’s blood had given her. She was living solely on energy she shared with Domi. What Lee needed was to feel love like she and Ivan felt. “I’m going kick Hue’s butt if he doesn’t start showing Lee some love,” Domi shouted at her computer screen.

   The distracted Dragon Sister walked over to the mirror and studied her reflection. She was forty-five and had worked hard to keep trim and fit. Still, there was no stopping the effect of age and long hours dedicated to her work for the Black Dragons. She traced her fingers over her stomach and hips. Men like a woman with curves and a little padding, right?   The Dragon Sister, Sentinel of the Praetorian Guard, and Ministress of Science and Knowledge wondered if Ivan would still love her if she devoted herself to Lee’s recovery and left him and the kids to fend for themselves. 

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4 thoughts on “Lee-Scene 11

    1. Quite alright, Chris. Sherrie’s comment left me speechless. I replied in comment but I don’t know if she ever saw my reply or chose not o pursue it further. Regardless, her life experiences and writings of her life are worthy of documenting. Such wisdom and reflection is rare because so few of us ever live such a rich life tied to the earth and heritage.

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  1. Love is a powerful tool, yes, and one and the oldest of all character given freely to us humans, otherworldly creatures and even the nature knows and have love to them.

    But unfornutately that the humans, can know on how to use Love to manipulate others and destroys them with it. it is one of the very ancient Tools to KILL and even to heal … Just as I commented on the other chapter of Domi as well …

    Nothing in this world could’ve take it away and nothing can destroy it because LOVE is an Immortal Thing, a living breathing material that lives in every one of us. Either it deceives us or it makes us a strong human being, it depends on how we look at it.

    And Love is a machine to get the System work and Forward, and the one way to Keep the engine working. Some human or like the Dragon Lee, cannot live without it. It is one Thing that keeps her alive.

    My father died because he has not that love and the closeness from my mother, Daniel … He died of a broken heart. No matter how strong he was as a father and a warrior, but without love he is a dying man. I saw him slowly dying in time and that it took great toll on him – I have to watched my father suffered over the years and I was broken hearted to see him that way as my Mother was his Anchor, his Life … his everything …

    But the least he did tried his best to give the BEST he can for me and the others, and he did pretty well. He made many mistakes and faults just the same as when he give lots of his love – it was the same. But he did his responsibility like a true man, a good father and a fairly loving husband to his wife. Nothing can beat that qualities in a man. He has a true heart, but he has THAT broken heart …

    I hope Lee lives this with honour if love is not enough to Keep her alive … This is getting excited for me, Daniel!

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    1. I am just blown away by this, Sherrie. I’ve read and reread this poignant testimony that mirrors the fabric of my life. This exquisite affirmation of your father’s life is so much the meaning of The Dragon Stories. The source of my darkness the reflection of my light is rooted in the duality of love. You understand it at the deepest and most meaningful level. I love that you understood and love your father for the great man that he was. The Warrior, the poet, the prophet, the Dragon all have an iron shield and the Achilles heel. Love can heal us, nurture us, and in the hands of one whose back has turned, kill our spirit, render our soul, burn our mind, and rob the strength from our body. It is the Dark and the Light; the double edged sword. To live a noble life in love and loved by another is the Holy Grail of life and for most of the world, will never be found. Until it is found, we will suffer war, economic disaster, all the sins of man and the anguish of broken hearts. There in that spot is the beauty of life, the redemption of love found after love is lost is a beautiful thing, a song on our skin, a flute in our ear, a blessed deliverance from pain and sorrow no matter how long or short it lasts. Thank you for this, Sherrie. It went straight to my heart. Big hugs my dear Dragon Sister.

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