Lee-Scene 12

“Her inner dragon smoldered with desire, a caged beast that lived for the moments Ivan set her free.” – Hyperion Sturm, Return of Dragons



Release the Dragon

   Ivan came out of the shower and saw Dominika standing in front of the mirror, lost in thought. The light in the room highlighted her curves and shoulders in warm tones. Ivan looked at his wife and thought she was more beautiful than the day they met and what a day that was. They had a lot to go over together. For now, he had other plans. He knew Domi needed to know he loved her no matter the path she chose.

   Lost in the swirling soup of passion and loyalty to her man, Domi thought of the duty and desire that seemed to lead to her need, her devotion, to love and care for her pair bonded sister. Unaware of Domi’s turmoil, Ivan’s strong hands guided her to him. Domi looked up into Ivan’s intense eyes and felt his intoxicating touch sweep the last bit of analytic sense out of her mind. The burning in her ambrosial core spread like a flash fire through her body.

   She shook from emotions that overtook her senses, as his lips and breath closed over her mouth. Sensations of bare skin touching sent the first waves of pleasure coursing through her mind and body. Domi bathed in his touch.

   Ivan held Domi. He felt the familiar tingling sensation up and down his body where Domi’s bare skin touched his.  He lifted her in his arms and carried her to bed. Domi’s worry eased after Ivan laid her down.

   He sat on the bed beside her. Ivan placed his hand on Domi’s stomach below her navel. Searching fingers felt the velvet smoothness as eyes focused on his face. Her face was dreamy – her lips parted. She drew small breaths in a light pant. She touched his hand, ever so lightly and urged him to go further. He liked that.  “Unh.” Music to his ears. He lingered. Her eyes closed. The head goes back. The mouth goes open. “Unh.” More music. The tempo quickens.

   Domi reached up to Ivan, like a runner at Marathon for a chalice of water. He leaned over her and whispered in her ear. Domi arched her back at the sensation. Her eyes regained their sparkle. “Oh.” She loved what came next.

  She lost track of time, and no longer had a conscious thought as the waves of Ivan’s attention wash over her. She clutched him and held him to her as he concentrated on loving her in those intimate ways she craved from him.

   Mouth open and eyes burning into her Dragon’s face, Domi ripped past the point of no return, arching her back hard as she submitted to her rapturous torment. Her guttural moans hung in her throat as the tension in the pit of her stomach and her thighs tightened.  She gasped. 

   Domi collapsed into the twisted sheets and pillows. Soft moans acknowledged her pleasure as Ivan caressed Domi to prolong the pleasure that radiated from the center of her pelvis. Intense desire reflected through her body like ripples in a pool of water.

   “Did you hear thunder, baby?” Domi sounded like someone talking in their sleep. Lee once told her that thunder was the sound of dragons making love. At that moment, she was a believer.

   “No, but I felt it.”  Ivan looked up at his wife sprawled in a heap and twisted up in the sheets; exposing the bare corners of the mattress. It was time to get serious now, he thought.

   The Gaslight and rising moon glowed in the fine mist in the garden and through the window like sunlight through billowing silk. Domi looked up into Ivan’s glowing face as he prepared to push her over the edge again. She clamped her thighs around his waist and dug her fingers into his back, determined never to let him go. Hold on, hold on, “unnh,” she sang to her Dragon.

   They sailed on rising seas of sensation and the mesmerizing warmth of each other. Soon, Ivan and Domi consumed each other in the frantic dance of passion orchestrated by the cresting waves of Dominika’s strange sensual power. Love isolated them from the exacting science that controlled most of the moments of their waking lives together. When they made love, there was no need to think anymore.

* * *

   In the early morning hour, Ivan woke with an epiphany. He leaned over to the nightstand, retrieved his pad and pen. He wrote furiously in the dim light drifting through the window. Finished, Ivan looked out over his mist veiled garden then returned to the inviting warmth of his wife. He slept in a dreamless night with Dominika pressed up against him.

   Domi looked out into the shadows of the room, wrapped in Ivan’s arms, and smiled. All the years hadn’t diminished the pair bond Domi knew was the source of all her love and energy.  She knew Ivan couldn’t rock her world like he did if he didn’t love her.  In the morning, Ivan would feed her ravenous appetite again. Her inner dragon smoldered with desire, a caged beast that lived for the moments Ivan set her free.

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