Domi-Scene 8

“You will hear thunder and remember me, and think: she wanted storms. The rim of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson, and your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.” ― Anna Akhmatova,



To Love a Dragon

   In Seoul, a monk hurried along a cobblestone path to his temple. His gray robe fluttered in the stiff wind. It was rare for such a storm to blow in during the early morning. Korea was the land of the morning calm, and so far, things weren’t calm.

   The sunrise turned the sky an angry red and the clouds a dirty orange and yellow with a purple tinge. Lightning raced around the edge of the clouds as thunder shook the windows of the residences. Rings formed in a fountain by the entrance of the shrine and pulsed to the rhythm of the tempest as the monk ran by.

* * *

   Thunder woke Eo-Jin from his dream. He sat on the edge of the bed as the clouds rolled into the valley and obscured the view of the land below. The Dragon’s skin tingled with current that seemed to collect on his body from the charged air. The hair on his neck lifted as he gazed into the maelstrom outside the window.

   Flashes of light and rain on the glass created colored fingers of light that traipsed over the twisted sheets and Domi. Her Dragon escort turned lover watched as Domi transformed into a kaleidoscope of graceful art.  The storm howled and shook the glass with a flash of lightning and ear-splitting cracks of thunder, emphasizing the thoughts of his failure to honor his duty.

   Eo-Jin placed his fingers on Domi’s lips to calm her fear as she looked out at the flashes. Her face reflected the uncertainty of her choice to invite the Dragon to her bed. Eo-Jin wasn’t supposed to let this happen. It was his duty to protect Domi, not make love to her. It was forbidden to bond with the girls his team took off the streets of the world and fed to the dragons. Many were just like Domi, but they never took anyone at Domi’s age.

   Domi was a young woman ruined by abuse and loneliness. There was little chance Domi would make it. Doomed to live a short life, she withdrew to the hell that claimed so many of the orphan girls. Eo-Jin wanted to ensure she made it. He felt sure he was the one that should bring her into the Dragons. He hoped the Master would agree.

   Thoughts, doubt, regret wandered through his mind. Dragons never question their missions given them by the Master. They never tolerated Disobedience. Still, he couldn’t understand why the Dragon Masters let Domi languish in the orphanage used to supply them with younger sisters. Why had the Dragons tolerated the evil of those men for so long? The Dragon’s strong desire for anonymity worked against them at times, he thought.

   Domi sat up and clung to her Dragon lover. The tears in her eyes dropped to their death, calling another and another to join; each one left their mark on her skin, a testament to her passion and sorrow. She could not shed the visions in her mind. Her tears died in vain.

   Eo-Jin turned to his Filly and dried her tears and toweled the wet streaks from her breasts and stomach. Domi’s life was in his hands now. He vowed to treasure the gift of her love. He witnessed the granite emotions Domi worked so hard to keep up shatter. Eo-Jin knew Domi needed more than their medicine. She needed to feel love so she could learn to offer it in return.

   Domi pulled on him, urging him to lay down with her. “Come back to bed. Come back to me,” she whispered. Her arms invited him to hide her vulnerability underneath his strength and loving attention.

   Eo-Jin let himself fall across her chest. He wanted to inhale the exotic scent of her desire and taste those lips again. The Dragon had never seen such yearning for companionship before. He knew Domi had never known this kind of love.

   She couldn’t know that it was love she felt for him. Until now, love meant shame, irreducible pain, and required her to cast her mind away from haunting memories and the stench of those that tortured her.

   Domi’s touch was sensuous, urging, desperate, and needy. She wanted to feel him against her body. Impatience and fear of the storm frightened her and awoke something deep inside her; something that burned her with desire. Eo-jin saw all of this in her pleading eyes. He felt it in her want of his touch.

   The Dragon knew it was too late for himself. Domi’s transition started, and there was no stopping it. He felt honored that he was the one that brought Domi to it.

   Domi’s hands traced path’s on his back, wanting more of him. Multiple cracks of lightning flashed as he felt the softness of Domi’s breasts and teased her with kisses. The time had come. The Dragon looked out once more at the boiling cauldron. He took a breath and turned to Domi. She was ravenous. His attention had brought her in season as her inner Dragon rose to sate its lust. Perhaps their love was their destiny instead of their dishonor.

   Eo-Jin pulled the covers over him and Domi. They held tight to each other as lightning and thunder cracked outside the window and blended with the electrifying tingle of bodies entwined. The frightening power of the storm and the urge to possess, to taste, to feel, to love pressed their bodies together in a tangle of clutching arms and legs.

   Eo-Jin looked into the depth of Domi’s vibrating irises. Their lips touched, and desire held them together like a powerful magnet. A Scent of ozone from the ionized air caused by the storm mixed with the moist scent of desire and the salty sweet taste of sweat mingled with tears and fear.

   Eyes and ears recorded exaltation of pending release. Lungs heaved, and hearts pounded as the insatiable hunger of passion unlocked the last inhibition. Human mindfulness gave way to the animal’s instinct. The shy girl threw back her knees driven by the beast within. She submitted to her Dragon’s fierce passion. Her cries pierced the thunder ringing in their ears.

   Such exquisite madness. She obeyed his guiding hands.  He withheld. She pushed. He lifted, reaching down below. The agony of the disruption released her breath until she felt his touch. “Oh. Oh.” The breath held prisoner, then evicted and reincarcerated. Again. Again. The rhythm of love returned. “Oh.”

   Domi tilted her head back. She cried out again, then again. It continued, unrelenting. A sublime tension suspended them. The Dragons made known their pleasure. Their mingled breath came in short gasps. Eo-Jin teetered on the edge of consciousness. Domi hugged him tighter. A smile crossed Domi’s dreamy expression. She no longer held any fear of throwing herself headlong into the Dragon’s mouth. They lay in a twisted embrace as sleep found them.

   When Eo-Jin drifted off to sleep with Domi snuggled against him, he saw his ancestors huddled together under their small shields in the valley of the western corridor. His ancestors feared the storms caused by dragons making love.


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