Domi-Scene 10

“I think it is of no use to make friends. They only go out of your life after awhile and leave a hurt that is worse than the emptiness before they came.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea



One Last Time Before I Go

   Jade stood transfixed by Jasmine’s steely eyes. They burned through her with a look of harsh sadness that would never find words. It was not the way of warriors to mourn their goodbyes. Still, the pain always stabs the heart. There was always the blood of those departing looks.

   The week of leisure with Domi, Jasmine and Eo-Jin awakened her desire to return to the missions that stole her time and filled her with activity leaving no room to question her loss or her love. She felt herself draw closer as Jasmine spoke.

   “You will join the island guards with Eo-Jin and go to the Dragon Isle. On the north shore, you will wait for the alpha male and female dragon and accept an offer of their blood and venom. The scientists there will process it for you and give you a vial to bring back. Protect it with your life.”

   Jasmine’s tone belied their renewed bond.  The relationship ensured Jade would do whatever asked of her by her superior sister. “Hector will join you and Eo-Jin. Be cautious. The Dragons are unpredictable. If one bites you or scratches you with their claws, no medicine can save you. Jasmine let her fingers trace over Jade’s shoulders to emphasize her words and show her concern.

   “When do I leave?” Jade was eager to go on another mission with Hector, her male pair-bond.

   “Tomorrow morning. Hector will pick you up. He’ll brief you on the details on the way to the island.”

   “May I see Dominika to tell her goodbye?”

   “She will join us in the bath in a few minutes.” Jasmine relaxed some. She enjoyed the surprise in Jade’s eyes.

   “I do worry about her, Jasmine. I came to love her as if she were already fully vetted by the Sentinels. It will be hard to leave her after all this time of filling her every waking hour.” Jade was unsure what this meant for Domi’s future. Moreover, she felt an aching loss. Domi had ingrained herself in Jade’s heart and leaving her was like abandonment. The Dragon Sisters were often separated, but they never abandoned their love for each other, at least in her view. Never mind the machinations of the Masters.

* * *

   Domi, Jade, and Jasmine sat in the sunken green tiled tub in a dark wine-colored fluid that had a pleasing floral, vanilla, and honey scent. Domi sat opposite Jade and Jasmine. They made small talk about things they like to wear, favorite foods, and places Domi should visit while in Seoul. They talked about Domi’s schooling on the island off the coast of Pusan.

   The Dragon Sisters explored the mystery that surrounded them and their power to bond and share a life-force of energy they could use to soothe each other or shock their enemies. The Dragon’s power they received from the blood and DNA set them apart from all other humans, even the other Dragons of their society.

   The two sisters captivated Domi with tales of their training on the island and their adventures in the service of the Emperor and the Masters.  Jade made it a point to put her arm around Domi and show affection to the troubled girl. It was the subtle kiss goodbye.

   Domi had to leave the nest of Jade’s love and care. She had to let go of Eo-jin just as she was opening up and feeling the strength of the Dragon that raced in her blood and filled her heart and mind. It was a fact that never came easily or joyfully. Jade hugged Domi tighter at the thought of delivering this blow on such a beautiful day.

   Domi sat with her arms holding her knees to her chest as they talked and laughed. In the back of Domi’s mind was the instructions she received from Jasmine. She was there to say goodbye to Jade before she left. Domi’s guilt, confusion, and desire swirled in her mind as she tried to smile and pretend she was okay. She lowered her head and pulled her knees in tighter and let her mind take her away from the pain of separation and the jealousy of seeing Jade and Eo-Jin leave. She felt alone again, abandoned to the dark rooms of her mind.

* * *

   Jade walked through the oak and wrought iron door and down the steps. Eo-Jin opened the door to the back seat, and Jade got in. He closed the door and put Jade’s luggage in the back and returned to the driver’s seat. As the car pulled out on the side street and disappeared from view, Jade looked at Hector and smiled.

   “Together again, babe.” Pleased to see Jade, Hector thought she was exuding a lot of energy for this early in the morning.

   “Not a minute too soon.” Jade quipped back.

   “Did you miss the little man and me?” They both laughed.

   “Well, maybe a little.” Jade pounced on Hector and bit his lower lip while extending little man a rough good morning.

   “Whoa, babe!” Hector laughed as he eased Jade off his chest.

   “You better behave this trip, or I’ll take your ass now – in the car.” Jade scolded Hector with a broad smile.

   Hector liked the new Jade.  He put his arm around Jade’s neck and held her tight to him in a playful hug.  They were warriors and showed their love in the hard way of their life together.  Dragons are often tempestuous with their love as well as their play.

* * *

   Domi looked out the window from her room on the third floor. She watched as the car took Jade and Eo-Jin away from her. The world slowly closed in. The ache in her chest was as great as ever. The people she loved always left her. She wondered why no one stayed. Domi gave all the love she had for her to give, and still Jade seemed happy to leave her. She tried to force herself to understand the reality of her time with Eo-Jin. “It was nothing more than carelessness,” she whispered to her reflection in the glass.

   The weight of all that happened to her since her parents died felt like those dirty hands that stole her innocence and dignity. The smell of stale breath made vile with tobacco and alcohol left on her breasts haunted her in these moments.

   She realized, it was happening again. Domi felt her will to live slip through her fingers. She was grasping at the dry sand and dying of thirst for someone to love her, to stay with her, to take these terrible memories from her.

   The Filly sat on the window sill, leaned up against the frame, and stretched her legs. The city was slowly waking as the voice of neighborhood hawkers echoed down the street announcing bananas, dried cuttlefish, and fresh juice for sale. The cityscape emerged from the early fog as screams, and the evil laugh of two men filled her mind.

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4 thoughts on “Domi-Scene 10

  1. The way of life is like this, isn’t it? This chapter touched me deeply as I read it till the end. The parting of good friends are the worse of all and yes, I agreed with first line of quotes of Anne of Avonlea, that the emptiness from their Arrival is much better than the hurt that had been left … because that sort of pain is an unforgettable Moments that imprinted eternally in one’s Memory …

    Just like my father, I have too few of great friends whom I can trust and they do neither judgment, nor would they try to Change or influence you for their own sakes just because they think it is a right Thing to do. And that is the same Thing I don’t do towards my friends because if I do try to CHANGE them, then they are not the one I used to know and love, and admire.

    My father had a few good friends in his life who would die for him and I have witnessed These Events in his lifetime of whom are there with him and for him. Through my father that I have learned much on what true friendships mean and so many Moments when I learned that These few friends are more the Family than that of your own bloodline.

    And that is a Kind of life of which all of the Dragons will face along the journey in their lives and the Dragons are known to Keep to themselves. And to be a lone ranger at certain times taught yourself more than anything else in life where one meditates on one true heart & true Mind.

    Brilliantly written this one, Daniel!
    I love it.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sherrie. I just love the true life connections the story makes through your recollections of your father and personal experiences. It was a deep trauma for me to lose close friends. They all departed for one reason or another. Some killed, some moved away to start a new life, and others simply fade from the scene. But those I loved as dear friends left an indelible mark on my soul. I have no close friends anymore. I get along well with my coworkers. There are many admirable men and women I see each day but at the end of the day we go to our separate lives and I would never bother them with my personal triumphs or tragedies. My friends are all my blog buddies like you and Chris. I believe also what you wrote about the Dragons being the lone ranger. I feel that in my bones as well. We’ll see how Domi survives her mental torment through her friendship and Dragon Sisterhood with Lee and how through-out the Dragon tales, they remain dedicated to each other. The theme of how one finds their soul and their humanity through love is about love of self, true friends, and lovers. The conflict in the story is between the heart’s desire and the call of duty which is something you have eloquently discussed regarding your parents and what your father gave up to pursue his heart’s calling. Eventually, I hope to finish this story. I’m not too quick on finishing these days. In the mean time, I hope you like how it turned out.

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      1. Lately, this Dragon sister of yours, too, has become a Lone Ranger Snake Lady. My best friend had just received the News of her new jo offer elsewhere in Zürich. That is really, really quite far. Ja, es ist so weit weg ins Schweiz …

        I was so, so sad … and that is why I wrote to Chris at one of his blog that before I read his entries, I had a very, very sad Moment. My friend had just left home and I had tears running down my cheeks. I am completely alone in this time when my life is in chaos and Trouble. Other friends are living elsewhere and I had one good friend here, who is actually my own neighbour. Just that she is another Kind of friend, but not that Friend who is actually the ONE that is really right for you.

        I wish her all the best and happiness, and I can see how sad she was as well. But the choice of her work is over there and I told her that now I have another summer Holiday plan to go up to Schweiz the next time. I have never been up there yet! She is very sad as I am because just like me, she had been through so much in life as well and that I am her ONLY best friend. We parted this early morning and I send her with the Kids off to the Airport. Many Long huggins and tears, of Course.

        A friend like her is a rare gem and I wish her all the best and luck, and happiness and that I pray that she will sooner find a good hearted and true friends up there so that she won’t be too lonely, either. And she wishes me the same, but what she did not know is that, at the Moment I have not the heart to mend any friendship at all … I mean after what had happened with our other friend, it is hard for me to trust anyone.

        Just like you, Daniel, I have (at the Moment) are Chris and you. This is why I cannot imagine not to see you both here. You both are that Special friends to me and I must admit, I never have crazy male friends like you who speaks to me as if I am one of the Boys! Truly I never have male friends who are more gave me that true brotherly love and speaks of Things that no other Boys would dare to speak with me! LOL

        I respected you and Chris highly and that my heart filled with you both as in this life as my Spirit Brothers and best friends. Yes, I have no one at the Moment and that parting with my best friend had, had me broken. I cried so much at the Airport and at the Moment I was moaning hard inside my car in the dark parking lot of Frankfurt Airport. No one saw me, anyway. So, it was more a private Kind of crying time for me. I drove home with tears running down my cheeks as she send me the last Selfie with her Kids in the plane before they fly off up the sky … It was a sudden parting and we were not ready.

        Now, I am on my own with the house renovation and my brother came by from time to time to help whenever he can. Still, I am so thankful that he is always the ONE that stays with me and the Kids at the Moment. Last week he stayed at our place just to accompany me and helping me with the Kids as well. It was more for me that he presented himself there. I am touched deeply.

        For this reason why I cried when I read this chapter of your Dragon Story. It was brilliantly beautiful.

        Oh, speaking of Dragon … I just started to write a Story on another Kind of Dragon as well. But a detective, supernatural and political sort of Story. A very, very naughty Dragon is on the way … LOL
        I do Need your help soon enough when it is finish. I think you will love it – I hope!

        I wish you all the best, many happy Blessings and much love, Daniel!
        Do take care!

        Sisterly Dragon sister love for you over there! -Sherrie-

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh my Dear Dragon Sister, Sherrie. I am not ashamed to tell you that your comment brought tears to my eyes all morning. I feel this so deep in my soul. You open to the light the pain we hold in the most secured temple of our life. Yes, there can be no greater pain than to see all we love, all we draw our life energy from depart us like water through our fingers. Even though Chris and I love you dearly and would never imagine our separate lives not joined like bound rope across oceans and countries, still that pain can pull us down like hungry wolves. I feel this pain like a thousand cuts from departed friends and lovers who slipped from my life for all reasons one can imagine. I do understand the reluctance to trust and yet I do trust because I have you and Chris. We instinctively felt this bond and we have nurtured it well. I love every line your write. It’s like sitting down with you and having our chats over coffee or tea and delicious German cake. The fact I don’t see you or touch you makes you spiritual in my existence. But, it’s as real as if you were beside me as we talk. I’ve always known you to be a true Dragon Sister and like the Dragon Sisters, you feel emotions and the beauty of life intensely. Yes indeed, you are our younger sister and we feel, I feel, intense loyalty to you. Forgive us our rascal transgressions but there is no greater acceptance of a woman than men treating her as one of the boys. That may not be a favored feeling for a woman but it means there are no barriers of filters and so you see us in our open and natural state. We speak to you like we speak to each other. Of course, if you scolded us we would instantly obey, such is our respect for you. To be honest, I never talk about my exact age because I don’t want it to be a barrier for people who read the Dragons. I want them to enjoy the story and share their thoughts with me without thinking about me in terms of my age. But, I am 61 years old, which makes Chris my younger brother and you my younger sister. I believe in the Asian way of the older sibling taking care of the younger ones. While I see you and Chris as my peer or greater, I still feel very protective and it is an honor to do all in my power to be there for you and also for Chris. My greatest anguish is I fail to do enough. Someday we should plan a first reunion of our Blogoteer family. I would love to hear you and Chris laugh as we stroll through the mountains and pasture, while we discuss all manner of rascally things that Renfield is doing and Sherrielock’s unending task to whip some discipline in Renfield’s naughty buns over coffee, and hear the hopes and dreams of my brother and sister over dinner, perhaps even by a fire in the fireplace. To know one is deeply loved isn’t the same as feeling that love from a true soulmate but in the absence of that special someone who will surely find you someday, you can know that you have family and friend’s whose life is bleak without you. And you can live forever with the love of your Blogoteer Transhumanist Vampire and Dragon Brothers. Oh and yes, please let me help you with your next book. That too is a great honor for me to do. Big Dragon hugs, dear Sherrie, and I pray until blood fills my eyes that your tears will dry and your heart will fill with laughter and the beautiful songs of nature.


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