Domi-Scene 16

“Words bend our thinking to infinite paths of self-delusion, and the fact that we spend most of our mental lives in brain mansions built of words means that we lack the objectivity necessary to see the terrible distortion of reality which language brings.”  ― Dan Simmons, Hyperion




   Ivan watched his wife with calm intent as she concluded her soliloquy of that part of her life she never mentioned until now.  She looked into the darkness of late night. Moonlight played across the topography of her Slavic features illuminating the agonized gaze into the darkness of night.  Domi inspired Ivan’s most arousing thoughts. She was laid bare to him, and he found her vulnerability at that moment a strong aphrodisiac.

   He went to her, and next to her, looked out at the visions that froze her countenance in alabaster statuary.  He saw her phantasm too. They were the memories she offered him.

   Dominika Aristov-Ivanov turned to the adoring face after the feel of his arms around her awakened her from her trance. She looked in the face of her Dragon.  For a moment, she couldn’t draw a breath.

   “You remember now, my love?”

   Domi couldn’t answer her lover.

   “You understand your suffering was necessary, don’t you?” Ivan insisted.

   Domi felt like she was staring at the sun. Her eyes burned in pain. Her throat choked her breath as she struggled with revelations of her life. Lips moved as she tried to speak then faltered and retreated.

   “It is you and I that bring the prophecy of the Dragons to humankind. The child is the conduit of our will. The people will believe in him because belief is stronger than truth. You and I are the truth, my love.  No one will ever suspect that. Their faith will allow us to do the things necessary to return balance to the dark and light of the universe and this world. This synergy we share was the Dragon Emperor’s plan executed by the Masters. The plan was why we found each other and formed such a great bond in marriage and friendship with the father and mother of the Dragon Messiah. The future was why you suffered the past.”

   Domi heard her husband – her dragon – speak.  She listened as her mind held his words with care. He kept his promise. He never left her, and it was his love that banished the deep pain of her past. It was his power and energy she used. What a clever ruse all these years.

   The couple turned and looked up at the stars. Domi could see math formulas map every entity. The process of life and death was a formula, an equality balanced on both sides of an equation. Every shape was a pure geometry. Colors and hues, brightness and shadow, even time expressed as periodicity and reciprocals in the light spectrum.

   Domi marveled as the heavens gave up their secrets to her.   The language of mathematics and measurement defined all things. The secret to the universe was pure and basic science. It had always been that way.  Even chaos and the universal stochastic rhythms were all tied to mathematical expression and measurement.

   There was an exception, she thought. The spoken language existed nowhere except in the minds of humans. No words formed the shape of Saturn’s moons. Paragraphs did not create the ebb and flow of tides as the sea caressed the shore in an endless tempest of love and hate. 

The spoken and written language modulated thoughts across space and time and soothed the human mind in its struggle to make sense of existence. Words were continuity of knowledge across eons. But, that knowledge was corrupted by the avarice of humankind. The future progressed in a false direction led by the voices of the past.

   Domi realized, words formed on the lips and written since recorded history began, burned nations to the ground, created exquisite pleasure and pain, bound souls, and destroyed them in the greatest untruth of the universe. There was no equality or balance in words or humans. The balanced nature of atomic structure did not exist in humanity.

   “It is…” Domi finally attempted to speak in the middle of the maelstrom of her revelation.

   “Language. That’s right, my dear.”

   “Why are language and the physical universe so distant from each other?” Domi felt this was the imbalance the Black Dragon wanted to remedy.

   “We believe the gift of language overcomes the primal urges of the beast within humankind. This belief was where our thought is fatally flawed.” Ivan explained.

   “Perfection of language and the written word can’t save us, can it?” Domi intoned a thorough understanding of the implications of the fatal flaw.

   “No, love. It cannot.”  Ivan continued guiding Domi.

   “Humankind uses language to describe, define, and give meaning to their environment, their lives, and to express a thought. Language united them, and gave them a means to work together, to survive.”

   “It also gave them a means to seek power and fuel greed on a grander scale,” Domi added.

   “Yes, the words of spoken and written language are a manipulation of the few over the many these days. We cannot undo what is done. We can only change it in the future.” Ivan sought to touch Domi to ground her in the present, to bring her back to him.

   Domi’s hands sought the muscles of the Dragon’s back. Her fingers curled under the tips of the shoulder blades and urged the Dragon to hold her nearer. The Dragon obliged.  She tilted her head and brought her lips to his. The pleasure of his body against her inebriated her in a flood of natural passion.

   “Make love to me with your change.”  Domi’s sultry whisper caressed a smile from the Dragon.

   With her cheek against his chest, listening to the engine of breath and life in his heartbeat and lungs rise, Domi asked one last question.

   “How will we change this?”

   “Artificial Intelligence in the form of Cybrids, my dearest love.” Ivan’s voice was distant as he gazed into the future. “They will not contain the faulted beast that infects the soul and beats in the heart of humans. They will have no need of misused language.”

   Ivan and Domi looked into each other’s eyes and connected their thoughts.  The synergy of their minds and the love that bound them to each other was the impetus for changes to come. Both committed to each other to end humankind’s avarice and the destructive need for power, status, and wealth.

   “The Cybrids will also have no need of false religion that serves to enslave the believer and destroy those that refute one religion over another. Corruption of the true binding force, the creator, will end with the Cybrids.” Ivan theorized.

   Ivan paused as his fingers sought the comfort of Domi’s body.  He whispered his last words. “The Cybrids will nurture the planet and its flora and fauna, instead of destroying it. They will colonize galaxies. They will eventually blend with humans and from the Cybrid, and Human will come to a new race of divine beings. Balance is thus achieved.”

The Dragon led his wife to bed and before sleep wiped the synergy of their vast minds away, they made love like it was the first time for both. The excitement of cleansing the past and embracing a bold new future together gave rise to passion, set the pleasure centers of Dragon love aflame, and healed long held wounds, solved long asked questions, and gave rise to the March of Cybrids.

Image source: John R. Rogers


16 thoughts on “Domi-Scene 16

  1. If all love are like this the world would have filled with beautiful strong People that will protect the world with true heart and true hope. No more suffering and no more evil … But then, creatures of all Kind has the ability to be bad and there has to be that one community to exist to create a System of law and discipline to Keep Things in Balance.

    This is a very beautiful Story of Ivan and Domi. Their love is a miracle.

    Oh, I just noticed and realized that I do not see Chapter 14, Daniel. Did I miss this?

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    1. Yesss, yes, yes, a thousand yesses! 😀 Domi and Ivan bring us the Cybrids but as you see in the next two chapters with Mariah and Gloria, it isn’t as easy as the dream envisioned. I redid chapter 15 so I could work to it as a guide. Chapter 14 isn’t finished yet. When I post Chapter 14, that will conclude all of the books except the first, Origins, with Faith and Hyperion. I had to finish the last books so I would know how to write the first one. Yes, backwards planning is a useful if not confusing technique. You start at the end and work back to the beginning. This is what I’ve done for the most part. So, you will see 14 soon. 14 is about Domi and Lee’s transformation to The Dragon Sentinels. Hope you like it. 😀

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      1. This is extremely good, Daniel! I cannot wait to read more of this. I am just like you too. I wrote sometimes in the midst of other chapter and gone back to the Prologue, or sometimes to the Final Chapter just to make Balance of what I think is best or that I realized some parts are missing in the Story itself.

        I thank you you to share this Moment of your Dragon tales with me while you are in the mid of Editing it! hehe …

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        1. Oh, but it is all my pleasure, Sherrie and I’m thankful for your reading and comments. I have a lot to iron out in these last few chapters but we’ll get there and it will be fun – I hope 🙂

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          1. I do really enjoy this Dragon Story of yours, Daniel. A good warrior Story are not easy to read for some when one has no culture Background, nor the understanding of martial arts. And then there is this understanding the Knowledge of literature,philosophy and of spiritual matter challenge one mind to go deep into the nature of a human’s life.

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            1. Thank you, Sherrie. You are absolutely correct. I’m beginning to see that some readers might even be offended by the way the Dragon Sisters are treated and how the demands of the Dragon Masters don’t seem to offer much in the way of reward for their dedication to the Master and their society. Those that have answered a higher call for a greater good than personal gain understand but our current world society of what’s in it for me will miss the point entirely. Sacrifice for the honor of acceptance, belonging, and achievement as a unified member of an elite group is one of the highest levels of human endeavor if the cause is just. Often, the honor of such an achievement is in the perception and not in the fact of the circumstance. This is human nature. Eye of the beholder versus the sense of the actor is an intrinsic part of our nature. And, as is said often, the victor determines the history and what is right or wrong. I illustrate this by making the Dragon Masters appear less than benevolent, but the outcomes always result in the mission achieved to the Master’s delight. This is solely by the will and actions of those Dragon Sisters and their sacrifice. This is because Dragon Sisters are some badass girls. Sherrielock would be proud of them. 😀


            1. Hi Sherrie, I did reply and more to follow. I did a new bio on the website. You can find it in the menu under Meet the Dragon Master or on the fron page there is a link. I think I was very much influenced by Renfield R. Renfield. I hope you will find it entertaining. I put a lot of pictures in there too. You can see the Dragon has always been with me. 😀

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              1. Hi, there, Daniel!
                Just got home after doing grocery.
                Not working this week – Kids are ill.
                Stomach bug. Ugh!

                But I am okay and fine. Thank you for the email. I will check on this tonight then.

                And when I got to bed, I will be on WP checking on Blogs and reading everyone. I’ll check on you and Chris too!


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                  1. Just had tea with Lemon and sitting to rest. Kids had terrible night, but the least they did slept well into the night after the vomitting session … Ugh!

                    They ate Little chicken soup today, but not more than half of a bowl. Poor Kids … all slept in the living room, watching Disneys and all kiddie’s programe.

                    Well, no use really to do any tutoring class this week as many of the students are ill as well. At School I heard that one class had more than five Kids had the same Symptoms and few catched cold and flu (the usually illness of this Season).

                    The Kids prayed that they will not be ill by the time we are reaching autumn’s Holiday. We are off to with their grandma to Nordsee and I will be on my own for a 3-4 days. If the Kids want to stay longer, then it is okay. And I shall have my quiet time to do writing and editing my new novels – I am in between writing the second volume of Gothic Exorcist Chronicles and also the Dragon Story (no title yet).

                    Now, I have to do few bilings and paperwork and make a simple dinner of chicken soup again with noodles in it. Let see if the Kids will eat this time since they have no Appetite for anything else … sigh

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                    1. Poor kids, Sherrie. You must be frazzled with so much going on. Thank goodness for the holiday. I am off Monday. I’ll finish Domi this weekend and then start back on Faith in Origins. Lots of work left and edit edit edit 🐉☕️☕️☕️

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                    2. Next week I will start to work again and will be busy again as always. The house renovation at the Moment are on pause-mode because of the moisture and cold, and the rain as well. The usual autumn Season. My brother will take extra Holiday in November to help me with the renovation work so that the least it is finish faster. If possible, we are to be move into the house before Christmas time, as the Kids want it too.

                      It is almost unbearable to stay at this house at the Moment when the Kids saw their dad packed his Things and went away. The Kids had to watched all that in deep Anger … my 12 years old son shouted at him this morning that he is an egoistic arrogant ass … and that he just want to be with that b*tch … I never saw, nor hear my son curses that way but that was the first time I saw how angry and upset he was with his father …

                      I nearly cried, but then I shoved my husband out of the house quickly as he was about to chase after his son upstairs. I just do not want him nearing the Kids at the Moment. They are too hurt and deeply wounded just as I am …

                      There are ugly scars left in those hearts of my Kids and These terribly broken memories will stay with them forever … I know then I cannot do more than this but trying my best to give them the happiness they Need from their Mommy. And that is what they do Need right now …

                      You know, what is most sadden is that, this Halloween is their beloved sister Amanda’s birthday anniversary. This year will be first time we celebrate it as Family and without their father … It is very, very sad … She would be exactly five if she is still alive today …

                      It is really a very complicated and heavy time for us in this Family at this time … I pray for good hopes and much happiness for us here … I hope for best ..

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                    3. So many things working on you and the kids. It will be very hard but hopefully, the holidays can be spent doing some small thing together that shows that you and the kids are still a family and still love each other. The vacation to Nordsee is a time to think on other more happy things hopefully. That will help a lot. Maybe the kids can forgive in time but not now. As you said, they need time to settle their anger and hurt. Of course, you need this time as well. They will be okay in your care. Love will heal them. I worry for you. You are so strong but your pain is powerful too. Don’t forget to take care of you too my Dear Dragon Sister. I will pray for your peace of mind and your new home to welcome you and your kids to a new start.

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                    4. Just a month to go until it is Herbst ferien and we will spend much time on the second week Holiday together. Promised them to do grilling. We will escape up to our Family Cottage then.

                      I have not been up there for months … that place must be in a mess, covered with thick dust and Spider webs and loads of those autumnal leaves surrounded the place as if it is abandoned for good …

                      I will go up there with my brother to clean the place and check all the Gadgets hoping that it is still functioning.

                      Yes, you are so right about me being strong, but the pain is also quite powerful. The Kids has the difficulty to adjust themselves with the Situation. But I noticed that they are happier without seeing him around at the Moment. Then every time he Comes, suddenly my Kids changed into demon Kids and are filled with rage I have never seen before.

                      My 12 years old son had warned not to make Mommy cry again and that he will not let anyone to hurt Mommy again … At the time being, he hated his father so much … In this difficult times I will help my Kids through the healing process … it will not be easy and it will be the longest journey for them too …

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                    5. Oh, I do hope your family cottage will be in good shape and offer you some retreat from the physical and mental stress. I sense and know you miss Amanda very much. There are no words. I know how I would feel with such loss and it would weigh on my heart every day. I do hope there is peace for you when you connect to her pure and innocent soul. I believe your children have every right to feel and express their anger. Although anger can consume us like fire, learning to deal with it so it can be a powerful motivater back to a righteous and centered being is a most difficult challenge that takes time and much introspection. You are strong, wise, and kind Sherrie, but this wounding is unbearable no doubt. So many things at once must be the ultimate test of your faith and true will. In this I have no doubt of your victory. I hope you hold no doubt as well. Big Dragon Hugs and a prayer for relief soon, my dear Dragon Sister.

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