Domi-Scene 12

“If you are lucky enough to find people worth getting attached to, attach yourself with nothing less than all of your heart.” ― Signe Pike, Faery Tale: One Woman’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World



In the Mouth of the Dragon

   It was her first mission assignment and nothing frightened her more. She was to take Lee and travel with her to the Dragon Island off the southern coast of Korea.  Domi had to navigate the subway, arrange for the train to take them to Pusan, and find a boat to ferry them to the island.  Domi had no idea what to do. She didn’t speak the language and couldn’t read a single character of Hangul.

   When she expressed her fears to Lee, her little sister volunteered she could handle the details if Domi weren’t offended. Domi was not offended in the least. Miss Aristov began to understand the wisdom of Lee’s introduction to her. My God, she loved that girl, she proclaimed in the garden as they plotted their trip together.

   The girls said their goodbyes to Jasmine and the staff that had treated them like royalty and not like the damaged and defiled social outcasts they were before the Dragons swept them off the streets of their former lives. Subdued by the enormity of being alone to make their decisions, the girls exited the gate of the estate and made their way to the subway entrance six blocks away.

   Their tight bond of sisterhood set in the comfort of the Dragon Master’s estate felt it’s first challenge in the stress of finding their way. In the end, their bond strengthened. Their love for one another set deep roots in the psyche of each half of the whole they had become. The Dragon’s blood melded them into a cohesive force that fought its way through the currents of disinterested humankind that crowded against them every step of the way.

   The intrepid duo made their way to Yeosu, a port town, and stopped at the Angelinus cafe off the Seonso-ro highway for a late lunch. Domi was mesmerized by the line of peaked mountains that rose out of the congested valleys. The green peaks against the gray meandering built-up areas looked like the maw of a dragon with pointed teeth. Their vantage point put them on the tip of the dragon’s tongue.

   While they sat and enjoyed their tea, the girls looked out over the bay into the convergence of the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. The calming view looked and smelled like fate if fate were a physical thing one could sense.

   In the shared revelry of their freedom, Lee noticed the captain sitting by himself looking tired from a full morning of fishing. Lee inherently knew the man would accept a small fee to deliver them to the Dragon’s island northeast of the famed Jeju Island. He likely knew the way by heart. Good fortune proved Lee’s instincts correct. The captain agreed even more so when he gazed into the blue eyes of Lee’s blond and fair skinned companion.

   The captain who ferried the two girls across the sea in his fishing boat was a rough fellow with sun-aged skin. Domi feared she and Lee would end up raped and thrown in the water like cut bait for sharks. She had intimated her concern to Lee before they left. Lee had told her to look in his eyes. She could see he was an honorable family man. Besides, Korean men had easy access to women that suited their needs for a reasonable price.

   There was never need to take a woman by force. Hard-ons and money were all a man required for a pleasant transaction. Domi thought Lee knew far too much about the subject of men’s needs at her age. Lee casually explained one sees many things as an orphan that pampered children never experience. Domi agreed and loved her sister even more.

   The captain sailed his boat through the breakwater of the north entrance to the internal bay formed in ancient times by a volcano. The island was the rim of the cauldron. They sailed under a magnificent suspension bridge with high stone cliffs on either side. He turned to starboard and glided to one of two piers. After he had secured his boat, he helped the girls ashore and carried their small packs for them urging them to make haste to the line of buildings near the rocky shore.

   Directly in front of them was a weather worn hostel with a blue roof. The Captain took them inside and went to find the manager while they waited. A tired man ambled to the desk and called the girls forward as he fiddled with paper and pen. The Captain bid them farewell and turned to leave when Domi caught his hand and hugged him to thank him for being so kind. The man acted surprised then embarrassed. He looked around and bowed then left in a hurry.

   Lee laughed. “Older sister, please. You frightened him to death. A woman never shows a man affection in that way in public unless he has paid for her love.”

   “Oh shit, Lee! My first minute on the island and I’m typecast as a courtesan to fishermen.” Domi’s face was a fascinating blush of red.

   Lee was beside herself with amusement at her older sister’s lack of proper protocol. “Don’t worry. Those blue eyes and blond hair will buy a lot of forgiveness. We don’t expect foreigners to understand. Just don’t do it again or you’ll have the entire fishing fleet proposing to the new Aphrodite on the island.” The laughter in Lee’s eyes was no consolation for Domi’s embarrassment. She made a mental note to pay closer attention to her little sister and to follow her lead.

   Lee turned to the manager and explained they were here to attend the school and asked if he knew anyone that could take them there. Without a word he picked up his phone and dialed. A woman’s voice answered after more than ten rings.

   “Hello, Miss Faith? Yes, I have two of your students here. Will someone come to get them? Tomorrow morning? Yes, I have room for them.” With a grunt, the man hung up. “You’ll stay here tonight and tomorrow morning someone will come to get you. Their boat is away today on the mainland, and the path to the school from here is too dangerous without proper precautions.”

   Before the girls could ask any questions, the manager grabbed a key and told them to follow. He led them to the back of the hostel and gave them a room with a sliding glass door that opened to the patio that overlooked the buildings and rice patties nestled in the palm of the mountains.

   The room had a vinyl floor with no furniture. A one burner gas stove sat on a stand in the corner next to a small refrigerator that looked older than the hostel. Wrapped in a plastic sheet was the bedroll the two girls would share. Judging from the size of the bedroll, the two would sleep in a cozy embrace or take turns. For Lee, it was not an unusual or spartan arrangement. To her, everything seemed in order.

   The man saved the best for last. He led them to a small shed on a neglected crushed shell pathway. Domi saw two doors. The man opened the one on the far side of the shed to reveal a green tiled closet with a hole in the floor. Something evil lived in the hole according to the odor that wafted across Domi’s stinging nose.

   There was a water hose that hung from a spigot on the wall. Lee explained the hose was a shower, clothes washer, bathroom cleaner, and personal valet to water their orchids and backside when the need arose. Lee was pleased with the arrangement and told the proprietor how happy they were with the room and bathroom. Domi wasn’t sure at all, but she promised to follow Lee’s lead, and so she smiled at the man who searched her face for some sign of acceptance. She smiled and bowed but refrained from hugging the man who smelled like Kimchee and garlic.

   The girls settled in and decided to walk around to get their bearings, find something for dinner and enjoy the view of their new home. The feeling of freedom in the sea breeze with exotic scents of food mixed with the sea and forests was inebriating. They spent the day exploring, snacking on dried squid, puffed barley, and lemongrass tea. By the end of the day, they were exhausted and smelled like their surroundings.

   Lee took her older sister to the shed and in the custom of country and status, she undressed Domi and gave her a bath by filling a small bucket with water from the hose and using a coarse rag and floral soap to cleanse her body. The scratchy rag awakened Domi’s skin, followed by Lee’s soapy hands. The pleasure of the experience left Domi relaxed and smelling like a fresh cut flower.

   Lee toweled her older sister and then urged her to go to the room before she caught a cold. Lee then turned to wash herself ignoring the white ghost with round blue eyes. Lee was caught by surprise when Domi took the rag from Lee and bathed her little sister with every bit of gentle efficiency she had felt moments before. While it wasn’t customary for the oldest to serve the youngest, it was an unforgivable breach of etiquette to refuse Domi’s kindness. Lee’s demeanor gave no indication of the satisfaction she felt from Domi’s attention.

   That night the two sisters slept warm in the cold night chest to back. The Dragon’s instinct to seek closeness with its kind manifested itself in the nested pair. The lesson of love and devotion in stressful situations sewed the seeds of survival that would test the limits of their endurance. The trial began early the next morning with a hard knock on the door.

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10 thoughts on “Domi-Scene 12

  1. This is a good start of Domi’s encounter within the walls of the Dragon sister community.
    It is hard to imagine of what lessons behold her there and what Kind of Dragon she will become when the education is complete. Will she be ready for the future and all the responsibility to become that ONE SPECIAL Dragon woman for all the Dragons?

    You know, this reminded the time when my father has to let me go and I saw that concern of both the hope, dream, love and fear in his eyes as he know it he will not see me for a very Long time or perhaps not when I went abroad overseas. It was the most painful parting ever and all he had was a bag of lessons and a complete package of education of which he had taught and gave me.

    And he said to me, “My Girl … it is your time now to grow and now mine is over. You are ready …”

    Geeezzz … that was so, so scary and beautiful at the same time. I had swallowed hard my pain after the last parting of his hugs. It was the longest hug ever, I think …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you very much get this part of Domi’s story, Sherrie. Beginning our lives and suddenly knowing we must now depend more on ourselves than our parents or friends can be a frightening experience and with each small step we grow our confidence, our knowledge, our experience, and ultimately, our wisdom. The central theme to Domi’s early life was her great success as the Empress of Science and Knowledge and her marriage to Ivan was possible through a long and searing sojourn that often left her helpless and hopeless. The result is she persevered through it all and it was the growth of perseverance and the foresight to know she would overcome her adversity and achieve her goals that made Domi the soulful and devoted lover to Ivan and inseparable sister to Lee. Your father was so wise. He knew he had done all he could do and the rest was up to you, but no loving father gives up his daughter without the greatest sorrow. It is only through a father’s love that he can find the strength to let go. I had the same with my mother. My father hated me as I’ve said before. But, my mother protected me as a child and nurtured me. She was to me what your father was to you. I was about to deploy overseas and spent Christmas with my family. When it was over and I left the house, I hugged my mother and when we looked into each other’s eyes, we both knew instantly that we would never see each other again. I felt it would be me that would perish in my noble quest to serve my country but in six months my mother died while I lived on. She was only 49. We knew that hug and look was our last. I’ll never forget that moment nor will I forget how her strength, courage, and devotion to me and my siblings saved us all from the deep hurt of our father’s hate. The beauty of the soul is that we can live with dignity and grace even though life will tear us apart in merciless experiences as we start out as wet clay and the loving lessons from those who touched our lives keeps us together as the potter renders us and fires our soul in the kiln. On the other side we may be slightly flawed but we are whole and serve our function in the Great Dragon Master’s plan. Oh what would we give to hug our parent that gave us the tools to live such lives rich with strength of a lion, spirit of the Dragon, and the heart of an artist.

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      1. Oh, dearest, Daniel … I had tears flowind down my cheeks by reading this part of your life Story. It seems you, Chris and I, had one of the most Special parents of all … although yours was that your father hated you … I do not want to intervene, but I wonder for quite sometimes that I cannot understand how come father can hate his own children that way. The least your mother was your life, your everything, your Knowledge, your strength, armor and anchor.

        I can imagine the parting inside my Imagination and that I felt the very last time I Held my father in his arms … There are so many times in the days when I miss him that I am trying hard to remember his smell and his face. Photos are different, but the scent of smell printed really deep inside one’s mind. He has that smells like the flower field and of green grass and even onions! It might be strange and odd to some People, but he smelled so much like onions as he was the one who cooked at home all the time! Whenever I see an onion, I would always remember how he cuts it and fry it in the pans beside me as I stir my pot. He used to prepare meals with me at home and that memories stays me until today …

        I went up almost often enough to the hills of tulips and lavender where he was last sitting with me, watching the sunset of spring time … Oh gosh, speaking of this makes me cry again … These memories are too precious, really …

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m sorry if you cried from my story. Certainly, it would never be my intent. The thing is I have come to understand my father. I can’t excuse his treatment but I understand and forgive. He made me tough and resilient and he gave me the desire for freedom and control of my destiny. He made me a tireless worker all because I knew that I alone was all I had in this world. My self reliance was what made me successful as a soldier and as a business man. I can never be intimidated by the darkness of others because I survived the worst of it and put it behind me to enjoy life in the smallest and most insignificant ways. I think it is so wonderful that you remember your father and honor him the way you do. It’s so beautiful to read and think about.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. There was once upon a time when it was hard between us and the ones we love. I had had that Moments ONCE with my father and until today it is a painful Memory of all … I had fought a great fight against my father for falling in love with a man he does not like. He had his reasons …

            You know it was chilling enough when your own father tells you that the man of your choice is a bad man. He cannot prove it at that time, but I refused to listen … I know he didn’t my ex-husband since the beginning, but still he gave his Blessings on our wedding … My father did not say much even at that time when I was separated … My father never once said, “I told you so …” He is not that type and yet the one Thing he did said was …”Everyone has the right to Chose their destiny. It is your own to decide, to raise, to learn and to understand … even if it is not what you want towards the end … Life has ist odd Twist and turns of its own …”

            Those are the same words I said too, to all of my Kids, to make sure they understand that I do understand and I will always love them without condition, nor request and without judgment and without no wrong expectations, either …

            I h

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            1. It’s so true what you say and your father surely struggled with what he felt and your getting married. It is almost impossible for a father to give up his daughter to another man to take care of. And we are always struggling to be quiet. But in the end we do chose our path and our fate reveals itself in time. I’ve found in my endings there was always a new beginning. In the end it weaves a rich tapestry of all life offers felt with every human emotion taken to its limit.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. True of what you said that, my friend. Our Ending will become our new Beginning and will always be. All Things Ends in cycle and and it will come to rebirth from the same cycle over and over again.

                Hoping that in time we will decide for the right hopes and dreams. We, humans tend to survive most of the time as we are always be the survival skills to stay alive …

                I hope that we all decide for the right Thing to do in this life …

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. Yes, it is the Saṃsāra cycle – a rebirth of time, Spirit and Life in one time.
                    I think this is the rebirth of my time, Spirit and life as well …
                    I will not stop learning for as Long as I live and I will breathe in the wonder of this life for as Long as I know what Beauty lies in this blessed world …

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I do believe in the Saṃsāra cycle and it doesn’t clash with my religious conviction. There is a vast universe within and without and we can experience it without understanding it. We introverts find our source of strength by introspection and reflection on these universal truths that guide our lives with and without our control. To seek learning and truth in all things is to live in our dark shadows and bathe in the brilliance of the light we see in life. Sorrow and Joy are hemispheres of one circle. One cannot live with one and not the other. Our wisdom is forged in the fire of both. You, Sherrie, my dear sister, have a forge of the hottest flame that affords the deepest wisdom.

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