The Mermaid-06

He isn’t forever, he isn’t even next year. He’s a moment, a moment you need. And that is what this world is made up of. – J. R. Rogue, Le Chant des Sirènes

The Mermaid-06

Safe Harbor

Chapter 6

Meera languished on the rocks as the sun peeked through clouds on the horizon. Dreams had comforted her desire and now the day broke across the rippled sea as it rolled ashore. The soothing melody of sea and shore combined with the high notes of stirring birds in the canopy reminded Meera she was alive and it was time to take her son in search of food.

* * *

The third day of our voyage brought us into the mountain range that made up thousands of islands that flourished undiscovered as the busy merchant marine and tourist traffic sailed in the main channels uninterested in the secrets found in the rocky crags along the shores hidden away from popular destinations and island colonies. Somewhere in the maze was Meera. I had an idea where she was but no certainty.

We cruised at half speed through the international waterway as our waypoint crept closer to the boat’s icon on the RADAR. From an island across the channel, two blips appeared and made a beeline on an intercept with our current course. The closing speed was too fast for an ordinary vessel. These were speedboats capable of 100 knots on calm seas.

There was no way to outrun them. It could be a group seeking a little sport and recreation. My gut instinct told me they were Raiders that were common in the area. A quick check showed my secret backup responded but wouldn’t get to us in time. We were on our own if it were a raid. The Chris Craft would bring a huge sum on the black market, and dead men tell no tales. Derek was in the galley fixing breakfast. I decided not to take any chances.

“Derek, we have high-speed visitors inbound. Prepare to repel boarders,” I hailed my friend on the intercom and added, “bring up the weapons and body armor. It might get hot in about six minutes.”  Derek replied he was on the way.

I pushed the twin engines up to max power and raced for the island maze hoping to lose the possible Raiders in the countless small islands. The powerful roar of the engine pushed the bow up, and we cut through the crest of the gentle waves. So much for the soft life of island hopping.

Derek came on deck laboring under the weight of two automatic rifles and a light machine gun. Four belts of rounds for the machine gun hung around his neck. Slung on his back was a man-portable light antitank rocket launcher. His eyes were wide and his breath labored under the weight of all the gear. He hadn’t made any plans to make two trips. I smiled thinking about what a beast Derek was turning out to be.

We put on our gear, slung our rifles, set up the machine gun, and hunkered down as the boat cut a zigzag path around rocks, coral reefs, and small islands. I concentrated on staying in the blue-green channels that ran like spider webs between all the hidden dangers that could cause us to run aground. Hitting an underwater obstacle at full speed would end our adventure and make us easy prey for the Raiders.

Hey, Buddy! I yelled. Get out the chart and look for a rock island that has a deep cut in it.” I remembered a promising island in the area from my map recon. It had a split in the high lava walls that we could run the boat into to hide. I called out our location and direction as Derek buried his face in the flapping chart.

Got it, Hyp! Derek called out the bearing and range, and I began my twisting maneuver toward our safe harbor. I’d lost the Raiders and our shadow in the ground clutter. If I couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see me. I relaxed and focused on getting us to safety.

I approached the windward side of the island that was made up of an old volcano and ridges. The shore was nothing more than a massive escarpment of stone with the coast a rocky debris field. I couldn’t see the entrance to the split. I cut the engines to one-quarter speed and began to work my way between boulders the size of high-rise apartments.

The channels narrowed, and the seafloor rose. We didn’t have enough clearance under the keel. We needed to lighten our load which meant throwing things overboard. All that floating crap would lead the Raiders right to us.

“Hyp, look, there it is.”

My friend pointed to a dark spot between two massive outcroppings. The opening was thirty yards away. It might as well be a thousand. I heard engines racing as the Raiders entered the channel we had passed a few minutes before. Derek ran to the fifty-five-gallon plastic barrels of supplies with a coil of rope.

“I have an idea. Keep easing in as much as you can. I’ll take care of the extra weight,” Derek shouted above the sound of the motor and water crashing into the rock wall.

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26 thoughts on “The Mermaid-06

    1. Oh, thank you for dropping by and reading my little mermaid tale, Leesha. I’m experimenting again. Glad you enjoyed this scene. I hope to have more up before everyone grows up and moves away. 😁

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  1. D
    Awesome Action!!!!!!! Like almost as the sexy twist you take the imagination to. I picked up from a comment you’re having knee surgery. I know it’s long overdue. Take time ti heal, put yourself first for a change. Healing properly opens the doors for a bright future hiking and enjoying your weekend adventures. I hope you are getting support on the family matters.

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    1. Hi M, hope all is going good on your end. Yes, I had surgery for a pesky little cancer that likes to pop up now and then but I smack it down quickly so no issues there. Had to heal a little bit then went after the knee to fix it. The doctors, nurses, and physical therapists like me and the other vets because we are so gung ho to do everything and don’t complain. Taking care of grandfather, dad, and now brother. That keeps me very busy.

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      1. I’m sad you never said anything about cancer to me. Life is busy and I know you are private with your life. Hopefully you didn’t have total knee replacement. I was told be a doctor I was in need of a new knee. Found another, he’s conservative with surgery and said no you don’t have to unless want. He starts with a injectable that works like Cartledge and I get three injections every six months. I love that, have enough scars and pain with this boy already. I’m going thru a depressive state and struggling. This to shall pass. Feel a bit worthless right now.
        I know you’re there and the thought always brings me comfort.
        Sept. will mark three years for Survivors site, thought it would be nice to have all three of us right a part of post and then send a message to all who have been with us overtime. Minus Lisa, I still feel she was my hacker in the end. I hope you cane write a paragraph or two, just email me and I’ll cut and past. AOA is on board with the idea. I am so proud of our decision to start the blog. The feedback from readers fill me with joy.
        Huge Hugs

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        1. Nothing modern medicine didn’t take care of M. Wasn’t a big deal just needed to be taken care of. Aww, sorry you aren’t feeling well, maybe survivors anniversary posts will cheer you up. Talk to you later.

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          1. I’m counting on God to hold my hand or carry me right now. I’ve also taken steps with Lyme. Tomorrow is a new day! Did I tell you I’m blogging for a men’s organization in Sweden about mental illness. I very honored, first post in day or so.
            Take good care of yourself.


  2. Can’t wait to find out what happens next! This was a teaser, very intriguining. Sounds like a real sea adventure – what can be better. Love the opening with Meera, that was a shocker, priceless.

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    1. Hold onto your swim fins, Natasha. It’s going to get crazy soon. Raiders, mermaids and children we didn’t know about. Not to mention there is a dark mermaid that bites. Poor Hyp, he won’t know what to believe anymore. 😳😁

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  3. What the…rude! Leaving me hanging like that. 😀 Nice work with this action scene. Plus OMG Meera has a son…I think I can guess who the father might be, hmmm. Some great descriptions come to mind, such as “channels that ran like spiderwebs” and “boulders the size of high-rise apartments.” If we’re lucky you’ll post the next chapter this week!

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    1. LOL! Thank you Lauren! Yes indeedy, this story has lots of surprises around every corner. Just wait until Hyp runs into the Dark mermaid that bites. We may get lucky soon because I’m going to have some down time soon and we just might see a few chapters pop up soon. 😉

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        1. Yes Ma’am! The finger dance starts tonight and continues on as I get the knee fixed Monday and some whineyboy time off. First big action scene coming up! Ole hyp doesn’t mind bullets flying by but when a dark mermaid bites him it’s a bit unnerving.

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            1. Waaa haaa haaa! Ariel gone wrong. 😳😜 thank you, Lauren. I’ll look forward to the lovely zen of happy juice provided by my anesthesiologist. Enjoy the lake and tell those rascal mallard drakes to behave or else the stick comes out. 😇


  4. I hope you are patiently enough to let you Mermaid stories open here, Daniel.
    I have not the time yet to read anything or anyone.
    Missing this place.
    I am so busy These day (so, to say, months), but there are loads of Things I Need to settle and done, of Course. Duty and responsibilities must be done in its own time, of Course.

    Summer Holiday starts in 3 weeks time and I am so happy to know that is the time to rest, to go away and be elsewhere. I have more time for me and the Family as well as the joy to do writing again, to read and to be creative again.

    I will see you and Chris soon here again! Gosh … I really do miss this place – terribly! LOL

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    1. I’ll leave the mermaid her for you Sherry for as long as you need. I know you are very busy and completely understand so no problem at all. The Mermaid is here waiting for you. I’ll be adding more chapters along the way as time permits. I’m waaaay behind on my reading too. C’ya soon!

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      1. I responded on the previous entry at Chris’s place just now. Apologizing for my absent and that it might take a Little longer for me to Progress.
        I really do miss writing and reading.
        TIME is not only the Problem, but also my health issues are getting on my edge too.
        I Need to regain my strength and exercising healthier ways of completing my Healing Tasks.
        But, I am Patient enough and I will take some time for myself when summer Holiday starts.
        I am thinking and re-planning of where to go when the Kids are of to Camping site and that grandma has the time for my Little Boy for a week or two.

        But this time, I will spend some time in Germany itself. Had done Holiday in France the last year and now, I will check out a few places of which are unknown and small, esp villages. It does not has to be great places as I do not like flock of tourists crowded the space. I Need a place of peace at the Moment, you know.


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