“If you dance with dragons, you must expect to burn.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Lee TOC a

The Dance of Dragons is a tempest of the wind, water, fire, and sky. Boundless desire blows across the pleasured skin, freezes the mind, chokes the air of suffering breath, and the heart bleeds. Oh, how it bleeds in a felicity of touch to body, heart, and soul. What he did to her. “Oh, god,” she exclaimed. Repeatedly. She felt a wildness in her spirit drive her to do what she did, what she let him do. She wanted it, loved it, and loved him for doing it. Do it. Do it, oh goddamn you, do it. He did. He taught her the pleasures of forbidden love and the pain of hidden desire held in abeyance too long.

  The tempest of love fades to a fugue of sated appetite and the Dragons lay spent on the floor. When the dream of pleasure lifted, Domi eased away and filled the basin with water and cleansed herself. She went to her Dracul and wiped their sweat from his body in a slow caress. The cloth trailed across his wet skin and bronze sinew marked with a pattern of red chevrons where her fingernails sought to grasp his driving hips and back and hold him to her.

She took him in her hand and towel. He placed his palm on the back of her head. She eased down to the subtle guide of his fingers entwined in her hair. Her power to command his body gave rise to the embers of their love and ignited them again. The night wasn’t over yet.

This is an excerpt from Return of Dragon’s – Dominika Aristov’s Story. One of my greatest struggles is to write intimate scenes. I have the desire to try and convey the scene to the reader in a somewhat lyrical tone but not in hyperbole or gratuitous prose. In this case, reading other examples and struggling for each word to connect to the next in a way that resonates with a reader is my challenge. Practice is always helpful.

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36 thoughts on “Dance of Dragons

    1. Again your eternal kindness shines. This came from deep within. These six books were my unleashing of all that was held secretly inside. I had a spirit guide that helped me through it all. She came to me as I have to you. This is a small vignette of our story together.

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    1. Ah, I’m pleased you liked this lil excerpt. No sequence, just excerpts as I review past pieces of books now stillborn on the WordPress floor. A bit of randomness before Alexandra continues on.

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        1. Definitely, Alexandra will be out this weekend. I have two more scenes nearly ready to howl at the moon. I’m going to do my first ever female masterbation scene. It’s a new world. The government has condoned masterbation and it isnt fair to discriminate. So, Alexandra rubs one out under a bright full moon.

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  1. Love this chapter, Daniel.

    You have succeeded in conveying a sense of the erotic without descending to the level of the vulgar.

    You have captured the essence of Dracul’s lovemaking.

    What makes that vampire hunter so popular with the vampiresses.

    Interesting that the Dragon Sister you chose to make out with Dracul was Domi.

    Because tonight I wrote a fresh original blog post for the first time in what seems ages (I’ve mainly been reblogging my old posts the past while).

    But it was inspired by a music video done by a singer called Demi Lovato.

    And Demi is quite close to the name Domi.

    It’s short for Demitria which I believe is the Spanish equivalent of Demeter the Greek goddess of agriculture and mother of Persephone.

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    1. I’m pleased you liked this small tribute to the Vampire Hunter. That’s interesting about Demi and Domi. For the folowers of Pope Francis, Dominika is related to Domina “of the Lord” whereas for those looking for a secular meaning it means of the master. I chose the second meaning from her Father, Dr. Anton Aristov, the founder of the Dragon Blood syrum that transformed the Dragon Sisters genetically by the induction of pain. Domi’s mother, Daria believed in the Holy connotation of her daughter’s name and so she is a spiritual chimera in the service of darkness and light.

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      1. I remember that chapter about Dominika and Dr. Anton Aristov now that you mention it.

        It’s interesting your comment about Pope Francis and Domina “of the Lord” because I had never given it much thought before but as soon as you brought it up I notice that Pope Francis often refers to the Master Jesus rather than the Lord Jesus in a lot of his talks and sermons.

        The Master Jesus is often a term given to Jesus by many New Age groups as well as a term used by so-called clairvoyant Edgar Cayce (who was most likely demonically possessed – hence the reason why his medical diagnoses were accurate but many of his prophecies and predictions weren’t since demons, unlike God, don’t really know the future. At best, they can only make lucky guesses) since they might believe that Jesus was an inspired teacher and maybe even a Prophet but He definitely wasn’t Deity incarnate.

        Another subtle way that Pope Francis covertly denies the Deity of Christ.

        Just like in halls at the Vatican or in public ceremonies in other countries, the Pope has the figure of the Resurrected Christ rather than the Crucified Christ on the Cross or Crucifix – something that would have been considered heretical by Popes prior to Francis since Gnostic and occultic groups in the Middle Ages used to put the Resurrected figure rather than the Crucified figure of Christ on the Christ since Gnostic and occultic groups of the day denied the Atonement (for sin) of Christ.

        Hence there was no need for the Crucifixion or the Crucified Christ.

        The Church eventually discovered the meaning behind Gnostic sects depicting the Resurrected Christ rather than the Crucified Christ on the Cross and forbade the practice in the Catholic Church.

        But since many Catholics (including bishops and cardinals) know so very little history these days, Francis is able to get away with it.

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