When I fall in love with my female character and my thoughts are overwhelmed by what I’ll have her do next, I know I’ve at least drawn my interest. But what about the reader?

Dragon Blood

I’ve met ladies like the one in the image. My time in the east was rewarded with ample time to converse with women that captured my heart and imagination. They came from all walks of life and each had one common trait; they were not afraid to look into my eyes and determine my intent. I liked that.

I try to write sensual female characters such as Faith in the excerpt from, Return of Dragons – Origins. I insert my own male point of view and draw from past experiences but what about my female readers? Introductions don’t have the same impact. A woman might be interested in the male perspective but may not be so interested in the female character.

Character introductions should suit a specific intent not just describe hair, eyes, clothes. We see lots of hair, eyes, and clothes on the street but what interests us in a particular person versus all those others. This gets to the psychology of how people of both genders notice others and has to do with the motives of the moment.

In the below paragraphs, I attempt to show Faith in a way that explains the male character’s interest in her. He wants her. She is mysterious and alluring to him. This leads to the rest of the story. What would you do to make this generally appealing to both sexes and a wider age group of readers?


Red lips framed pearlescent teeth in a smile perched on an upturned face. Faith’s hair was tied in a ponytail that danced between outstretched arms. The mist caught the light breaking through the branches of rain-kissed pines casting a glow on the skin of her face, arms, and legs like a candle under a burning wick.

And later. . .

On the balcony of a hotel in Singapore, we overlooked buildings of steel and glass. The sky dappled with dim sum-like clouds reflected in every panel against a backdrop of the bay full of all types of ships. She looked out over the city and leaned against the railing as she talked.

  The graceful curves of her waist set under a slight arch in her back flaring up to straight shoulders and sloping down and out to tight hips emphasized her body. She was sleek like a mountain lion and her movements, though graceful, always seemed like a well-trained predator. It was this predatory grace that intrigued me and made me hunger to join her for whatever it was she hunted.

  The light of day bathed her in a glow showing her body through the fabric of her shirt. The nightshirt was too short to cover her, exposing her raw sensuality to me as she spoke. I sat mesmerized by her comfort at letting me take in her strength and beauty as she took me on this journey of indoctrination into an insular society that hid in plain sight.

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48 thoughts on “Characters I have Loved

    1. I’m thrilled to know that you can feel the character so well. She is any woman or a special woman and in her story life, she is deeply admired and loved. We all hope to meet that person in our lives we so desire.


    1. I did write 10 chapters of Faith’s story thinking I would integrate it into the larger Dragon tales. Alas, she waits for me to someday go back and finish the last few chapters. All of my female and male characters are amalgams of people I have known in my younger years of international travel.

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        1. I do hope to return to all the unfinished work and publish it. I need to retire from my job and devote myself to those visions that wander around in my mind chanting to put them in print.

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    1. Oh, no hurry George. I’ll leave them up for when you have time. Thank you for the vote of confidence it inspires me to look further and dig deeper for the diamonds scattered about.

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  1. For me I need to see her depth – what’s beyond the good looks? She should be flawed like any human. And a strong female character could also be a minor character and not the protagonist.

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    1. Good call, Lauren. Thank you! This was part of the opening scene. It might have been better to move it back. The characters needed to be introduced, why are they together? How did they end up together? I think developing that depth before going straight for hook-em-up would help a lot. Make Mr. Starstruck work for it.

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        1. I have had two other very talented people like yourself advise me of my impatient style. I’ve taken note and do hope to bring this recent story of Alex and Cezar to a slow par boil, boil, and then a little pan fry before the bake. We should have some tender cheesy goodness when its done. 😋

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            1. Well she does have her man who loves her but the story isn’t about that as much as it is about her very peculiar life as a Praetorian guard for the Black Dragon Emperor. She is supposed to train her man as an accomplice for her missions.

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    1. I think Faith was my fantasy girl. Keeping her in my head is like having her around all the time. Such a pleasant experience she is. Those ladies like the one at the top of the page are rarely found at noodle stands but it’s not impossible. You should go to the Philipines and start a new life there. Not only are the girls there beautiful but they were never raised against the odd standards of the west and so their nature is very different and charming. You’ll forget all about Pan Goatee because he really never needs to go there. Its as close to heaven as most people will ever get.

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