“If I have learned anything in this long life of mine, it is this: in love, we find out who we want to be; in war, we find out who we are.” ― Kristin Hannah, The Nightingale


Mariah sat with Peter in the shadows against the back wall. Peter tried to concentrate as violins resonated and the piano filled the air, but all he felt was her hip against him. She leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder. The silkiness of her hair and delicious scent mingled with the music. Peter felt drunk in the comfort of her closeness.

  Gloria stared up at the balcony. Her hard stare gave her the countenance of a bird of prey. The lights on stage flashed as the music from the orchestra seemed timed to the flare of her nostrils. She saw the outline of the bitch Cybrid that lay claim to her man. She would allow the whore to enjoy her last moments and then dispose of her at her leisure.

  Master Ong watched Gloria, then glanced up at the balcony. He looked over at the archway that served as an exit. The Dragon Messiah came to the Dragon Master’s side and followed his eyes to Gloria staring up at the balcony. He saw murder in her black eyes, squeezed to narrow slits.

  The taut muscles in her legs bulged under her dress. She was a Sentinel Warrior, and her instinct was not bred for tea parties and subservient duties. Her job as a waitress was a cover for the real talents she possessed. He could tell she was about to go off her leash.

While Alexandra is preparing to receive Dari in her dressing room to help her prepare for an outing with the Viscount, I thought I’d cover another area I delve into often in my writing; love and hate. The two are inextricable one from the other. So many memes and metaphor exist in literature and real life that teach us that we love to hate and for many reasons. I will post a series of these powerful emotions and expound on the human conditions that transition one to another. I’ll post fight scenes and the same person in love scenes to capture the spectrum of these emotions. What do you think? Have you ever felt anger or hatred for someone that took your love away from you?

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38 thoughts on “Love to Hate

  1. Mr H…so many things. Firstly, the names you’ve chosen either consciously or subconsciously speak of deep religious or shall we say , spiritual overtones (undertones? Can’t remember which is correctest 😉) Mariah, a derivative of Maria in European languages or the virgin Mary. Mother of the Messiah if that’s what you’ve chosen to believe. Regardless it exists and we know of it. Peter, or Petros, “rock” in Greek and the aforementioned Messiah’s first disciple. Gloria, or glory, in Greek it’s Doxa , the praise of divinity. You’ve highly sexualised her, which to me, creates a dichotomy I think we all live with. The yin and Yang of everything. I don’t know if you meant these connections but my literature teacher/ student mind has dissected it in this way. Ong, sounding like the divine sound Ohm. The dragons…well I won’t go into that. But yes, the dragons. The characters are all experiencing deep love and hatred, pure emotions that we cannot disguise as much as we try. The orchestra, the sound track to the visceral dance they are all a part of.
    This is intoxicating and multilayered story telling at its finest. I mean…you had me at hello, so to speak.
    We’ve spoken about love and hate. They are two unavoidable sides of the same eternal coin that we use to …pay Kharon, possibly. I may be reaching.
    You’re so cool, Mr. H

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    1. Thankyou for taking the time to look so deep. Yes, you are absolutely right. These stories or books about 7 women are deeply philosophical and prophesy our future where duty attempts to trump emotions and where the innate need to love and be loved becomes the supreme consciousness to counter the eil that lives within and stalks us along the journey of life and history.

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      1. I may engrave this response into something. Duty can attempt to trump my emotions all it wants, it doesn’t stand a chance. I think I am 10% biological…stuff and 90% emotion. Possibly other stuff too, but generally speaking.

        I do love that I took it as a philosophical commentary, so to speak. It roared to me, this piece. It’s so emotional and raw, but as I told you, there are so many layers. I love layers, peeling them off is quite intoxicating…

        I am NOT being naughty, how dare you, sir! I meant figurative layers, honestly. Eye roll

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      1. The reblog button went under the more button next shown social media outlets.
        I’ll tell a fib and say I’m fine. The past three weeks I’ve fallen and hurt myself. One trip to hospital. Damn Lyme they eat on my cognitive abilities.
        How old are you, I thought we were 10 apart, I’m 54. Just curious, I probably knew at one point and forgot due to my memory being eaten. As you can tall, I fucking such of this disease and I’m in a deep depression. Having ECT treatment in a couple of weeks. I’ve been put on no driving status by Neurologist. BS.
        I’m ready to have a life worth living again! Something to smile for, to get out of this house. I’ve driven my new car twice in a year, sucks.
        I getting along great!

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        1. Glad to hear you are doing fine. Wink wink. Driving is soooo over rated. I’m only 21 but you cant tell it by my white beard and gray temples. Ticks are very bad here and they have all kinds of desease as bad as Lyme. One tick bite can paralyze you from head to toe. That’s scary stuff. I keep a sharo vigil when out hiking but mostly I hike in the winter. Take care of you. It is not a good idea to throw yourself down. It hurts.

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    1. Hi Ray! Yes, Mariah is a Cybrid and Gloria is not liking the idea of her man cheating on her with a souless Cybrid. But, Mariah has obtained self awareness and likely does have a soul and a sweet personality. It’s just not right and Gloria is going to try to kill Mariah.

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  2. She saw the outline of the bitch Cybrid that lay claim to her man….Hyp, from that line on this move fast and drew me in completely…and entirely different mood from your lulling violins and piano opening. Great!

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    1. Oh, beware the indescretion of AI love in front of the woman jilted by technology. Especially, when that woman is a well trained killing machine whose mind is set on the preservation of her kind.

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