“I’ve returned, Raven.” She whispered “And I want what is mine.” The last thing he saw before his mind, finally, thankfully, shut down was her face in front of his. They were pursed for a kiss.” ― Amanda M. Lyons

Park Bench

Late fall was a time for lovers to breathe the crisp air under crimson and gold trees. The click of heels along the cobblestone walkway tapped out a rhythm to the bawdy laughter drifting out of the neighborhood pub. On currents stirred by autumn breezes, the noise of evening crowds wafted along the sidewalks and mingled with the aromatic smells of tobacco, sudsy grains, and the savory roast lamb from the eatery next door. On past the busy street life the lovers walked, arm in arm, swaying in step to their internal melody.

The couple passed by an old man sitting on a park bench under a streetlamp. The girl appraised him with her dilated eyes as they walked by. He was bent over holding a small piece of wood, no more than a half inch in diameter. It was a fallen piece of birch it seemed by the speckled parchment-like bark. His clothes hung loosely about him; the same gray-black color as his shadow cast on the ground under the yellow rays of the flickering streetlight.

The man, noticing his date’s slowed steps, jerked her to his side to remind her who she was with and to keep up. She complied. And then, as if a stray thought had captured her mind with a vivid glimpse into their short future, she slipped loose from his grip and sat at another bench a few paces away from the mysterious old man. She sat shaded from the light by the English Oak branches shielding the seat from the prying sun colored beams and curious eyes.

Pearly white teeth flashed in the darkness of the man’s beard as he realized his opportunity had come with so little investment of his precious time. A smile that whispered self-satisfaction and lust preceded a predatory turn to his victim and sealed her fate. He sat and wrapped his arms around her and pressed a ravaging kiss against her willing lips. She responded by flipping her hair. A brief flash of her smooth skin along the neck drew him closer. A Passionate mist rose from their bodies as lungs surged and hearts galloped in the chilled air.

Shick. Schick. Shick. The sound of a knife slicing through wood entangled the muffled moans and giggles. The old man pushed the blade of his knife through the wood with his thumb. Shick. Shick. Shick. The blade moved with precision, and the end of the stick took form.

While the lust of the bearded man pressed against the object of his desire, the girl with the white ribbon in her hair glanced at the old man longingly. Her eyes searched the calloused hands as they worked the knife through the compliant white wood for some clue he was there just for her. His indifference seemed to say he was not. She looked back to her lover and pulled him closer.

A hand went to her breast. It was ignored as their faces seemed to struggle with some invisible force that held their lips together. He tore at her blouse to get at the apple shaped softness. A hand gently pushed him away.

“No John, not here,” she pleaded. She was answered with a slap to the side of her head.

The knife cut deeper and harder. A large chip fell to the ground, rolled, and drifted on the breeze toward the two busy lovers.

It was only a heal of the hand, John thought to himself. No closed fist. Women like it a little rough to prepare them for the tango of desire. John smiled that smile of conquest and control. He lived for the game he always won.

“No John, seriously, stop.”


Shick. Shick. Shick.

He had her now. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse, her face turned away staring at the ground. He lifted her bra and watched as her enslaved breasts fall free into the waiting crush of his hands, now his teeth sawing on the buttery flesh.

“John, John, you’re hurting me,” she cried. The sound of panic and fear in high pitch drifted through the park, an echo of lost innocence and dreams that were never realized in all the ages that shadows had cloaked lust and selfish desire in darkness and disbelief. He hit her hard this time. He unzipped his pants and leered at the shaken girl. She starred through her nightmare to the old man who was examining his handiwork at the tip of the birchwood rod. And then her face disappeared behind the thrusting hips in front of her as steely fingers rooted in her hair.

In the yellow light cascading down like dawn skies, the talisman carved at the end of the stick showed an angry and vengeful glare. The bearded face was capped with a pointed cone and at the center of the cone was a howling wolf. The old man walked up to the couple and kicked the back of John’s heel above his shoe sending a shockwave of pain through his leg.

John stopped pleasuring himself with the back of the girl’s throat and looked back into the face of the old man. It startled him, and he nearly fell trapped against the bench seat with a knife gripped by white knuckles against his gut. John slung a hard elbow at the face hidden in the shadow and instantly felt forced down in a sitting position on the bench facing his tormentor.

“Piss off you old perv or I’ll. . .”  He never finished his threat. They would find him in the morning as stiff as the shaft of wood stuck through his eye and nearly bloodless. It would be several days before the coroner would remove the strange murder weapon from the unclaimed body. It would be six months before he matched it to hundreds of others just like it found in victims across the globe. Some were found with skeletal remains from Roman times.

The girl wrapped her arm around the old man’s elbow. She leaned her head against his shoulder and strolled in step with him as they drifted in and out of shadows growing more obscure in the settling fog.

“It took you long enough,” she said with a bit of ire in her voice.

“Over the years I’ve found that if one suffers indignity, they will savor relief all the more,” he replied in soft reassuring tones.

“I really didn’t savor his cock bruising my tonsils that much,” she replied as she looked up into his face. He continued looking straight ahead reflecting on what he had done. He was in his zone, she noted.

“My point exactly, my dear. If you enjoy such things with the knowledge you have brought them to their deaths, you become like the ones we seek to kill. You become besotted with their blood, and that lust will lead you to your own demise.” The man looked down with eyes that reflected the weight of many sorrows imbued with sympathy and love for his partner and her suffering.

They held each other tighter and disappeared in the darkness of night.

Image Source: Aldo Luongo


87 thoughts on “The Revenant

  1. Omg Hyp, you seriously have to publish a book and share your talent to the universe. The world needs to be blessed with your cleverness and skills and wisdom that will change the way people feel about romance and life. The twist and the conversation of the old man and the girl at the end spoke of metaphors behind metaphors that shout a beautiful side of both pain and pleasure. Your talent is superb!!! I am so lucky to be able to read this magnificent work of art. Keep on writing please. You inspire me 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And you inspire me to keep writing, Apple. I always look forward to your reviews. Thank you so much!!! I was just talking about doing an anthology of my short stories. I think it would work for readers looking for a collection of short reads. I’ll keep working on Alexandra and do have some big surprises planned for her and my super-cool readers.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Enchanting fall atmosphere, a mysterious old man, and a traumatic scene with a satisfying twist! You nailed it, Hyp. I liked how it started off innocently enough, but then through subtle hints we get to see a monster come alive, and then be destroyed. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On second thought, perhaps subtle wasn’t the right word – at the beginning with jerking her toward him while they walked, that was the first clue, but it quickly escalated, revealing that scumbag’s true self. In any case, this one really captivated me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad this little shady tale was a good read for you, Lauren. I did play with some particularly graphic details. Crime and justice in the old manner was never civil but it was swift. I always look forward to your comments and do hope all is well and you’re blessed with an abundance of summer fun. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The dark elves rule! I love when justice is served in the shadows. I haven’t been able to tolerate this summer as well as I have in the past. I’ve only been to the pool once and have been staying mostly indoors. No trips planned until the fall, so I’ve just been holed up working on creative projects for now. Looking forward to a little time off thanks to ‘Merica’s birthday this week. Hope you’re staying cool and enjoying yourself!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It has been a scorcher these days and plenty of good thunderboomers to follow up with. I guess it’s best to let that ankle get happy first. Have a great 4th of July celebration and I promise to put everything I got into it and hope I don’t end up on YouTube.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Bwaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa! You got me twice in a row, Lauren. I think the girl was actually Hyperion’s missing soulmate. That was pure dark conedy at its best. I especially liked the Trump mask. Nice horror touch there. You made my whole weekend. Bwaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaa! 😂

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I knew you’d enjoy it. 😉 The only part I don’t agree with is when she’s in the closet at the end. I think there needs to be a tiny squeaker instead of the long drawn out one. Thank you for the well wishes!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. I loved it. And you are right. I think a squeaker is all I could muster under those circumstances. More likely I would sound like a dog chew toy in a chihuahua’s mouth. But I have to admit that mule toot made me jealous and motivated me to try harder. 🙂

                    Liked by 1 person

    2. Yes! So many things coalesced into this little short vignette from my dark elves. My caped crusader loves to take Karma into his hands and deliver it to a special group of evil doers. And of course, nothing is ever as it appears to be at first. One must take their time to be sure and then strike.

      Liked by 1 person

                    1. I have no problems with 6-8 hours but I do get tired now that I’m no longer 30. The secret is to train your dragon while he or she is still young and impressionable. 😉

                      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, but I only mimic you, Malcolm, and Dracul. maybe it’s the one-two-three punch of triple mimicry that works. I tweaked it a little to make it read a wee bit better. But, overall, I’m pleased and definitely grateful for your support. We are a fine team in this Gothic AI vampiric genre. You have body disposal first place locked in.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. And I likewise. Since we all got together on the WordPress, I’ve been enjoying blogging and writing again. I took a hiatus for a long while and I think I was my only reader. But now, thanks to all the good will and cool stories we all share, I have three readers. 300% increase. That’s just awesomeness right there.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. The number of followers I have doesn’t matter: it’s the quality of the comments. So far, you’re doin’ a great job keeping me going! Thanks! And, you writing is truly to be admired! We Do have a great group!

            Liked by 2 people

    1. You are far to kind and I like that. I had kind of a vision of the scene and whacked it out last night. I saw a lot of room for some tweaks to correct it, but it was a cool supernatural tale wallering around in my head.

      Liked by 1 person

                    1. Well if a nice girl put sun cream on my back, I might fall hopelessly in love and make a darn fool out of myself and just live with the fact that I was a fool that enjoyed a good memory prior to the fool part. But that’s just me.


                    1. Smart lady!!! Friendship is far more important at first. That’s how you learn if this person is right for you. One day you want to wake up and still be friends instead of strangers.


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