“The writer’s silent mind is a period of intermission before orchestrating a symphony of words.” ― Khaled Talib, The Little Book of Muses

Faith TOC b
It seems at times that I’ve kept you waiting far too long. The seasons sail by and leave the hints of their passing and invariably disguise your patience in a kind of artful repose, a detritus of settled time.

My neurology, a hasty concoction of clusterfucked dendrites finds something sublime in your silence and I find myself staring off into space and only when I realize the object of my gaze is you do I realize how my failure to be productive has led to a mental sleepiness I can’t say that I abhor. Forgive me – my silence.

I’m reminded of a time when I was busy falling in love again – it was a long time ago. The object of my passions, a sweet child of 20 and I not much older, found ourselves doing that googly-eye thing at the local dance club in Ludwigsburg, Germany. You know how it is when you are young and your fantasies are still real enough to try. Of course, you know. We were on the dance floor and the music had stopped. The band was on an intermission. We were not.

How I worked all day, danced all night, and made love till noon the next day remains a mystery in the late fall of life. At first, I wondered if it was the German Beer and its natural ingredients, or the German Coffee, maybe both. More than likely it was her mysterious hazel eyes wrapped in dark shadow above dark red lips and her black hair; long, straight, thick, and shiny. Perhaps her white cotton bodice with barely constrained breasts in a red velvet corset over black leather pants and knee-high boots did me in, bled my heart like a daggered plum. I pictured her riding the bitch seat on my Harley Sportster, holding on so tight, her lacquered fingernails cut like a laser into my chest. She saw it differently. I came to love her point of view. She gave me so many of them.

What does all this have to do with intermissions and delayed posts, you ask? I only mean to say, I’m distracted by stories and memories gurgling like a teapot just before the whistle blows. Alexandra Dragana is spilling the beans faster than I can count them and so, Dear Reader, I’ll be away bean counting as it were. But don’t go away, I’ll be right back after a brief intermission.

It’s strange how much older we both are now but I’ll swear she can still rock my world in a pair of leathers. It’s pure hell getting her out of them, tho…

You know what I mean? Of course, you do.

Much love,



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88 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. A symphony of words! ❤ Get some rest and as always, I look forward to your next piece. I have been taking lots of breaks lately, though I wish I could be more active on here. Funny, I was just doing the googly-eyed thing on the dance floor last night. I was at Funky Town again, having a blast. I love your description of your ladylove! Tsssss!

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    1. LMAO! I can see you doing the Goth Girl version of the funky chicken at Funky Town in my Snoopy mind’s eye. They should have a draculauren night. Funny, I felt inspired to say I needed a rest but differently and for some strange reason I remembered how exhausting my “boyhood” was. So much to do and so little time to do it. Now, it just doesn’t get done but my heart rate stays at a sustainable level. 🙂

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        1. Oh oh oh! They don’t do cool stuff like that here. I’m jealous again. Thank you Lauren. You have a high pedigree of the written word and poetry, your support and inspiration in many things is hopefully visible in my work. I’m that 12 year old kid with the multiple skateboard rashes. I think I can do what others more talented can do. I just need to keep trying.

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          1. It’s a baby boomer’s paradise. 😀

            Why thank you! ❤ You are so humble and your talent does not go unnoticed. Sometimes I’m reading something at home from the library and think that it sounds Hyperion-esque. That beauty and elegance in prose!

            Tomorrow mornin’ I leave for the East coast. Going to do some creepy autumn exploring. I’ll be sure to write about it when I return.

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            1. Thank you, Lauren. That beauty and elegance in prose is my endless literary quest. It’s always there inside me and coaxing it out without any unseemly abominations happening is my challenge but I truly enjoy it. Strangely enough, I’ll be hiking on the Appalacian Trail in Virginia week after next doing a little early autumn exploring as well. I do wish you the very best experience and look forward to reading about your discoveries. 😃

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              1. Nothing brings out beauty and elegance in prose like being in nature, so I hope your hike was amazing! My trip was probably the best vacation I’ve ever been on and I can’t wait to write about it soon and post some photos. ❤


                1. Oh! I’m so thrilled for you, Lauren. That is going to be my next vigil, to read about your adventure. I’m headed out tomorrow for my longest trek in 30 years. I’m not sure why my two hiking buddies choose the uphill route. That just seems to defy gravity to me. In any case, I’ll trade notes with you and maybe we can come up with a standard by which to quantify the magnitude of happy faces. 😁😁


              1. Lol,I’m afraid Kurt might eventually have set with the postman or the postman set with him🙄
                or simply he is recently busy chasing his four legs sister at the moment who is nearly totally blind and death🤷🏻‍♀️

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  2. Don’t worry, I’ll be patient for you. Ofcourse, i know what you mean and that I get you, so much. Sometimes we get soooo caught up in our reveries especially of those in the past, some days I wonder whether it’s for the good or bad.. anyhow, this is sooo well written and I couldn’t agree more to that beautiful mind of yours. Please, don’t stop writing tho 😉

    Apple Rae 🍎

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    1. Hi Apple! No not quiting at all, just taking a little breather. I hadn’t posted in a while and wanted to let everyone know it was just a rest but, naturally, I had to do it in a story form. 😊. Your support and steadfast friendship always makes a huge difference and I do truly enjoy our exchanges and interaction with our small group of totally cool writerly friends here on WP. So, look for a new scene from Alexandra soon and also a few little surprises for fun.

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        1. 😁 I do try not to be boring.. I will definitely let you know ahead of time and I have a naughty otter story coming up for entertainment to fill in the time between scenes from Alexandra; kinda like a cartoon before the main show. It should be fun. 😆

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  3. The most beautiful poetic summation of writer’s block that I have ever read, my friend.

    Take your time during your intermission.

    I’m sure that the symphony of your ode to joy that will be produced subsequently will be worth your readers’ wait.

    I remember that my mother wrote and self-published a small book of poetry back in the 1980s- a booklet I sadly misplaced in the 6 years of constant moving I experienced after my dad died.

    Anyways I do remember the lines of one of her poems,

    It is in drinking deep from the well of silence that we are able eventually to recite the song of eloquence.

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    1. No truer words were written, even by the bard before the bard, ole Confucious. I sometimes just run out of battery power and need a little away time to recharge. Soon I’ll be back with more episodes of mythical mastery of pain.

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    1. OMG! Too Kool. I do hope you have avoided the road rash and gravel treatments I took to get that experienced rider look. I’ve been told it feels like a brazilian wax job so I’ve never felt the urge to give that a try. Definitely look forward to some R&R. 😁

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        1. Oh the memories! I learned proper attire the hard way. I had my girl on the back once and was a little too quick on the throttle and the bike went verticle. I got on my feat and leaned into the bike to stop it from going over backwards. She held on somehow and her head was only a few inches from the pavement when I dropped it down, sat down, and took off. I was so embarassed for nearly knocking her out and she thought I was showing off. A cop saw the whole thing and pulled me over. It was a great day to park the bike and walk. Oh gods! If I ruined her leathers, I probably wouldn’t survive that. I think when the kids finally put me in a home for the incurably eccentric, I’m going to put a supercharged motor on my wheelchair and add monster balloon tires and go wheelchair mud racing. It’ll be a blast. I’ll upload the GoPro vids to WordPress. 😜

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    1. I certainly do remember you and do hope exams went well for you. I had wondered why I hadn’t seen a post from you lately and now I know it was for a worthy cause. Thank you for dropping by Astrogirl, I do hope you find my forays into fiction a good read.


        1. Darn! I actually deleted all my social media because to be honest, I couldn’t keep up and I felt bad that I wasn’t taking care of my readers. But, if you like you are always welcome to send me email linked to my website, hyperionsturm@gmail.com. I do enjoy interacting with my writerly friends and exploring the universe. 😁


  4. What a beautiful memory you shared, Mr H. Even in your absence, you set hearts and minds aflutter. Absence is sometimes a must. A wise soul taught me that only through introspection can we truly see ourselves and our constructed world around us for who we are and what it really is. I think everyone, if I may be so bold, is hoping you count those beans Alexandra is pouring into your palm well and share their magical beanstalk to the clouds in the way only you know how.
    Your loyal, Fiery

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    1. Thank you M, my Fiery Friend. This is one of those writerly poetic licenses, a bit of personal history to seed a fairy tale. I absolutely adore Goth Girls, I had a 74 Harley Sportster until I had a high speed accident that left me thankful for guardian angels, and I once had a German girlfriend born of Romanian parents. I put it all together in this little aside to my lack of productive posting. As for reflection and introspection, I find it a necessary part of my daily life.

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      1. You on a Harley… priceless.

        Poetic licence is the lifeblood of nonsensical expression. I enjoy it a lot and you do it very well.
        I am trying to and I think often succeed, though not as much as I would wish, in having moments of introspection. Sometimes what I see I don’t like but it’s there and can’t be ignored if it’s yelling at me to be noticed and pondered upon.
        Your little interludes between larger posts are as entertaining as the aforementioned. Aforementioned…lol. such a lawyer-y word.

        Vroom vroom, gurgle gurgle neeeeeow…
        Is the sound of my virtual Harley exiting in style.


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  5. “How I worked all day, danced all night, and made love till noon the next day remains a mystery in the late fall of life. ” It’s not a mystery to me. I know how I did it. I had boundless energy. Still do. However, it seems our biorhythms are in sync–because I seem to be in a period of intermission as well. If I were sailing, I’d refer to this time as my dead zone. Or, like our friend the Curmudgeon realized, perhaps doing nothing and being happy is, in fact, the highest achievement. To rise above the grind of capitalistic urges and frantic mania and to free yourself of desire and the illusion of accomplishment. Will I be back? Most likely. But perhaps I need Alexandra to inspire me once again.

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    1. You may be on to something my friend. Boundless energy seems to be getting lower these days as father time and mother earth work overtime to claim me. I haven’t had any trouble laying out the progression of scenes, just haven’t had the energy or time to wrangle my mangled writing into legible text. It’s the late summer blues, no doubt. When the fresh air returns, I’ll get invigorated again. Alexandra is finally ready to start into the meat of the story. The forces of evil are gathering to welcome her back to her destiny. And little Dari is coming to the front of the show as she agrees to sacrifice her mind and body for the safety and success of her Viscount and her Lady Dragana. The Marquis De Sade could not be more pleased with Dari’s agreements if he were alive to challenge her immortal flesh and soul. I do hope Your trio of nannite explorers will return to face the real money and spew a few more nannites on the growing heap of bodies Akira is accumulating. Looking forward to it.

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      1. I find inspiration in the fact that I have just one reader intently following the story…you. Can’t wait to read what the forces of evil have in mind for Alexandra. I think you have it really going on here…

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        1. I do know there are others intently standing by, our dear
          Apple Rae and of course the indomitable Dracul Van Helsing and others boldly undertaking the DARPA exposé. We are your fanatic followers ready to dive on the next evil doer threatening our heroes. We have such a great interactive group, it’s actually an emotional undertaking to try not to disappoint. We’ll fire up the ink sprayer soon and get a plethora of amazing words all sorted in the proper order out to the masses.

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            1. Gears and bowels in motion are the necessary gyros of a well balanced and regulated life. Take whatever time you need as we all must do from time to time. But when ready, regale us again with the deep pov of Lasetter, Paul, and Akira. I had planned to do a few vignettes of life seemingly connected in between current scenes of Alexandra. They are easier to do and keep the ole fountain pen well inked. We shall see what the future provides. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

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    2. George,how are you?damn it because you have this thing of canceling your post and I didn’t have much time to look wp now I’m torturing myself thinking if i missed much from your saga or not at all.🤔

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        1. I do go like a lawnmower through a gravel lawn for a while and then bloop, outa gas and the blade is dull as my wits. I have to fill up and sharpen that literary blade and get back to slinging gravel. Soon bro. Very soon.

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