“I don’t have a photograph, but you can have my footprints. They’re upstairs in my socks.” 

― Groucho Marx


My Secret Obsession

Those Fir Trees are right side up when I’m standing. How clever.

I must confess to you, my dear reader, my judge, and jury. I have an obsession. Ahh, see. You caught me in a lie already. I have many obsessions. There, that’s better. I feel like we are communicating now. We’re on a level plane, face to face, with brushed teeth, and clean hair, and bright, wide-open eyes; your’s are an ancient soft pastel and mine, gray like moss or different entirely. I suppose the light has a lot to do with it.

That lovely scent of you battles in my mind, through the nose, into dreams and that’s how it all starts for me. Have I misjudged your intent? Likely. That is also how it goes most times. All normal, at least for me. Where was I? Oh, yes, my secret obsessions. Let’s talk about my recent one lifted from the cave of my dresser and most prevalent on my mind.

Wool Socks. There. I said it. It’s out. No turning back now. You can see my happy feet luxuriating in that Merino wool, so soft, so warm, so, oh, I don’t know. Perhaps you know what that feeling is like. Yes, they go up to the knee. Why wouldn’t they? It’s 21 degrees Fahrenheit or -6 degrees Celcius out there today. But, no chills race up from those toes, oh, no. The knees are quite pleased.

Image Source: Why me, of course

You know what I love more than wearing wool socks? Wool stockings. Not on me, silly. On you. I love to see wool stockings riding up to mid-thigh not quite reaching under a skirt or short shorts. Now we are really getting to my pointed pointless point. I don’t know if my male readers feel this way. We men don’t talk about much to each other, especially our obsessions. It’s our delicious sub rosa. However, we do burn up the internet with our comments.

No, we don’t talk. We are visual creatures always looking, looking, looking. But we do like stockings. This is why there is no need to talk, only to see, the more the better. And here is where you can help. Show us your socks. Those designs, the colors, and the patterns. Oh, dear Norse gods, don’t spare me any of it. Let me see your favorite woolen sock obsession. Share and we become a community of like-minded and artistic socked soles.

You can post your sock pic on your website and link back to this post. We’ll find you, judge you, be your personal jury where no guilt is ever assigned, only clemency and the urge to go on and live your wool socked winter life as you see colorfully fit to do.

Now you know my secret obsession, one of many, a worthy desire that connects us, face to face, sock to sock, with widened eyes so hazel, blue, green, silver or even gray. It’s all good. When it’s like that.



P.S. Tattoo’s really spin my head. Not my tats so much as YOURS. Your Tats are another of my obsessions. Let’s save that for later. For now, you have a sock challenge you must think about.


90 thoughts on “My Secret Obsession

  1. I have socks with eyes!
    They are watching me when I stand up.
    I have a Minion socks that are so comfortable and it look so funny.
    It got ONE EYE ONLY.
    The more I look, the more I got the feeling the sock is alive and staring at me!
    hahaha …
    A friend of mine asked me when do I feel like the socks are staring at me?
    I said, “When I stands up and look down!”
    And then she replied, “Hmmm … probably it sees that you did not wear any underwear up there!” hahahaha …

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    1. Ha ha ha haaaa! I was actually thinking about your post and our comments on body art when I did this. The competition is stiff but I think you just surged ahead. I still owe you a post of Pegasus in all his glory. The universe will line up one day soon and POOF, there it is. Thanks for playing Lauren, you’re a champ. 😎

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        1. LoL! One of these days I’ll overcome my fear of traumatizing the general public and getting myself charged with crimes against humanity for posting a picture of my ancient Pegasus. Every time I think about it, I hear innocent women and children screaming and small dogs barking. Maybe 2019 is the year. I’ll consult my Chinese almanac to find a most auspicious day to post the pictures. I think that’s awesome you are going to add to your collection. May the Patron Saint of Tats, Saint Theresa, bless you with beautiful bugs. (If Tattoos have a Patron Saint, you know it’s the right thing to do)

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        1. Oh, I’m so relieved to know I’m not alone in the world with my ugly socks. But really, I’m actually fond of how they keep my feet happy. That’s so cool of your parents. I might join in absentia but definitely in the spirit. 😁

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  2. Haha! Smiling so big. Those are some lucky socks to receive such high praise from Mr. H. I had a feeling you would have obsessions, but only the finest kind. Now I’m wondering how I can get a pic of my woolen socks to the world via Hyperion. You weren’t Kidding about the socks poem, laughing out loud, it’s a beauty and those socks are pretty nice too.

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    1. 😁 Awesome sauce, glad this little obsession brought a smile to your face. This was such a fun post and the comments are probably the best part as well as Jessica Triepel’s contribution. If you post your socks on your website and link back to this post, we’ll be able to eventually create a network of linked wool sock efficianadoes. Who knows what summer might bring 😆

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        1. Ohhhh yessssss, Motorcycle boots are highly coveted in this challenge. Forgive me if I stare. I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just my fascination with bike fashion is compelling. Hmmmmmm another obsession perhaps. 😉

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            1. Nor can I imagine a fascination with Harley boots not being an important part of every life. If such a thing exists, it must be in the far reaches of earth among indigenous folk not yet exposed to the glory of that deep throated rumble emitting between a pair of fine boots.

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                1. Another smile worth smiling! 😁. I think I still have three pair stashed away. They’re freakin’ indestructable. The road might wear off the black, but my feetsies will ride again another day. Harley and black leather were born to ride together.

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                    1. Oh, be still my jealous heart! I feel ya! This past summer heat kicked me hard a couple of times and made me question my sanity for being out in it. I think that’s why Autumn and Winter are my favorite time of year (bug free ) and Spring runs a close second.

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                    2. I love spring and early summer, a former Floridian you know that toward the end of June the temp rises and by end of July we are pushing the high 90s. All riding comes to an end soon thereafter and resumes again in late Sept until winter finally moves far enough south to affect us. It’s getting an early start this year. Tomorrow they are predicting some nasty storms , high winds and possible tornadoes. It’s very unpredictable this year. Hoping for a cool holiday though. 😊. Have a wonderful and relaxing day tomorrow Dan.

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    1. Oh, now that’s a whole new category of cool 😎 Crocwear challenge might be the next evolution. “Show us your Crocs” could be our call to action. Thanks for the inspiration Paula.


                    1. I show off my Pegasus to all those who want to see. At the beach when I walk by the ladies, they all put their hands over their mouth and giggle. 🤭. Guys give me the thumbs up 👍🏼. They see all that grey in my beard and it kinda freaks them out that some old dude would have a tat like that. I tell them I was not old all my life, then they get it.

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  3. You know there was a man (his name was Dan as well) whose user name was TheTheologian’sCafe at the Xanga blogging site who actually managed to talk the women of Xanga into posting photos of their breasts on his site supposedly as a way of promoting breast cancer awareness month.

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    1. Sadly, such unique and artistic public service ideas hadn’t occured to me. There is always hope I can learn from other successful bloggers. I wonder if satin yoga thong awareness would be a worthy campaign?

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  4. I’d post you a shot of my Alpaca wool socks (with my feet in ’em of course) if only posting pics was possible on these comments – I haven’t figured out how to do it on my own blog, never mind here! I take lots of pictures, of just about anything, but I save them for posterity you know, like when I’m in that old folks home and get tired of knitting or watching re-runs of I Love Lucy. Get out the netbook and look at pictures, what else? Back to wool socks, there’s many a time it’s all I wear in my apartment, but I wouldn’t be posting those pictures, heh, heh, heh!

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    1. LMAO! 🤣. I have no clue how to post pics in comments either but this comment gave me a lot of humorous visions. I plan to be the guy that arranges illicit wheel chair races at the home and possibly build a distillery where I’ll make 100 proof prune juice purely for health reasons. If you have socks and tattoos, you qualify for extra cool points.


  5. An interesting yet harmless obsession that could lead to a great collection of socks. I have no similar obsession, so it’s doubtful I’ll be sharing photographs. However, when I think of an obsession that are not tits and ass that I CAN share photographs of, I will notify you poste haste! Thanks for sharing Hype! My wife has taken away all my unhealthy obsessions, and I am in the middle of replacing them. Cigars, pipes, whiskey…all gone now…

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    1. LoL 😂 surely you have some argyle socks you can share! This is all just for fun and bonding opportunities for all of the sole sisters and brothers. I’m sure a few readers have some outstanding sock fashion in their possession. And holy devastation Batman! She took all the best habits away? It’s probably because she cares about your health. There is no other reason to take ones habits away. The whiskey tho. I woulda died of thirst over that.

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