“Only the dead have seen the end of wars.” 

― Plato
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Scene 17

Marius knew the shot fired under the savage attack by his wolves sent the bullet on an unknown course. The silenced weapon only coughed like a reticent plague behind which death followed, prepared to scythe down anything in the path of the bullet’s trajectory. He felt an enormous pain in his chest. It was an agony brought on by complete awareness of what would follow. Damn them! Why must we eternally fight with the only result a sybaritic illusion of victory and glory?

He watched as the assassin fought with determination to free himself from the tearing fangs. Marius observed the wolves had every advantage against the man. They were careful but never fearful. For their prey, there was never compassion or empathy. They did not strategize in deep contemplation. They merely attacked and with innate skill, took down their target. This is my eternal fate too, it seems.  

The crunch of bones with wet huffs of fury blasted out of clamped jaws, and straight tails pirouetted in the air in a frantic dance with death. The scene was horrifying and mesmerizing at the same time. The chief of security to the House Răzvan watched from a safe distance as the wolves dispatched the man. The jaws clamped on his throat muffled the screams of suffering death.

Marius approached with care until he stood over the man whose eyes stared up at him in wide open disbelief. “To be eaten alive is the reward for placing duty and enrichment before a moral code of honor,” he said to the dying man. Recognition stared up into the sky as black pupils widened under the brightness of day. There was a flicker of understanding before the prey of Dacian wolves passed on.

“Do you know what the difference is between you and I, besides the obvious? Marius questioned the corpse frozen in death’s grimace. “Ancestral memories,” came Marius’ answer. “Mine come to me as experiences lived over countless centuries. You followed only hearsay, for the sake of a misguided belonging to a tribe who would take from me what is not theirs to take. Did you believe killing the Duchess would somehow make life better for your clan?

The wolves sat on their haunches and tore at clothing and flesh. They were difficult to tear away from the spoils of their hunt so fierce was their hunger for reward. They obeyed their Alpha and followed Marius as he hurried back to the pavilion to find out what had happened to his Duchess. The crowds were agitated but not panicked. The masses milled around slowly dissipating in every direction. The band played. The Honor Guard kept curiosity seekers away.

Rolf trotted behind his Alpha. The taste and smell of the man’s blood and flesh was satisfying but a new scent filled his nose. From the pavilion, Rolf smelled new blood and he whined to hasten his Alpha.

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61 thoughts on “The Agony of Ecstasy-Scene 17

    1. I’m thrilled you were able to find some backstory to the old fable of the Carpathians. I actually just got through sobbing on your shoulder at House of Heart. My cryptic message is a hint at why I’m behind in story telling. My demons of the past were summoned to my present but an exhausting 17 mile sojourn in the Sipsey Wilderness and your poetry has saved me. I do love my demons but they can demand too much of me at times.

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        1. I’m already back in the saddle again after finding such crystal meaning in your words and being around good friends. I feel uplifted by positive interaction. It breaks the grip of unbidden thoughts and visions. What triggered it is a long story but it helps to give the short version. I saw someone taking things from my front porch and running away. I caught her later to find out she was half naked and deeply traumatized. She was trying to find something to cover herself. I wouldn’t let her go and the best thing was to get the police to get her help. I gave her my shirt to put on and talked with her until she could bring herself partially back to reality and not feel threatened. Logically, I know I did the right thing. She was exactly like so many women that were brutalized in the war zones I was in. It brought it all back to me and I couldn’t shake it. It’s something that should not be shared but it’s the talking through it and finding meaning in it that helps me get back up again.

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          1. Dan, such a traumatic event . It must have been incredibly disturbing for you. I’m glad this woman happened on someone like you but I regret that past horrors were triggered. How fortunate for her to be sheltered by a kind and caring man such as yourself , you can take comfort in that. 🌺

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            1. Thank you so much Rene, the whole thing seems like a fateful event that teaches me something about myself. Strange enough, it was my past that took me instantly through the predator hunting stage, to capture, subdue, interrogate. She definitely felt the pressure and offered no resistance. I recognized that she was deeply traumatized because I’d seen it far too often. That allowed me to switch tactics. She could not think or act logically so rather than give her aid and turn her loose to be victimized again, I put her in police custody. They did not arrest her because I refused to press charges, but they knew she was in bad shape so they took her to the hospital. They’ll give her three days to sleep safely, eat, shower, make an assessment of her physical and mental health and go from there.

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                    1. It does take a village to get through this life. I’m am lucky to be in the right village with other kind and caring souls like yourself. Of course this person had no idea her situation would transport me back to those other terrified souls who begged for food, medicine, and protection. I’m forever connected to them and I know that I did all I could and even so, could not save them all. It was the same in this incident. There are those beyond our reach and I’ve learned to not judge the path that brought them to me but to ensure I do no further harm. Kindness can often be far more obsure than hostility and harsh judgement. Whenever I have a choice, I prefer kindness over all.

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                    2. There are those beyond our reach, but you reached out to her in the only way you could. I’m so sorry this happened to open wounds for you. You were kind and did what your very good instincts led you to do. I hope knowing that helps.

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                    3. It does help a lot that I was able to switch out of my predator mode into humanitarian mode in time to save both our souls. My first words were, are you okay, are you hurt, do you need help? It took some time for her to respond to me but after I got my shirt over her, she came around. I think she realized at that point she wasn’t going to be harmed. She opened up and told me what had happened. I listened.

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                    4. Yes, her story was heart breaking, Rene. She was 33, too young to be so lost. She was treated kindly by the police and paramedics after they secured her and realized she was too troubled to care for herself. She wasn’t mistreated, which does give me comfort given the stories that are usually in the news. She will have a chance if she is able to take advantage of this opportunity.


    1. Thank you Sherry. Yes, Marius is an old school man of the Wolf People. He has a soft spot in his heart though and probably that will be his undoing. I believe in my ancestors. They are with me and in me every day. Some of them were real rascals and they are my favorites 😆🧛🏻‍♂️

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          1. Yes, that would make an incredible scene in my back yard! LOL
            The moment my weird neighbours or even some thieves that tries to break into my garden, will leave desperately quick when they realized there are wolves or werewolves back there.
            I might as well sit on a metal throne with some were wolves chained around it.
            I look mightily scary, I guess!
            Did I hear someone screaming somewhere? hehehe …

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            1. There is no one more entranching that M’me Sherrielock in her black leather skirt, above the knee, high heeled boots, and red velvet bodice. I think if you attached two crossed leather cat-o-nine tails on your door with an antique carved sign with gold lettering announcing, “All who enter will have their booties tomatoed,” it will cut down on unexpected visitors and keep the nosey weird neighbors away as well. Maybe dress all the kids up like vampires too. That would definitely ensure peace and quiet. 🧛🏻‍♀️🐺 😂

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        1. Wooo hooo! All the ghouls and goblins in my theater are actually just good actors and actresses. But, just in case it gets too real, free flashlights are handed out at the entrance. 😁


  1. Wow.

    Totally blown away by this chapter, Daniel.

    In it, I think you have reached the heights of a Fyodor Dostoevsky (which are extremely difficult heights for any writer to reach).

    I think this will probably be my favourite blog post out of all those you have written.

    Years ago, actor Tom Hanks said in an interview that he said he didn’t think he would ever play a role better than that of Forrest Gump.

    He clarified, “Now I might play roles as good as. But I don’t think I’ll play a role better.”

    I think you’ll probably write chapters as good as this but on these Dostoevskyian heights you have reached, you’ll probably not write a chapter better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Chris. I don’t think a greater compliment is possible than to be compared to the old Russian novelist. I have a few of his books and the poignancy that prevails in the characters and that old classic writing of the Russians appeals to me in a grand way.

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    1. Merry Christmas and Happy Yule Victoria! I suppose this might have been a bit strange for Christmas but, I wanted to shake it up a Little. Instead of Santa, we have a Werewolf, muwaaaa haaaa haaaaaa! 🧛‍♂️🐺

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    1. Woot! Woot! Awesome comment Lauren. That is exactly what I hoped for. I hope the story is getting to that can’t look away part. We calm down and get to some psycho-thriller parts very soon. Hold on tight and careful not to bump your head in the melee race.

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  2. OMG, I’m glad I didn’t miss this! You bring me into the moment and describe the animals soulless ferocity with unparalleled accuracy. “They were careful but never fearful. For their prey, there was never compassion or empathy. ..” I might use that line to describe Akira as well, because, like your wolves, she just kills naturally, without deep thought, without deep strategy and without remorse. Even the way you described the trail of the misfired bullet made me follow the trajectory in my mind…way off course…close but no cigar as your assassin gets torn limb from limb and devoured. Brilliant writing Hyp! I’m taking notes will try to match your uncanny descriptions shortly! You are the master of detailed descriptions, something I have yet to master…Keep ’em coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, you make my writerly head swell way past my my ability to contain my gratitude. Thank you my friend. When my muse is alert, she dictates the most surprising things. I’m irrevocably influenced by all those movies I saw as a kid in technicolor. Lassie and Flipper the chatty dolphin taught me the terrible consequences of moral strength, kindness, and compassion. What a horrendous burden as a child to be good mannered and make responsible decisions. No, not me. I wanted to play with matches, take whoopie cushions to church, and put firecrackers in dog turds and call my friends over to enjoy the splatter. That was what life was meant to be. Later, I learned I was just confused but it makes for good writing to understand both sides of the equation. Herbert’s, God Emperor of Dune is blowing my mind at the moment. If you can, I recommend reading the books in order that way, the God Emperor will have greater impact. I think you and I will find a deep synchronicity in this book.

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    1. Hi Rene! Hope the Holidays are treating you well. I am so happy this is holding you spellbound. I couldn’t hope for more. I know that runaway imagination well. It’s the same for me whenever I drop by The House of Heart for a visit. Mutual spell binding can only be a good thing. No long waits ahead. We should see the story unfold rather quickly now.

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        1. I’ll share my secret only with you. I actually write the entire draft novel in my head in generalized thoughts. Then, I start working the chapters in more detail, and finally, I’ll work on the scenes in fine detail, changing and revising for days. When I’m satisfied with the scene, I write it down in google docs and then copy it to WP after some light editing. So 90% is done in my head before the first word is written. It appears fast but in reality, I’ve worked on it for weeks. I usually have 3 to 5 scenes in my head at a time. Yep, my secret is Head Elves. Those rascals get a lot done for me. It’s insane, I know, but it works for me. How about you? What is your writing process?

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          1. You are a genius. I labor over my little poems. They are my babies. Some hold dark secrets, some are wistful or grieve over losses. I could never put together work such as yours. It seems my writing must be about my own experiences which definitely shows a lack of imagination. I started a book five years ago, it basically turned into a biography. I’ve had a interesting life, I’m not ready to share it because I put the book on hold and did not finish it. Bravo on your work Dan. It’s outstanding.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Many thanks fir the kind words Rene. I am far from genius ☺️, but my curiosity about all things has built a huge inner sanctum in my mind that I can draw from. Ahh, what a fascinating story, you have. We write first and best about what we know from our experiences. I can see the labor of love and determination in your poems. There is the most intricate turn of words in every line and your poems are like music, a cadenza starting in dolce and ending in crescendo. Your poems speak of life with a delicate and lyrical sense for those emotions experienced only on the razor edge of living. Write your story for yourself. It need not be shared unless you are compelled to do so. In that story, as it evolves, you’ll find where all the tears and laughter went. You’ll see a multitude of wildflowers growing in the mindscape at the borders of darkness and light. Perhaps you’ve seen it already. Your poetry certainly leads me to my own inner grassy hills overlooking fjords under azure skies. But most of all, follow that enormous heart of yours wherever it leads. There, you will always find your muse.

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                1. Thank you so much Rene, I am having a wonderful day so far. The birds are singing like it’s Springtime, and I have nothing to do except enjoy myself. A lovely Christmas Eve wishes to you and your loved ones, especially that young college man striking off on his own adventures in education.

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                    1. The story will arrive at your WP doorstep before noon your time. The next two scenes will test your endurance. The Wolf and Butterfly are historical friends and show us how we can live in the winters of our life to enjoy the return of spring.

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