“The resistance of a woman is not always a proof of her virtue, but more frequently of her experience.”

Ninon de L’Enclos
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Scene 20

“What is this Kinbaku you spoke in the night?” The wolfkeeper asked her master.

He glanced her way, not sure if he should answer. Seeing her anticipation, a curiosity that seemed willing to explore further, maybe participate in learning, the master replied. “It is the art of rope binding. In this art form, the snared woman is the succubus of her dominus. It can take years to become a master in the art of tying the knots. It can take a lifetime to master the art of bonding a willing female to the art. In this bonding of succubus to her Dominus or master, the master is consumed and the woman transformed.”

“How is she transformed, master?”

“She must surrender everything in her free will and be reduced to that point of her emergence from the womb. She is naked and bound in intricate ways with each knot, each strand of special twisted rope, bringing her into a condition of sensory overload. Her agony becomes her greatest ecstasy.”

“But how is the master consumed?”

“The woman in her place between agony and ecstasy forms a sexual bond with her master. No man can walk away from this bond because of its addictive power and his innate nature of lust. She becomes his succubus consuming his dreams and draining his life energy through their insatiable sexual union.”

“Does the master die?”

“Only if the woman doesn’t.”

“If the master dies and the woman lives, what then?”

“She becomes the master and must find a naive apprentice before the madness takes her.”

“Can you tie the knots, master?”

“I can.”

They look into each other’s eyes for an indeterminable amount of time. The master takes the wolfkeeper by the arm and leads her away.

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79 thoughts on “The Agony of Ecstasy-Scene 20

    1. Thank you Rene! I love your review of this short piece. While we will remain exactly as you describe it in this story, it will make more sense as we learn about that primordial connection of the Revenants to each other. The universe survives in the balance of dominion and submission. To create new planets and new lives, the universe must first consume old stars. It is the same for our Revenants.

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        1. I feel like every reader who devotes their time to read and enjoy this story deserves the best I can give. It is especially rewarding to have such good blogoteer friends who also contribute to a kinder world through thier art and discussion. It’s this collaboration of artistic souls that save me each day. You are very much appreciated, Rene.


    1. There was a lot of good discussion in comments and at first ot might be a little out there but it comes back in scope to explain the backstory for Alexandra’s handmaiden and alludes to some of the darkness in Castle Razvan.

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        1. LoL, well, we boys do cut up in here so ignore us, we’re actually harmless. And if we get out of line and violate good public decorum, we respond well to the rolled up newspaper corrective action technique. 😁

          Liked by 1 person

                1. Our community is my creative force. Without it, I would only write bawdy sailor songs and keep them in my sock drawer. That’s what I love about your blog. It is the neighborhood and it operates in such a cool way. I think it’s brilliant that you can be any of the characters and each personality is unique. I and your other readers get so caught up in the story.

                  Liked by 2 people

                  1. I know what you mean about the community being your creative force. Without the wonderful feedback I get, I might not have continued putting out a chapter every Saturday for the past three years. Well, I do take a week off between generations. lol

                    On a side note… you and your socks! 😀 My niece won our ugly sock party contest, btw. Her socks were dreadful! I wish I had a picture but even you would cringe at the ghastliness! 😀

                    I thank you for your kind words regarding my crazy story and cast of characters. 😀 😀

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                    1. I admire you sticking to your schedule Kymber. That’s tough to do so a lot of devotion to the readers is evident. Waaa haaa haaa! I thought mine were pretty rediculous but I’ll take your word for it. Ghastly beats rediculous hands down. 😮. Keep it coming. Reading your entire blog is my 2019 resolution. It’s just so cool, I cant help myself.

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                    2. I’m a rather slow reader, too. No worries, I really don’t expect you to read the whole thing. LOL 😀 I’m someone took a pic of those dreadful socks. I will see if I can get someone to send it to me. 😀

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                    3. Nothing could possibly work finer for a rebellion than the inflammatory assault of a wayward pair of socks. It started with women’s leggings, and now the power of the sock combined with leggings could be the catalyst for a much needed Fashionista Revolution.

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    1. Ah, wonder no more my draculauren friend. Here is the first clue of where the agony of ecstasy comes in but it is also symbolic of our emotional pain in the name of love. While the implementation of rope binding lends itself to some extremes, I only address the aesthetics and philosophy of it. It is endemic in women’s fashion in the Western world. Few women know what they are projecting with their elegant choker’s, multi-strapped clothing, and cutaway cloths. The men and women who control much of the women’s fashion world know exactly what their clothes are telegraphing to the kinbaku sibari aware male mind. It drives deep into the reptile brain of both sexes. Certainly, it is quite pleasant to the viewer or wearer.

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      1. Great comment, Hype. Agree. The belts, straps, bands, chokers and much of jewelry… all driving sensuality and sexuality if the wearers would but take their heads out of the sand and think about why they like wearing certain clothes (particularly at galas) that speak of offering through bondage. What is an engagement ring? 🙂

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        1. Uhmmmm hmmmm, you got it. We are deep into it. Even men with their multi-knot ties looking all cool with the criss-crossing layers in power-boy colors are just stepping into the dungeon. Not that we should step away from that part of our nature, we should understand it and not let it possess us in depraved ways. I channeled it into my warrior ethos. My objective was complete domination of the opponent through tactics, skill, will, teamwork in the pack, and mental toughness. The body always goes where the mind takes it. The secret to victory was never killing, but the destruction of the opponents will and means to fight. This is where our dominus nature was intended, the protection of the tribe and the leadership of the pack in the hunt and in battle.

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      2. Artfully explained. ❤ Indeed, I’ve seen a bajillion harnesses even at fast fashion stores like H&M. I’ve worn plenty of chokers, even dog collars, in my day. In the back of my mind I knew there was more to it. There were times when men playfully tugged on the o-ring and led me away.

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        1. OMG! Well…since you are still here and they are long gone, you won. You are the Master now. Personally, bondage symbology or not, I think they look really good on a gal and if she is a noir Gothic gal, it just makes her whole ensemble pop. So, no need to stop now.

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  1. Love this chapter, Daniel.

    This is how I first met Akira Lane.

    By watching her bondage videos which I accidentally came across after accidentally typing in the entire url of her website.

    But your description of the art of kinbaku (which Akira called shibari) is exactly what I thought was going on while accidentally watching these videos in their entirety.

    Tying the rope is indeed a matter of true artistry.

    And the agony of each knot became another bit of Akira’s ecstasy.

    And by the end of it, that’s what I noted from the expressions on faces- Akira had become the master and the one who tied the ropes became the servant.

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    1. Yes indeedy. One can learn all kinds of things by accidently typing in the url in a web browser. Akira Lane seemed to be a genuinely nice person too. Shibaru or Shibari is the next step after the Kinbaku. Together they are what Akira demonstrated and with great artistry, no doubt. I think the dynamic duo of Sherrielock Holmes tying the knots around the offenders neck and Panty Goatee hoisting the bad boy up off his feet, the world would soon be a joyous place to live. I don’t think that is totally in keeping with the intent but it would work just the same. 🦹🏻‍♂️

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  2. “Her agony becomes her greatest ecstasy.” It didn’t miss this line…the branding, so to speak… of your entire blog. Lustful. Addictive. But giving up that free will would be difficult for any person. Can’t wait to see where this goes…and now the challenge is on, the gloves are off! Great way to start 2019!!

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  3. Man, I would call this post profound, unique, and taking an ancient Japanese art into new ground. On the surface? S&M. But viewed through this POV? A spiritual ritual taking the two willing participants to nearly unheard of heights in human sexuality. Not for everyone. But I’d be the first in line to participate. Hype, this is awesome and unexpected. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a bit unrealistic of me to stick strictly to the aesthetic and art of this method of finding pleasure and pain. We humans can only turn this into a type of addiction that, like all addictions, can consume our lives completely. However, This story will only delve into the art to find the beauty in how we love and how love is a type of unenviable pain sometimes. We can call it a philosophy but really it is art in every sense of the word. And as we all know, the beauty of art is in the eye and mind of the viewer. The artist is the vector to the viewer’s senses.

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      1. Your ability to surprise the reader and make them wait in anticipation for the next page…or the next blog post…bodes well for your ultimate future. You’ve gone in a surprising new direction here…which is, in itself, addictive!!

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        1. The next two posts are scheduled for tomorrow and 9 January. Yes, I think this post serves as a backdrop for what comes next. You’ll see the connection. There are more surprises coming in Scene 22. I think it will make sense as you see the knots of scenes are all tied with the same rope. Muwaaa haaa haaaa!

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  4. Woaaahh.. this was really intense and very well-written!!!! Sensuous yet almost magical..I might be wrong with this but I could actually sense the intrigue , the curiosity spun by your words. And the ending just upped my curiosity..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do believe you have understood it well my savage friend. I’m going to explore a form of bondage in the story of The Agony of Ecstasy. I don’t plan to go into any bawdyness but attend to that part of our savage hearts that stays true to our beastial nature. There is a deep psyche to human bonding that can lead to a form of mental bondage that is so severely abused by many. But, there is also the bondage of love we often call devotion. Love and devotion is also severely abused. But, what if we found the center line of this aspect of our human nature? It intrigues me and I’m thrilled it intrigues you as well. Thank you for this wonderful comment.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I have the same reaction. 🙂 Succubus and Incubus and Japanese Baku. There just isn’t enough days to describe what goes on in my head when I visit such friends of my delightfully dark imagination. You won’t have to wait long. Tomorrow the follow on post is posted and then next Wednesday we wrap it up, but it won’t be the end by no means. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to stop me with holy water and a wooden stake if it gets too bawdy up in here. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hahahha. Don’t you dare limit your imagination because of me … let it all out!! I appreciate the rawness you bring out through your writing. It is the most refreshing thing I read on WP… surely admire the darkness in a story, when the line of wrong and right gets blurred and I am sure you will shock me in best way possible. Definelty looking forward to that.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. My INFJ personality allows me to be equally comfortable in the darkness of humanity as well as the light. I do think the greatest parts of life are lived off center and constantly moving back and forth in the spectrum of humanity. Besides, it tickles the hell out of me to hear my head elves scream. They sound like a sister chasing her brother after she finds a frog in her lingerie drawer. It’s hilarious. Well, the brother would say that.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. Samee… darkness is what keeps it real and intriguing. I am attracted to this style of writing the most with bit of everything coming together to pack an impact. Hahahaha..and those head elves sure are busy turning all the cogs in the brain right.. considering the way you write.. until then they can scream as much as they can.

                Liked by 1 person

                    1. I do enjoy my aloneness. I’m a deep introvert but not antisocial at all. I just need a lot of alone time to regenerate and my inner world is huge so staying there is no problem. I like crazy little asylumness. It must be a wonderfully eccentric society all to itself.

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                    2. LOL! I know that experience for myself as well. I tell my friends when I engage they need to have an exit plan or I’ll yak them into oblivion. I think that’s why my WP comments are 800 words. 😁

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                    3. Whoops, hit that send button too soon. I was going to say WP is like attending a friend’s performance and then the comments are an after show party. The comment section can be as entertaining as the main event. I do my best irreverent bloviation in the comments.

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  5. Very erotic. I’m imagining what would go through my mind as the knots are being tied: the anticipation, the deep breathing, the throbbing heart, the moistening vagina, the entire body becoming naught but a sex organ; the realization that when he’s done tying his knots, he’s no longer the master, I am, because for him it’s no longer desire or mere lust, but absolute need.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. While many miss the entire intent of this art, you have digested it down to its essential ingredients. It is true. Once the master has finished his knots he is the one in bondage. It transcends to the supernatural bond that cannot be broken. She now possesses all of his dreams. Or so they say. It’s really the whole meaning of this story but not in the physical sense. The characters are bound forever to each other until they solve the riddle of their bondage. Awesome comment Sha”Tara. You totally get it.

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