“Pleasure and pain, the good and the bad, are so intermixed that we can not shun the one without depriving ourselves of the other.”

Francoise d’Aubigne, Marquise de Maintenon
Image Source: Pinterest


Scene 21

Marius looked out the arched window of his room. Across the castle grounds to the Hillcrest beyond were tall fir trees that seemed like dark sentinels under the silver light of the waxing gibbous moon. He waited, lost in thought. Plans, strategies, orders, and the synchronicity of his constant vigilance with his forces afield tumbled through his ever calculating mind. His network of agents ferreted out the plotters who attempted the heinous act of murder on his Duchess. The secret war he had hoped would never come was his to win or lose.

No one attempted such things in my old days with the Secret Police. Marius thought to himself. Ah, for those days again, but without those damned Stalinists interfering at every turn. He lit a candle in the window with his cigar lighter and watched the small yellow flame gain strength, becoming a hot, flickering tongue.

The officer’s mind drifted to other, more pleasurable thoughts.
He looked out again and saw his reflection on the glass vibrating to the beat of the dancing candle flame. She’ll dance for me tonight by the gods below, Marius told himself as he tapped his fist on the granite window seal.

A short time later, Marius was rewarded by the sight of wolves prancing out of the shadow of the trees, looking back, and darting around and over each other. My, how they play like children. He mused.

The wolfkeeper’s daughter stepped out into the moonlight dressed in a hooded, wool coat. She paused to watch the wolves play. Marius saw her glance up at the window just as one of the wolves flipped the front of her coat open to sniff her.

Marius saw her velvet skin in the pale light along the open front as the woman pushed the wolve’s wet nose away and scolded him. An electric tingle gripped Marius. His yearning for comfort only a woman could give filled his fervent mind. It has been too long with this hunt as the pain of duty and the rush of time weighed on him like a ship’s ballast in a tossing sea.

Fantasy and desire gripped the man as he watched with the same piercing stare his wolves often displayed when observing their prey. He stood as a predator stands before the chase. His hunger grew insatiable with each day. Sweat formed on his brow and on the small of his back. He felt a fullness in his loins and an emptiness in his heart.

The wolfkeeper’s daughter threw the baton down the hill and watched as the frolicking beasts took off to retrieve the stick in the hope of a treat. They were rewarded, and the game began anew. Upon return of her creatures, she bent down to pet each canine and give them their snack. Marius saw the flash of her breast in the open collar. The inside of her exposed thigh was a torturous display of erotic temptation. Damn that woman. She plays with a fire she cannot put out.

Agitated fingers snuffed out the candle and drew the curtains closed. Marius went to the fireplace and lit the gas logs. A black leather couch with two end tables provided a comfortable seat before the fire. Marius removed his jacket and threw it over the back of the sofa. He loosened his tie then retrieved a black cherry flavored cigar with honey cured tobacco. Marius poured a brandy and set it over the spirit burner to warm up. The cigar came to life as he leaned over to the heater and drew in flames.

A column of smoke twisted like Arabian dancers in the light of the fire, and the aromatic odor of tobacco and brandy filled the air. It was the smell of privileged men. It was Marius’ scent. He relaxed and let the urgency of his need drain down and cool the heat in his mind and heart. He leaned the back of his head on the couch and exhaled smoke in the air. Calm determination returned as he contemplated his next move with predatorial sureness. Marius glanced at the mantel clock. Ten after midnight. She is late. I’ll have to punish her for that.

Soon, the hallway echoed the opening of the door to the stairs. Marius listened as the sole of petite boots tapped out a rhythm until they hit the center carpet and the tapping became a muted thud. He put out the cigar and finished his brandy. A light rap came at the door. He ignored it. A louder knock. Nothing. The door eased open and then clicked shut. The lock clanked with mechanical sureness. Marius stared at the fire, lost in his thoughts.

He saw her out of the corner of his eye. She leaned over to place a small tray on the end table. He detected the aroma of a freshly baked apple strudel, spices, buttery crust and the scent of wolves, wool, and warm, soft skin. She paused as Marius took in the inebriating view of her exposed breasts. His mouth watered. She had his attention now. She straightened herself and closed her top button to rebuke him for the pleasure he took from her.

“I brought your favorite strudel from the kitchen.”

“You’re late.”

“I had to . . .”

“What have I told you about keeping to your schedule?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I’ll not let it happen again.”

“Of course, you won’t. Is that barley tea with the strudel?”

“Yes, sir.”

Marius got up from the couch and approached the wolfkeeper’s daughter. She watched with wariness, appearing to try to read his mood. Marius grabbed the lapels of her jacket. He looked into her wide eyes full of surprise. The pupils darted around the room and back to him. He pulled her closer feeling the slightest tremble of her body against him and looked down into her face. There was no fear in her, only the wonder that seemed to settle into something else, a kind of subtle anticipation.

He studied her. His face came closer to her’s, invading her space. He saw her nostrils flare as she inhaled his essence, her pupils widened almost obliterating the blue irises reflecting his face and the glow of the fireplace superimposed in the moisture of her eyes. Ice and fire drifted through his mind. Her mouth parted and her breath flowed over his face in a familiar sweetness.

Marius lifted her chin and brushed her lips with his.

“Mmm. I see you’ve had your share of the strudel already.”

“A girl has to eat,” she replied in a confident tone. It was a mistake. She overestimated her power to quell the beast in his heart. More punishment. He smiled with the foreknowledge of how to restore discipline. The trepidation came to her eyes when she recognized her error.

“Take off the coat.”

“I…uh. I don’t…” She stammered, momentarily frozen in a modest virtue, desire, and her deep-rooted sensuality.

“Now, please,” The commander insisted, no malice in his curt reply.

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66 thoughts on “The Agony of Ecstasy-Scene 21

    1. Their game is like a Spanish Flamenco together. In the entirety of its energy and brusqueness there is a well orchestrated sensuality that to me speaks of the true nature of masculinity and femininity working together.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ray. I always look forward to your comments. I think the secret with good brandy is to stop after one glass if naked visitors are expected. Otherwise, cheers to a quiet and tasty evening.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, of course, you are very perceptive, Ray. I spent a lifetime learning exotic philosophies of ancient Asian cultures having lived in Asia for a while and also IndoGermanic cultures which also brought us the Kama Sutra. I’m Scandinavian with a bit of English corruption living in America, We Scandi people are quite adaptable out of necessity. The two halves of my whole, Asian-Norseman, gave me a fine appreciation for the exquisite pleasures of anticipation and sensory indulgence, with a bit of fire in the passions. Brandy and a naked woman by the fireplace forced to wait is an artform both genders can appreciate. Think of it, how many emotions can she experience, even anger. And then when the fire place and the couple are of equal temperature, the explosion of passions. Wow, that sounded naughty. So sorry for that Ray, I got carried away. 🤭

          Liked by 1 person

            1. That’s awesome Ray! I would recommend the iChing if you can locate a reference that explains the belief and not just show a bunch of lines and word explanations then move to Yin and Yang. This has the potential to change your view of how opposites in balance and out of balance help create the forces that influence every aspect of our lives. Next would be the Tao teh King by Laozi translated by Legge. Also, highly recommend the Kama Sutra translation as it is the perfect couples advice on relationships and how to properly match the man and woman for a lasting relationship. Chinese Astrology will also provide insights into the depth of Asia’s mysticism directly tied to the stars. I am most familiar with Korean beliefs and like their simplicity over the complexity of Chinese and Japanese ancient philosophies. It all derived from China which was the first well organized Asian civilization to form. They were quite advanced while the western world was still finger painting in caves. Of course, you can study these things without adopting them. There is no harm in that. For me, I applied it to my own life and it gave me a great deal of inner peace and understanding allowing me to grow mentally and spiritually. But, that is just me.

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. Tarot arrived only 2 days ago. I draw 2 days straight: only one card each day.
                      The first day it was tarot – the world. It’s actually the best card u can ever get lol 😂
                      And today I asked “ok, the card I’ll get – will be the title for my next book”. BOOOM! The Tarot – NINE OF CUPS (which is also damn great card, grants wishes & gives all harmony, happiness u need). And yeah, I sat & wrote introduction & chapter 6 lol. The book will be => humorous non-fiction about health, happiness, life, goals…spirituality too. The title – guess? 😂😂😂 right!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. 🙂 actually nine of cups could be a mystery book, right? Sounds mysterious/magical! But I already wrote the table of contents and plan + 2 raw chapters. So… non-fiction is my choice.
                      Tarot are addictive tho…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Maybe. But no way I’ll touch them now. I have enough writing & inspiration for the whole year ahead 🙂
                      Mmm, actually, that would be my perfect advice for those who r struggling with writers block 😂 – buy tarot.

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                    4. Runes …yeah, something to think about. But I got also animals tarot. Very cool. I’ll play with them for a while. I’m scared I have not so much time & energy (power) to write the book for each tarot card & all runes 😂😂😂

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    1. Thank you so much Rene! It means so much to see this dream of mine find other’s who would participate with their time to read and enjoy. It may take a little while to get through the story, but I will spare nothing to insure there is a well bound book for those who wish to keep it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Waaa haaa haaa! You probably wouldn’t believe, I conjured that up with a hot dutch apple pie slice and vanilla ice cream surfing along that buttery crust by my side. I don’t know about my male friends but if someone makes a buttery crust perfume, I imagine there is going to be one hell of a population explosion. That would be just too delicious to pass up. Glad you liked that picture. I think it was made for my story. It seemed that way to me. I do hope you like the conclusion of scene 21 coming in Scene 22 after a brief flashback to Dari’s origins…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I believe. 😀 Gawd that sounds good right now! My thing would be cinnamon buns, I go wild at the thought!

        And yes the image is just perfect! Gotta love Pinterest.

        I plan to get caught up by the end of this week. It’s been a snowy weekend here in KC and I’ve been immersed in various projects. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh oh ohhhh! I am a total fool for a cinnamon bun. That weather stuff is getting serious about being wintery now. I’ll leave the light on so you can find your way through the messy streets to the Hyperion Hall of bemused musings any time.

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  1. Damn…Marius is indeed the Uber male and lives like one. Cigars. Brandy. Handmaidens that
    smell like sugar n spice n everything nice! It’s almost as if you just forgot to make him a Vampire because he has all the same hypnotic, powerful characteristics. Is this character you…or what you’ve always imagined you liked to be? Just gotta ask. You also have an uncanny ability to bring me into the very room with your characters and make me feel like I’m watching this happen in real time. This could easily be published…just keep it going bro. I’ll try to keep up, got Thursday slated for a new post. You’re leading the pack right now Hype, pun intended!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perfect! You describe Marius the way I hope to portray him. I suspect the wolfkeeper’s daughter knows precisely what she is doing and she doesn’t have to fake who or what she is to captivate a man like Marius. Marius is an amalgamation of myself and men I have served with that had that Alpha warrior ethos. It takes a special kind of woman to tame such a beast. I give them both a bit of wolf personality because it is one theory that Dacian is a derivative of the local ancient language meaning Wolf and they long had a close association with wolves. The Society of Wolves is a true historical society along with Vlad the Impaler’s father’s Society of the Red Dragons which defeated the Wolves for the principality of Wallachian lands. These bits of history feed the persona of the characters as well and creates the conflict the story is based on. The exiled King of Romania recently died leaving the position open for a successor. It seems the Viscount might have a shot at it if all goes well. He’ll need Marius to help eliminate any roadblocks. A noble and honorable man that is ruthless in war in a perfected Machiavelli way is indespensible at times. This is the character Marius encompasses. My kinda guy 😎

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Excellent! There are a lot of observations in the book that are very relevant to today’s world even though it was written almost 30 years ago. I’ve moved to the next one, Heretics of Dune. I let you know what I think.

              Liked by 1 person

                1. Awesome bro! I just finished another short post taking us back to the Wolfkeeper to finish her story before we jump back to the present. Just a little literary time travel to keep it interesting. I’ll post it this Saturday.


    1. Awesome! I was hoping it wasnt too unbelievable to capture the imagination. The follow on cones next Wednesday and we learn who the wolfkeeper’s daughter is. Her mother was the young apprentice that went with the master and his rope tying skills in Scene 20. Kind of a little twist in the story.


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