The voice of the sea is seductive, never ceasing, whispering, clamoring, murmuring, inviting the soul to wander in abysses of solitude.

Kate Chopin, The Awakening
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The Seduction

A year later, Mariah gazed out the window at the river below. The thought of how much of her life was spent daydreaming through glass amused her? It was these times her introspection found meaning in the visions that played out on the other side of the glass connecting her to her innermost thoughts.

Arms caressed her stomach as thoughts took Mariah back months before this day. Her breath played out in a whisper. She recalled when Peter first made love to her. She looked out through the window and let her imagination feel him again.

Mariah savored the thought of his body against her. She inhaled his scent and felt his warm breath on her neck. The feeling of his love and his attention to her most sensitive wells of pleasure created an upwelling flood of emotion, a feeling of tense need. A tingle cascaded from her neck to her back as she imagined what Peter did to her and brought her to climax. What a pang of hunger for his touch she had developed. Mariah floated in her muse with a fixed gaze through the pane of glass. The wildness of his passion for her made her feel alive with sensations she never experienced before. She adored her mountain hideaway with her Dragon lover.

She spied him walking up the path. His red and black plaid shirt with his jeans and boots accentuated his rugged good looks. Her heart raced when she heard him step up on the porch. The sound of heavy boots announced his arrival home and his return to her arms.

She waited impatiently and paced in the kitchen as he gathered firewood on the porch. She opened the door to let him walk in with the night’s firewood in his arms. He leaned over and kissed her while balancing the weight.  

“I’ll get things going on the stove while you shower, dear.” Mariah urged him along, her desire for him poorly concealed.

After dinner, Mariah joined him with her damp hair hanging loose on her shoulders. They lay on the sofa in front of the fire in each other’s arms and chatted about everything they wanted to together. They had a lot of plans to make.

“Are you ready for your massage?” He grinned and arched his eyebrows.

Mariah laughed and nodded in an exaggerated way to show her eagerness.

“I’ve been waiting all day. I had to change my panties twice.” She smiled as her eyes took in the man that looked at her like she was a delicious meal set for a hungry lumberjack.

“What about now?”

 “I’m not wearing any panties now.”  Her voice broke as she tried to control her excitement at the touch of his warm hands.

He opened her robe and caressed the large bump of her taut stomach. He lowered his ear to her and listened as Mariah stroked his hair.

She jumped and let out a laugh.

“She just kicked me.”

His face beamed as he lowered his head again.

“Hello Valeriya, Daddy loves you too.”

He reached for a small tub and dipped his fingers in, lifting out a creamy paste and rubbed it on Mariah’s stomach and swelling breasts in gentle strokes, careful to rub it into her tight, stretched skin.

Mariah threw her head back on the pillow and reveled in her pleasure.  She put her arms around his neck and held him to her.

“Oh, Peter, I love you.”

And he loved her as well. Mariah knew that Peter had committed to her completely because of his words and deed, his gaze into her eyes at the height of their passion. Their seduction was complete and the Dragons rejoiced. 


The screen flickered with the flashing of dialog boxes and tables of data. Graphics spun around in bright colors exposing the molecular changes forced by chemical and cellular doping. Mariah’s intense look melted into satisfaction, then a muted joy. The new DNA markers for her Cybrid breeders were approaching perfection. The new generation would have all of the historical human corruption removed. No more Neanderthal, Denosovian, Cro Magnon pollution that brought the worst of human suffering in its coded helix coils. Homo Sapien would be as intended before the crossbreeding with the dying species of ancient hominids. She and Jon had done it. Their experiments were finally ready to go to work.

Her watch confirmed what her stomach told her. Mariah got up slowly, letting the fatigue of hours in front of the screen drain from her and focused on fixing something to eat. Gosh, did I eat breakfast? When did I eat last, she thought.

Mariah assembled her favorite salad and added avocado spread to lightly toasted bread and arranged sliced mango on the green bedding. In the distance, she heard the report of rifles firing. Val would be 21 soon. Her training as a Praetorian Guard filled Mariah with pride and fear for Val. Peter and Mariah had done all they could to rear Valeriya with a noble purpose but ultimately, as she entered the age of majority and would leave to serve her duties in the Cybrid Dragon Forces as an officer and leader, it was up to Val to determine her own course in the conflicts that had cropped up across the globe. 

Mariah had kept close scrutiny on the Cybrid Dragon Alliances that met fierce resistance in the old east European regions. They were the last hold outs to the prophesied merger of Cybrid and human creating a Cybrid rebellion hell-bent on destroying the Dragons and the march toward a better world. Mariah was as determined to quell the rebellion as the old Dragons had been.

The Cybrid director of the biomedical development center had dedicated her life bringing Dragon and Cybrid together and enhancing the new breed with genetic slicing. That Valeriya would be the vanguard of the last battle was Mariah’s end game. She paused to let her throat relax so she could swallow. How many millions of mothers in history had sent their children to war with hope and were soon left with devastation. 

We all must sacrifice if we want to achieve our dream, Mariah thought. Val knew this and her youthful desire and ideological dreams compelled her to offer her breasts to the god of war’s sweet lips in the seduction of blood and lust. Mariah sniffed back a tear and continued to chew while watching the screen of her latest genetic model evolve.

33 thoughts on “March of the Cybrids-14

  1. Great writing as usual there, Daniel.

    I don’t recall Mariah giving birth to a baby in the original draft.

    And the name Valeriya.

    Which is Sherry’s middle name. Although you spelled it differently.

    Was that conscious or unconscious on your part?

    I know I’m missing my muse these days not because I’ve stopped writing but because she always, in her comments on my blog posts, explained what it was that I was actually writing about when I didn’t know – which is most of the time.

    So these days I’m having to blindly write away hoping that someday someone will post the comment explainng just what it is that I’m writing.

    I get plenty of good comments but none that nails my writing down to the core with the perception of Sherry.

    Valeriya is a great name for a warrioress.

    Although our mutual friend Valeria didn’t fight for Cybrid Ops.

    Her method of warfare proved the truth of the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword.


  2. Holy hop, skip and jump ahead! Beautifully written as you are programmed to do, and bring about hope for all mankind by eliminating all that evil “Neanderthal, Denosovian, Cro Magnon pollution that brought the worst of human suffering in its coded helix coils…” Way to clear the way for the new, improved Homo Sapien! But will they still be homo sapien? If not, Homo…what? Home Cybrid? Up to you. I love the way Peter gives her a stomach and breast massage…not in a sexual way, but in a loving way so mother, father and child can bond together as a family. Did you do this? If not, all husbands should learn from you…a total bonding ritual. Love it Hype!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes indeedy, we are moving ahead quickly now. I cut out all the boring stuff and moved us up to the actual entry into the conflict started by Mariah and Gloria. It’s about to get real. When my son was born, my wife feared the dreaded stretch marks as much as she feared I would not find her alluring and attractive and so to put her fears aside, I carefully massaged her very pregnant belly and amazing breasts that ballooned to 4 sizes larger than normal. She was very tender so it turned into a ritual of slow massage that often had happy endings for the masseur as well as the client. Apparently, it works because there was not a single stretch mark afterward. She was back to hot chick status in four months. She was told that breastfeeding, kegels, and several orgasms a day would help her regain her youthful figure. We believed with all our heart and soul and apparently it worked. I think we are going to end up with a new species called Hybridicus Draconin. Sounds a bit evil tho.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. That was actually a long time ago before the internet. Now, I think new mothers can just watch YouTube videos on their smart phone and magic happens. In 10 BI, (Before Internet) you had time during the nightly news, for physical interactions. Those were definitely the good ole days.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my, things are moving along quickly and stunningly. Just as I am recovering from finding that Mariah and Peter have conceived ( that was hot 🥵) the war to overcome resistance to the merger of Cybrid and Dragon is in full fury. Fabulously exciting, amazing writing Mr. H.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes indeedy, those Cybrids don’t dilly-dally. It’s just not in their nature. 😉. I cut a ton of storyline out here to move us along to the next big adventure. Part II comes Thursday and we shift back to Gloria and Valeriya, Mariah’s young daughter, becoming allies to end the conflict.

      Liked by 2 people

                    1. I’m really thrilled you like it Rene, and to think you even read it on the fly is precisely how I envisioned these stories, something to entertain the commuter in an anthology that could be read as quickly or slowly as they wished. Saturday we whip over to Confessions and Currency in story format and then Monday, back to the dragons for a while longer.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Seriously, I have high levels of angst that I didn’t do your poem justice. But, angst is the creative energy that leads to refinement of the arts. I be refining my narrow butt off 😂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. That’s true. My Head Elves never met a stranger. We like everybody unless they steal our wallet or cell phone, then we aren’t so keen to be friends. Every one else is golden. 😊

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. The Elves and I have had a beautiful day, Rene, even though part of it was spent at work. Work was lovely as well. My phone’s worst enemy is actually me. I leave it places and can’t remember what places I left it. I think my phone has abandonment anxiety. I hope you had a wonderful ❤️day and that circumstances left you with no doubt you are loved by many in all the preferred ways in all the roles you fill.

                      Liked by 1 person

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