The black strip of beach and dark treeline behind it was like staring into the void of another dimension. Gloria rested her chest on the top of the inflatable raft and struggled to stay in the craft as it skimmed across the crest of the waves and crashed into the troughs only to porpoise up into the next wave. She tightened her grip on her weapon and spread her knees wide to lock them into the flexing walls. Trembling hands lifted her visor to let the wind cool her face. She gasped for air as adrenaline drove her body into a frenzy.

Raul leaned forward feeling Gloria’s backside against his groin. He put his weight on her back to hold her steady and wrapped one arm around her waist while clutching the remote control of the outboard motor with the other. Locked together in their embrace, they held on against the bucking inflatable and raced to shore.

“I’d give anything to have you like this back on the ship.” Raul whispered in the mic.

Gloria looked over her shoulder into Raul’s calm awareness. When she saw his fierce eyes, she mouthed the words, “I love you.” His arm squeezed her waist in response. A tear flew from the corner of her eye as she turned around and lowered her visor. The teardrop impacted Raul’s visor and trailed across the side of his helmet.

Raul blinked.  Gloria’s silent confession was a long time coming, he thought. Satisfied, he released himself to the rage of chaos that lived in his heart and waited for him on the beach. He felt his heart pounding in his ears. Their bodies shook from the surge of adrenaline. The dark world that embraced them like a womb consumed their thoughts as they looked into the blackness ahead. The beach and their fate came at them like a boxer’s clenched fists.

“I’ve got unidentified heat signatures at one o’clock.” Gloria’s voice drifted in Raul’s earpiece.

“Do you have a bearing on the guide.”

“Rodger, bearing 341 degrees, 825 meters and closing . . .” fast.”

“Copy bearing 341 at 825 meters. Standby on the heads-up display for my instructions.”

“Standing by,” Gloria replied in the terse language of warriors over the radio.

Gloria watched the shoreline come to them at 150 km/hr as her encrypted instructions scrolled across her vision. Raul suggested he bail close to shore and circle behind the unknown company Gloria’s night vision array picked up. She would take the skiff up on shore in front of their contact and flank the unknown force while Raul drove hard into their rear. They would set up an L shaped ambush and drive them into the sea. Gloria read the last word, acknowledge.

“Acknowledge,” She replied to indicate her acceptance of Raul’s plan.

Showtime. Gloria no longer felt Raul’s weight on her back or the numbing vibrations of the speeding craft. The high pitched whine of the motor faded from her agitated nerves. She envisioned her actions as soon as the inflatable crashed onto the beach.  

The raft leaped up into the air as it struck the natural ramp of the shore. The Praetorian somersaulted off the side, cartwheeled to bleed off the force of the landing, and drove toward the tree line as soon as her feet anchored in the sand. The titanium talons that tipped the toes of her boots dug in as her legs churned, propelling her toward Tamari. She clenched her teeth so hard her jaw hurt. Gloria slammed into Tamari and drove their bodies to the ground.

* * *

The Cybrid leader heard the whine of the engine in the dark and then the impact on the beach. A flash of black in his night vision told him their targets had landed. He signaled his men to close on the Dragons.

“Kill them! Kill anything that moves.”

Several men rose from their positions and moved forward while others lay hidden in the brush waiting for a glimpse of the Dragons they hoped to kill.

* * *

Gloria’s eyes were narrow slits, emotionless and cold through her visor. Tamari’s shocked voice crackled in her helmet.


“Tamari, get up. We have company.”

“The horses are back in the woods. Follow me.” Tamari motioned behind her.

The Dragon Sisters moved through the trees in a crouch toward the horses as the Cybrids closed in. One of the Cybrids saw a flash of movement and opened up with his weapon. Green tracers stitched the ground and trees ricocheting through the forest like angry fireflies. The echo of the automatic rifle and rounds tearing up everything in their path alerted the others who raced to the sound of gunfire to join the fight.

More Cybrids began to shoot into the forest trying to flush out their quarry. The sweeping fire forced Tamari and Gloria to the ground as they crawled among the trees trying to keep some distance between them and the Cybrid Rebels and not give away their location.

The Cybrids moved closer. Soon they would be on top of the Dragon Sisters. Tamari had no armor and only a small curved blade.

“Tamari, I’m going to divert them. You get the horses and move back 200 meters. We’ll catch up later.”

“Where is your man?”

“He is behind them. Move!”  Gloria grunted.

Gloria’s harsh order sent Tamari scrambling away just as a Cybrid walked up. He heard the noise and turned toward the Dragons, his weapon at the ready. Two golden orbs of light appeared in front of him near the ground. He looked to get a better view when he realized they were night eye lights on a black helmet. A chill ran down his spine as a blur hit him full in the chest driving him backward.

Gloria trapped his legs with hers as the talons on her gauntlets tore into his neck. They slammed into the ground as the Dragon pinned the stunned man underneath her. He opened his mouth to scream as talons crushed his throat. The frenzy of slaughter ended as soon as it began. The Dragon moved to a new spot and prepared to grab another Cybrid crashing through the brush toward her.

* * *

“Shit!” Raul watched as the fight evolved. He gave the Cybrids enough time to become absorbed in moving toward the Dragon Sisters, leaving their rearguard alone.  He eased up and fired one silenced shot into the distracted Cybrid assigned to watch the back. The man crumpled without a sound. More Cybrids began to drop. A loud crash in the brush was followed by the convulsive flailing of arms and legs against the ground. The death throes of another Dragon victim alerted Raul and the Cybrids, where one of the sisters claimed another kill.

Panic set in as the Cybrids realized more than one Dragon stalked them in the predawn darkness. The men hiding in the brush stood and fired into the trees where the sounds of gunfire and a death struggle ensued. Raul picked them off and moved in closer. Two of the rebels ran into the forest as Raul concentrated on the ones closest to him.

Raul’s heart pounded. He sucked his breath in gasps between his teeth. The inside of his visor reflected the golden glow of his night vision lights as he entered the point of no return. The slaughter began in earnest. Raul ran toward his next victim, who seemed to turn in slow motion. Their eyes met as Raul clubbed the man with the skull crusher on the hilt of his blade. The knife sliced through the Cybrid’s throat before slicing through the hamstring of his leg. Raul was gone before the bleeding Cybrid crashed to the ground.

Screams and green tracers flashed and popped in the forest. Gloria’s agonized grunt sounded in Raul’s earpiece. He turned to fight his way to where he thought Gloria and Tamari were. He pleaded for Gloria’s location on his heads-up display. There was only static noise as a reply.

A Cybrid saw Raul turn and make his way to the woods. He stuck his weapon up and fired using the tracers to guide his aim.

Bullets slammed into Raul sending pieces of his armor suit and gear sailing into the air as he collapsed from the impact.

The Cybrid turned to head to the Khobi River nearby for extraction. Other Cybrids also made their way to the river. They wanted to believe they killed the Dragons, but none of them were willing to walk around in the dark to ensure they were dead. The battle was over for the Cybrids.

Raul rolled on his side and tried to get up. He felt like his body was too heavy to stand.  He sat in the brush and took off his helmet and listened for movement. In the woods, he heard a muted wail. The sound always chilled his blood. He couldn’t bear to hear it. The sound came from where he last saw the flash of gun barrels. He couldn’t tell if it was Gloria or Tamari.

The wail sounded like a mother mourning the loss of a child. It echoed through the forest just above the natural sounds of a forest torn by violence coming to rest once again. Raul forced himself to close on the scene as fast as his battered body would let him. The anguish he heard could only mean one thing. One of his Dragon Sisters was dead or seriously wounded. He choked down his feelings and focused on finding Gloria and Tamari.

79 thoughts on “March of the Cybrids-18

                  1. Sweet. I have some good news (btw, you can just delete our conversation here as you go if you don’t want it hanging around on your blog lol. I’m just psyched that we may get to chat “live”😂)
                    I contActed WP help and they reignited my other blog H. EVERYTHING is back. I was so heartbroken over the loss of hundreds of posts and other things I’d saved there. Oh my gosh. But for now I’ve made it private until I work out what to do and what is safest for me.

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  1. Exciting and intense scene Dan, exceeds all expectations of what the Dragons might confront . I fear for Gloria and need to know what has happened with her and Tamari. An amazing scene Dan, love it, your writing has all the elements needed to keep us glued and on the edge of our seats. Love what you’ve done here ! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wooo hooo! Thank you Rene. I’m thrilled this is going well for you. It keeps going in that tenseness. But, we find that no matter what, the bonds forged in fire last through the most fierce of challenges. In those hearts, love will endure long after lives pass into memory.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed the opening scene of Gloria and Raul together on the raft. It’s exhilarating, you can feel the adrenaline rush as they close in, and there’s some sexiness, some vulnerability on Gloria’s part…it’s good stuff, including the similes you used. Your army experience shines through here, but the beauty of reading your work is that you have mastered the masculine and feminine. Bloody battles with fierce warriors contrasting with the softness of romance, all while ramping up the tension and leaving us with uncertainty at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much Lauren! This is what I hoped to portray in an ultimately positive way. I get a bit clinical sometimes with my explanations but what drives the whole train is my attempts to reach inside and show us what the characters feel and think and what they do. Getting that right is a challenge and I do appreciate that you get it so well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. BTW, I’ve overcome my fear of the cliché and am now taking more story on its “predictable” trajectory. “Safe in the Crowd” represents the beginning of plot!! n my mind, it may be “predictable” but I hope to have some surprise in store still! Hope to see you there!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Weird that, no idea what’s wrong and too – MUCH TOO – work busy to go poking in WP’s innards at the moment. Try putting comment on other posts on my blog – write anything except “I love you” and let’s see if anything dribbles through. Meanwhile, did I tell you I really, i mean REALLY liked you last post? And since this is on Hype’s blog… I haven’t had time to read that last Dragon post yet, maybe later tonight… gotta find out what the hell the screaming was all about. Both of you are pushing out some truly high intensity story telling.

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          1. I had the exact same problem. I had to close out the browser, restart and navigate back to Sha’Tara’s excellent post. Of course, I left an insane comment to torture the WP censors. I used the words spank my butt to test the filters and it went thru alright. Sorry Sha’Tara. I thought it was an excellent post on the contrast of RH and SI living.


            1. I like your comment also, Hype – will be tackling it “in style” as soon as I get some work monkeys off my back. The secret of staying young: retire and jump into totally different type of work and discover you’re working harder than at any time in your “corporate driven” life – but this is real work and I enjoy it, so no complaints on that score!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I am totally jealous. Not only are you wise, healthy, and strong, you live in a great place and you’re doing the most rewarding kind of work. Please Don’t give up on me. I’m getting there……..

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          2. I read Hype’s latest, but, like you…I’m letting it gestate before I comment. It’s got it all. Death. Sex. No drugs tho. Yeah, I comment on yours it disappeared. Tried again, same result. Cya on The Ennui-Virus. My “plot” is staring to crystalize!

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            1. Hi George, I found a bunch of your comments in WP’s cursed SPAM box and marked them as not spam. Now to see if they turn up somewhere…
              Oh, WP cursed spam box,
              a pox upon thee, I say, a pox!

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    1. I will be there. This is great work. Like we said before, the editors can have it later, for now, let’s have a wing ding literary throw down with BBQ and Nanite beer. Let’s have fun and enjoy the story.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Ya know, now that I’m reading about the Weinstein case a bit more closely, I’m even embarrassed I joked about it. He’s an offensive pig. But think of Power…absolute power corrupts absolutely…think of how so many people on the planet carry Ghengis Khan’s DNA…what I’m trying to ask is this the direction men in power ultimately drift?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always, George, no exceptions. Men of power; men in power – take. They walk a path made entirely of the blood, sweat and tears of victims. A few are stopped but most live long and destructive lives for that too is a result of programming and DNA. Few today talk about “the blue bloods”, those powerful houses who were descendents of the Nephilims who were the bastard descendents of the Anunnaki. These are your elites and if serious studies COULD be made (that will never be allowed) it would be discovered that the current elite of plutocrats are either direct descendents of the A’s and N’s or very close and opportune “friends” and their “trophy wives” are nothing more than concubines who have no real say in the behaviour of their MASTERS except to support them. Consider Trump and Ivanka. There were some Nephilims who rebelled against the power structure set up by the A’s and went out to help the beleaguered masses. They too have descendents… and as I wrote recently in a blog, I am one of those. It doesn’t mean much now but I do see the world in totally different ways than either the ruling elites or the rank and file. The funny thing is, if I was given a complete free hand in ruling this little world I would have little trouble managing it. It’s not a complex problem – given that necessary free hand and complete immunity from any backlash from the Establishment and its billions of supporting, screaming mindless clones. The collapse of empire always casts us in “interesting times.”

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sadly this is so true, it hurts regarding the abuse of power and people. I’ve never been able to convince myself everyone is bad but it isn’t hard these days to come to that conclusion. You should run for World Leader as soon as that position opens up. You likely wouldn’t have any competent competition.


        1. Quote: “You should run for World Leader as soon as that position opens up.” The position is always open, and I have “held” it most of my life. You see, I always vote for the one who seems to be the best in show leader and that was always me. So I quietly vote for myself and I always win since no one is running against me. I’m what is known as a placeholder. I don’t need crown, scepter, special gown, throne or a bunch of overfed lackeys to do my bidding, and I don’t cost the world a penny in maintenance. I’m just here, watching, learning, knowing. I see every repetitive stupid move and have an instant counter move since I need not ask permission from history, civilization or any ruling system extant to think. With well practiced detachment, such a ‘position’ doesn’t lead to frustration or despair. Some water flows on top of the river and some on the bottom. The bottom layer keeps the most constant temperature. Or there’s that other saying, ‘Still waters run deep.’ Eventually and inevitably, by choice of purpose, I will rule the world until it no longer requires ruling, for to that end the compassionate ruler always works. No pride or panic: just inevitability and I have eternity. In “Naked Gun” the villain, Vincent Ludwig, after demonstrating a programming gadget states: “Anyone can be an assassin.” In my understanding, with the proper mindset, anyone can be a world leader. It has nothing to do with power or popularity, just total commitment to purpose.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I believe we would have a world leader if one could set a noble example for the others to follow. What if Pootin or Xi set a magnificent example and the free world clamored to follow that example? What would a US or Canadian leader do in the face of world favor pointed in a new direction. What has the world pointed in a new direction now is the exact opposite as countries whose coffers are full of US dollars scurry away to find a more benevolent crook with a tad more predictability. This is Justin T’s big moment to step into the limelight and welcome the world to his door. Unfortunately, the US Yellow Journalist are too busy bashing Trump to notice anyone else and so world news is a bit lacking. It could happen.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. This Trudeau, based on what I’ve heard, is essentially a playboy, friend of pipeliners and Big Oil and definitely a Trump lapdog. Expect nothing leadership-wise to come from that. If it was his father, Pierre Elliott, it would be a different story. In any case, these political games and their chess board figures operate by rules they cannot break. Only the people, when pushed beyond their normal slave mentality, can operate outside the rules… as long as the mobs aren’t taken over by some “leader” – then it’s business as usual again.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. The thought that popped into my head when reading your comment was thus we have no world leader. But, I also thought that really wasn’t what we were asking for. Just affirming that thankless job would be something to write in on the ballots. World Leader Sha’Tara. Then, if enough of us do that it would scare Bernie and cause a Trumpastic twitter storm, which I think would be some real fun. Probably what we deserve is a demonic despot that enslaves us and after a big bunch of whining about that the Rebel Alliance frees us and then enslaves us again making us miss the good ole days of demonic possession. Wouldn’t that be just like the people like it? Misery breeds dreams and enough misery brings action. Hmmmm, I probably should have finished my first coffee of the morning before embarking on this thought string.


                1. Sucking on that necessary first cup as I write, clearing the cobwebs of some deep dreams. You just reminded me that “the Teachers” never once endorsed joining any rebel alliance – I suppose that may run counter to my stated purpose of being an avatar of compassion, yet I remain firmly “ambidextrous” 😉 in this matter. The Teachers taught me resistance, a la Gandhi satyagraha style, so what my personal role would be in countering the Time Lords remains a bit of a mystery. I have to get to Altaria and take more training, doubtless it will all become clear as freshly flowing mud in that episode. (Can’t use the word “time” on Altaria, the concept is seriously frowned upon and there is no time as such there anyway.) If the RA (rebel alliance) uses military force, the violence of coercing and etc, then it’s a no-go for me because they will just be repeating history and your comment is right on: they free “us” from the bad guys, become the bad guys in turn, then we have to rebel against them…
                  Quote: “Probably what we deserve is a demonic despot that enslaves us and after a big bunch of whining about that the Rebel Alliance frees us and then enslaves us again making us miss the good ole days of demonic possession. Wouldn’t that be just like the people like it? Misery breeds dreams and enough misery brings action.”
                  We already have the demonic despot but the programming/propaganda has turned it into various types of religion and current generic depravity has turned that into little more than a big joke, so no one realizes the oppression is not earth-based nor man-made. There would be no “freeing us” unless we woke up, realized there is an “Alliance” and joining up. My understanding is, each planet is responsible to form its own local web of resistance – then contact is made with the local rebels to negotiate a joining of forces. Much of that depends a great deal on the current oppressive forces having grown lax and secure in their exceptional, unbeatable superiority. Many local rebel movements have been crushed mercilessly. I have “information” of entire worlds being stripped of all sentient life in violent reprisals against rebellion. We have to realize that neither side has anywhere to go to it’s a war to the finish. Earth is going to get involved eventually and my visions tell me that this world will fare remarkably well considering the horror it’s about to undergo once “enough misery brings action” and that action, once begun, can never end until one side or the other is completely destroyed. Remember me telling you that the new mutant humans of Earth will destroy all remaining aspects of this civilization? The reason is simple: the enemy created and owns this civilization. If “we” retain any aspect of it, the evil within it will re-clone itself and the corruption will begin all over. That cannot be permitted so everything, including every bit of knowledge, all of man’s science, absolutely all of its records, writings and art forms have to be destroyed. The new humans, true humans, will have to design their own civilization from their own minds, not even from scratch!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Isn’t it interesting that what we see here is the blueprint of human history repeated. We do know without doubt that our Homo Sapiens is the genetic offspring of 7 different hominid species and we have found 6 of them. There remains 1 more to find to complete the puzzle. Interbreeding of species like dogs or horses can only be accomplished if those species are in close proximity of each other. So even as we go back 50 million years, we see interbreeding. This means that the world was widely populated and that different species of humans mingled at the borders of their domains. Much later we see the signs of environmental stress as food becomes scarce we see the signs of predation. At some point we organized against that other group and the better organized group won until yet another better group with better weapons took the field. And so it goes until it becomes a mere way of expressing power as in Alexander the Great. He conquered for glory only. Genghis Khan, who many non Asians who have never lived a day on the plains of Mongolia, condemn. He conquered tribes whose leaders were far less honorable and who people flocked to him because he established laws of fair treatment and rules of order that all had to abide or suffer death. He was a step forward. And what of Europe’s bloody history where even Rome was sacked no less than 7 times in it’s history. It speaks of how there is no noble and benevolent entity on the planet at least in the last 50 million years. Every liberator is a dictator. The programming is to make an alliance, even an uneasy alliance to overcome another’s aggression. We do this today, it’s called NATO, OAS, OPEC and so on. Alliances against Alliances with intent to either overthrow or defend against being over thrown. And so the thought there are other beings out there with the idea to overthrow Homo Sapien to make things better is the Same as Persia’s great Army fighting the Greeks. One failed civilization fighting another. Wasn’t it Genghis Khan, the hated Mongol who solved his alliance issues by killing every living thing and sowing salt in the earth? Genocide is genocide regardless of who justifies it for whatever reason favorable to themselves. Why not extinction? That at least isn’t a crime against humanity. And if entire worlds are stripped of all sentient life for reprisal is not the attacker the same as we are only more powerful and ruthless? So in my vision that I turned into a story to make it approachable, we realize why we do the things we do and simply remove it from human offspring. We remove the genetic mutations that cause disease, weakness, and give the future a brighter path but as all things dreamed up by humans, it is the unintended consequences that will haunt us in the end. Is it possible to breed out Homo Sapien to a new species? Yes. Will we or some other other world entity do that? Likely. And those beings will either do whatever it takes to survive or they will perish too.


    2. I think in the Hollywood arena, abuse and deviant behavior is especially egregious. HW was exposed as a hermaphrodite with ambiguous genitalia. Dear gods below, instead of seeking a life of dignity and grace and using his position to truly help young actors and actresses with talent find their dream, he stole their dream and left them with nightmares. He needs to swing with a noose made from Karma. Sadly, he is just one dog turd in a field of dog turds.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yep, the woman that started the whole thing had it in the testimony that he was deformed and then described the deformity. I think the reason for that was to prove he actually exposed himself during the abuse. The description was graphic. The cringe factor skyrocketed when she described how he would demand sexual favor then fly into a rage when denied. That seemed to be the story from all the women that testified. It was like it was his thing, that he would set it up and play his game. Total evil.

          Liked by 2 people

            1. I wasn’t keeping up either but some the the court reporting caught my attention and I delved deeper. It was truly horrifying and people were loyal to him because he made them money much like Epstein was the pimp for world leaders. There are more people angry that Epstein and Weinstein are out of business than those angry at what they did to their victims. It’s a sick world out there.

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. Did you shudder like I did? I hold no draconian thoughts about the different forms of human anatomy or sexuality but when you are an evil predator as ugly as Weinstein it gives me the willies. That is nightmare stuff and because these young women over decades hoped this troll could further their career in an industry of predators, the jury lets the bastard slide. He could be out in 6 years on good behavior but I think good behavior may be difficult to obtain. Money. How it blinds.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Exactly as it was in France and England when Victor Hugo wrote “Les Miserables” and Charles Dickens wrote about the dystopian reality of his times. The more things change, the more they stay the same. 7 years hard labour (if memory serves) for stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving children; work houses, debtors’ prisons, poor laws… but it remains true, “The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes. ‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest. It becomes The thronèd monarch better than his crown.” (Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare) and we continue to ignore this to our certain peril.

                      Liked by 1 person

  5. Adding to my earlier terse comment, hum, seems a really badly planned “attack” by the three upon a full force of Cybrids – certainly very poor intel in their part, like, hey, what’s up with that? Tamari with no armour or weapons except a knife? An armour that shatters with the first blow? What were they thinking, that their enemy is stupid? Ah well, now I wait for the next segment.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think what you witnessed was more reality than fiction. I didn’t want our heroes to be infallible or invulnerable. Reality is often less believable and more boring than fiction but, Raul wasn’t even part of the plan until Gloria convinced him to go with her. There is no such thing as real time intel except from live feed satelite coverage but those watching the satelite feeds often have no direct contact on the ground for these types of missions. The Cybrids somehow were watching Tamari and anticipated the landing. This means their intel is good. Often the indigenous forces are much more aware of their environment than those coming into the area. Raul’s plan was to leverage the best outcome but those plans went to hell as soon as Gloria was spotted and the shooting started. (Also a reality that plans are only good until the first shot then it’s, leadership, training, and experience that carries the day) However, Raul’s tactic of using Gloria as a diversion while he rolled up the rear was classic surprise and counterattack. Tamari was not prepared for a gun battle because she thought she was going to be alone and unobserved. Faulty thinking wouldn’t you say? This kills a lot of people. Finally, I felt it more realistic to give Raul and Gloria hi tech armored suits that weren’t super hero stuff and they did work but military bullets have 1000’s of foot pounds of energy and light armor piercing capability. Raul’s gear worn on the outside of his suit is not bullet resistant. So again in real life, when you get shot, it tears everything up including your armor plates in current Western body armor. Body armor doesn’t prevent wounding and death, it merely gives you a better chance at survival. I extrapolated the damage and impact force of getting shot multiple times and gave Raul the appropriate damage points. Don’t get me wrong, not defending anything with regard to the details other than giving you my thought process. My editor did chastise me for using reality as it does indeed not fare well with people who wish a different outcome. Still, The battle scene is a pivot point in the story and forces an unplanned effort to still execute the mission because of its importance to ending the war. This deviation creates a situation where only skill and determination will see them through and what are they willing to sacrifice to achieve the end of war. Now, Raul does not know if Gloria or Tamari have been killed or injured. It’s a tough situation to be in but people do this every day and we rarely hear about it or even know it took place. Oh, and if you have never been to Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, it’s beautiful country where people live entirely different lives than we are accustom to. This was the premise of why the last holdouts in the Cybrid war were in this area. It’s why I chose it to be the battle ground for Cybrids and Dragons. Hopefully you’ll see why as we progress.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks for the ‘splaining and I’ll try not to chew my fingernails to the blood while waiting for the next segment. You do know how to make your readers suffer pangs of anxiety along with your characters!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It could be because I’m weird but when I read a story that has me bouncing off the walls, I know I’ve read a good book. That doesn’t happen often but when it does, wow. You won’t have to wait too long. A couple of tricks and twists coming up to make you curse me like the neighbor’s dog in the flower garden. But, it’s all for a worthy cause.

          Liked by 1 person

  6. You’ve got the sexual allusions.. the drama…the fighting. “Tamari had no armor and only a small curved blade.” What is the old maxim? Oh yea. “Never bring a knife to a gunfight.” Battle and fight scenes are tough to pull of, ’cause writers can’t really compete with the visual medium of films, blow by blow action, etc., but you bring realism and tension to this scene, bro. .. and I love the terse language of the warriors…”10-4, copy that. Acknowledge.” You’ve been there bro. You’ve lived it.

    Oh. And speaking of Harvey Weinstein, I woke up today to see he got convicted. I guess I’ll be careful now when I cast Akira.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bro! I had a conversation with Sha’Tara about the weaknesses in the planning and execution of the Dragons’ landfall. I tried to keep it real which means planning goes to shit, mistakes are made, and the enemy always has a vote that shouldn’t be discounted. Victory goes to the cunning and experienced when planning, intel, and gear fails. Let us see if our Dragons have the right stuff.

      Liked by 2 people

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