Time Enough for Love

The air was crisp as the mountains and valleys gave up their heat to the night. The creatures of darkness called out in a symphony of nature’s music interrupted only by the splash of water on rock.

Raul sat on a boulder in a stream against a bank with a brush covered bend. No one could see them unless they walked right up on them. Gloria sat between Raul’s thighs and leaned forward to wash her legs and feet.

He took the ball of crushed pine nuts wrapped in his bandana and scrubbed his siren’s back with the aromatic bundle as she attended her legs. The scent of fresh water and damp earth mingled with the citrus and mint of Alpine fir trees and hung in the cool air like incense. Raul resisted the urge to take Gloria right there on the rocks and instead he continued to caress the stain of dust and sweat from her body.

They took turns washing each other and taking pleasure from their need for each other. The moon and stars overhead reflected off their wet skin cloaking them in a porcelain light with dark shadows of mystery in the cerulean night. The sound of hands sliding across slick bodies mingled with the gurgling sound of the brook making its way across the stones and brush in the water at the far bank only a couple of meters away. Whispers and sensual sounds drifted in the shadows and joined the flowing melody of the water.

The night chill forced them back to their camp where they slipped between the horse blankets. Gloria lay on top of Raul as he shivered. She whispered a shushing sound to him with puckered lips and this time, he relinquished his dominance to the exhaustion of a hard day’s ride and gave way to Gloria’s desire to take him into her body and soul and never let him go, to possess him with kiss upon caress and beguiling eyes. She never remembered the emptiness retreating so completely from her before, but this night she felt wanted and loved and her heart wanted to share the heat of her desire with her man.

* * *

The morning fog lifted from the hills with fingers of vapor reaching up before disintegrating in a desperate attempt to grasp the light. The sun reflected from the dewy grass on the slopes warming the air and stucco walls in the village below.

Villagers moved in the slow motion of morning chores interrupted by the sputter of a scooter or a small ox-cart laden with the fruits of their labor. A blanket of mist moved through the village along the ground as if to escape from the chirping birds, the sun, and the awakening community.

Gloria rolled over on her back next to Raul as he watched the movement below.  She stared up into the branches of the trees and watched as a breeze caused the limbs to move in a swaying rhythm.  She imagined fairies sprinting through the branches as trembling leaves fed her illusion from lack of sleep and limited nourishment. Their trek through the mountains had taken its toll.

Sepia images of her strolling along the beach with Raul’s hand in hers flooded her mind.  So many times she’d come to him only to leave him again. How many women filled her spot at his side while she was gone? She looked over at him and admired his chiseled features set in his gray-black beard and unruly hair. He could have a real woman if he wanted, she thought to herself.

Why he wasted his life on a half human – half machine, she had no idea. A wave of insecurity washed over her tightening her chest and throat. He never mentioned the others when she was with him. All he did was devote his attention to her.  

Gloria turned on her side and threw her leg over Raul and lay across his back. She ran her fingers through his hair and scratched his back with her nails. She liked it when the hair on the back of his neck stood up, and his skin pebbled on his arms.  He looked over his shoulder at her and smiled.

“You keep doing that, and we’re going to skip our surveillance.”  Raul’s growl had a tinge of teasing in it.

“I’ve seen all I need to see,” Gloria whispered before she nibbled his ear.

“Oh, and what have you decided?” Raul rolled over on his back as Gloria settled in the crook of his arm.

“I’m worried you won’t take advantage of this beautiful morning to make love to me like you used to.”

Raul laughed under his breath. “I have an idea, my love.”

“Does it involve me, rope, and tight knots?”

Raul chuckled again. The sound of his amusement was like the deep rumble of distant thunder. The sun disappeared in his black eyes as Gloria stroked his face and beard.

“No, not this time, dear. I was thinking we should stroll into town like tourists on a casual hike across the Caucasus Mountains looking for a place to resupply and overnight off the trail.  Later, we’ll see if we can get someone to drive us to Tbilisi.”

“Where’s the part where you make passionate love to me?”

“Oh, that.” Raul pretended he’d forgotten her question.  “Once we get to Tbilisi and find a proper place to stay, I’ll think about rewarding you for being a good girl on this trip.” A mischievous grin wrinkled his eyes.

“What’s wrong with now?” Gloria teased.

“We don’t have a coffee maker in the saddlebags, Besides, we have work to do, my dear. We can play later.”  Raul stroked Gloria’s back like he was placating an impetuous child.

Gloria closed her eyes and let the sensations of his hands on her fill the void her angst created in her heart. Raul was her Satyr, and she was his Nymph. He made her feel whole again. She needed his control and passion and in return, she tortured his memories with extended absences. She wanted to change that and swore to herself she would never leave him again.

She rested on his chest and returned to the vision of them on the beach. The sun filtering through the trees warmed her back as she listened to Raul’s heavy breath and beating heart. Dreams of better times took Gloria away from the early morning activities until Raul shook her awake.

“Check this out, love.”

“Huh. . .?”

“At the end of the village by that barn near the road. The woman hanging up laundry.”

Gloria followed Raul’s gaze to the woman at the corner of the barn.

“That’s a Dragon Sister,” Gloria whispered.

“How can you tell she is a Dragon Sister?”

“We sense each other. I just feel it. Look at her muscle structure, those legs. You don’t get muscle like that being a peasant girl” Gloria replied.

“Well, dear I hope you are right.” Raul sounded skeptical. He observed the strong thighs under the cotton dress. Her round bottom was a sprinter’s not a clothes washer’s. As Raul observed the woman, his hand roamed over Gloria sensing the likeness between them.

The two Dragons watched the woman take laundry out of a bucket and hang it on a line that ran from the corner of the barn to a pole. The hanging sheets and clothes gave them cover from being seen by villagers if they approached her from behind along a stone wall that separated a small gravel road from the field where sheep grazed.

“I’ll approach her while you guard the rear. When I signal you, join us, and we’ll see what she is willing to do for us,” Gloria’s voice sharpened as her focus narrowed.

She was back to her cold and calculating warrior mode. She was on point, and her senses peaked. She had no idea what waited for them, but to continue their mission, they needed all the help they could get, and that meant taking risks.

“Let’s break camp. We’re burning daylight here.” Raul was already packing as Gloria hurried to saddle the horses.

20 thoughts on “March of the Cybrids-21

  1. All men want a Nymph like Gloria…you nailed the perfect companion. And her insecurities make her all the more willing to please. Even the trees in your story move in a swaying rhythm bringing to mind the undulating motion of copulation. Ah, if only Adam and Eve had it so good! It goes without saying your scenes and setting are masterful and create the perfect mood. Well done Hype…you bring me to a magical place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am honored such delightful visions come to mind. I think the old Greek Satyrs and Nymphs understood life in the purest ways tho much befell them under the noses of spiteful gods, they still knew how to enjoy life unencumbered by tyrannical religions. Wood and water nymphs did not disappear because of the overthrow of Mount Olympus but rather we stopped believing. I do hope I can bring them back.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bro…is this Corona Virus the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse or what? I’m watching the news and the spread of the Ennui-Virus is happening faster than I can type! Why write about it when it’s happening in real time? Sheeesh! Oh, BTW, your friend and mine Victoria Ray has a new book out, which I’ll purchase this week to support our WP friends. Stay well my friend. This seems to be a genetically engineered virus to take out older people so the Gov’t doesn’t have to pay social security or healthcare benefits! And, by trimming the population, you solve the climate change problem at the same time!!


  2. More anticipation. I had to laugh as I was reading through this one. I was reminded of the kid being read “Princess Bride” by his grandfather, exclaiming in disgust: “Not the kissing again!” and the grandfather replying, “Some day you might mind it so much.” I’m only 73, maybe I can still learn what the point of all that messy huggy kissy is about, especially when there’s work to do, huh? Now I have to find out why a Dragon Sister would be out in the open hanging clothes after a Cybrid attack knowing the enemy is still all around. Anything but hanging clothes! When you’re hanging clothes 80% of your view is obstructed! If Raul and Gloria could watch her unobserved or sensed, who else could? Antierra the warrior is pacing inside my mind! Ahhhh… patience… patience!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I actually felt like I went purple on this chapter too. Our Dragons are beginning to focus more on each other than the mission, a fatal mistake but understandable. Yes, patience. All questions are answered. Eventually. That view obstruction is a tactical advantage for some and a disadvantage for others. I once took two prisoners after executing an ambush and on the way, I realized I was out of ammo. Forgot to check in all the haste. Taking advantage of bluff and another’s mental condition is another tactical move. I continued on and got them secured before heading out again. In the game of spy versus spy nothing is ever as it appears to be.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Every good general is full of huff-n-puff and fluffy bluff. Having a real strategy is hard work and interferes with golf and handball appointments with underlings that always seem to lose the the general’s skill and daring on the court.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. You are exceptional at setting beautifully sensual scenes and lovely images unfolding in a natural and lush world. Such an exquisite intermission from the battle that awaits. Gloria is deeply in love but torn with insecurities. I look forward to what lies ahead. Thank you for such an enjoyable read Dan. I will be away on holiday after tomorrow but will try to stay tuned or I will play catch up on my return. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rene for such a thoughtful and observant comment. It is precisely what I hoped to convey. Have a wonderful vacation. I will have more Dragon Tales for you to enjoy when you return.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The crescendo is coming soon, but first, we need a little R&R for our Dragons in the spectacular landscape of Georgia; a nice BnB, some good food, definitely a hot shower, and comfortable bed to get our intrepid duo in tip top shape.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Ahhh! A romantic comedy drama. Now I get it (I think!). Yes, keep ’em coming. In all of this I’ve been seriously wondering if your rebel Cybrids (the ones who survive) are redeemable to be brought into the new “age” of a perfected mankind.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I will try to avoid any spoilers but it doesn’t end with a dismal future. Some unkind acts unrelated to compassion and empathy take place but it follows the old worn out belief that nothing worth having comes easy. Of course, there is a spattering of fairy tale love amongst the characters but we all know that has to be there or the publishers won’t accept one’s work unless it’s a memoir of a Hollywood actress in which case it has to have multiple scenes of raunchy demented sex or no one will buy it much less read it. We can just skip over those paragraphs in March of the Cybrids and get back to the devious plotting and skullduggery.


    1. I believe getting back to nature while in nature is essential to good health and a happy disposition. My life was blessed in the early days with nubile young ladies that were big fans of natural living. Getting back to our prehuman nature is not only fun, but free of complications other than the occasional poison ivy on the bootie.

      Liked by 1 person

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