Eye of the Viper

Vika walked out into the living room. Her robe hung open revealing supple skin and sculpted legs. She moved like a cat in the shadows cast by shifting light that searched her out through the curtains as car headlights passed by in front of the rented apartment.

Val greeted Vika with the news she had located the Dragons. She looked at Vika, who seemed to ignore her. A smile crossed Val’s lips. She knew how to get Vika’s blood boiling as the plan to bring the hunt to its logical conclusion revealed itself to Val’s cunning mind.

She walked over to Vika and forced her to look up by blocking her path to the kitchen.

“Has anyone told you how sexy you look fresh out of the shower?”

Vika glared at Val like she had lost her mind.

“Has anyone told you how disgusting your fuck me, please face looks?”

“Oh, don’t be so coy, Vika. You’re a sexual beast, and you know it.”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Step back before I cut that freakish face of yours.”

Val turned to let Vika pass. “I can imagine how Kirill pounds that thick butt of yours”.

“Jealous?” Vika asked with mock interest.

“I wouldn’t mind his attention,” Val replied.

Vika’s death stare was devoid of any humanity. Val could see the assassin’s muscles tighten as she prepared to attack. Her next moves would have to be precise or Vika would try to kill her before she could play out her scheme to trap Vika.

“I guess I am jealous of you, Vika. I admire you right down to your dark soul.”

“I don’t have a soul; you’ll have to settle for something else, perhaps something edgy and sharp.” Vika slipped her fingers on the inside of Val’s wrist, her thumb crossing the back of Val’s hand as she pressed herself against Val, a seductive smile spread across Vika’s face as lifeless black eyes remained fixed on her quarry.  Val prepared herself as she looked into the countenance of a vampiress when her lips first touched the fair maiden’s neck.

Val plumbed into Vika’s cold eyes as the assassin tasted Val’s lips with her tongue like a cat licking its fur. She struggled to mask her disgust and hate for the soulless Viper. If only she could kill her now, but that would be too anticlimactic. She continued to play the charade with the she-devil.

Vika jerked Val’s arm and whipped her body around. She used her grip on Val’s wrist to twist her arm locking it in a painful move that forced Val to trip over Vika’s outstretched leg as she spun around. Val felt the back of her head slam into the floor. Vika was on top of her before she knew what happened.

“If you want to do me, carrot top, you need to know I like it rough.”  Vika slapped Val hard across the mouth, filling Val’s mouth with the taste of blood.

Vika sat across Val’s stomach and laughed at the stunned Half breed.

Val wiped her mouth and tried to smile. Her head buzzed from pain and her arm felt like it was a lump of meat lying on the floor. Things weren’t exactly going to plan, but Vika’s elevated aggressiveness gave Val the opportunity she needed to manipulate Vika.

“Does Kirill like to hit you until you cum?”

“You keep your eyes and hands off Kirill, or I’ll dismember you one pound of flesh at a time.” Vika leaned forward and placed her hands on Val’s neck and squeezed just enough to emphasize her control while she grinned.

“In case you haven’t noticed, Kirill doesn’t have what I want.” Val’s voice came out in a rasp.

“Ah, so now you want to trade down, do you?”  Vika’s wicked grin changed to a mocking leer.

“I want that giant guard always roaming the halls. One night with me and he’ll forget your name.”  Val patted the outside of Vika’s thighs like she was consoling Vika for her loss of the big Cybrid’s attention.

The cold stare from Vika caused Val’s skin to tingle as the Viper lifted herself off Val’s aching body. She tied her robe at the waist and walked to the kitchen like a cat whose mouse has stopped twitching.

Val got up from the floor, her body throbbed in so many places she wasn’t sure what to rub first.

“Since you aren’t interested in Dragons anymore, I think I’ll excuse myself. It seems I’ve located our prey near Tbilisi. I’ll take care of them while you make friends with yourself and think of your precious Kirill. Maybe you should go back to Kazakhstan and mount him on the floor since that seems to be your favorite position.”

You bitch. Don’t play games with me. Tell me where the damned Dragons are, they are mine to kill,” the assassin demanded.

“I’ll tell you where you can ambush them and kill them yourself if you promise not to tell anyone you humped me on the floor tonight.”

“You Russian half breeds are too sensitive. I was only having fun. Seriously, you don’t seem up to this rough play. Just tell me where the Dragons are and I’ll let you stay here and answer the phone.

Do you want them bad enough to stop playing with yourself and listen?

I’m listening,” Vika said.

Vika’s mood gave Val pause. She realized that Vika preferred to kill Dragons, but anyone would do at the moment. She decided to set the trap instead of pushing her luck any further.

“They asked for someone to take them to Tbilisi. I’ll bring them to our safe house and leave them. You come in with your team after they get comfortable and sleepy and wipe them out. When I know they’re dead, I’ll go back to Russia, and you can go back to Kirill.”

“This is the first thing you’ve said all night that gets me excited,” Vika cooed.

“I was saving the best for last.” Val tried to pretend she was working with Vika again. She decided if Vika gave her any inkling of trouble, she’d gut her like a fish and strangle her with her own entrails.

“Damn, you do know how to seduce a girl with that long tongue of yours,” Vika smiled, but her fathomless eyes screamed violence was the only passion she felt or wanted.

“I’m only in the mood for killing Dragons now. Let’s have tea and discuss the details.” Val tried to move Vika along with her plan before Vika settled down enough to question Val’s motives.

Vika seemed to consider a truce. After an uncomfortable pause, she nodded then turned to heat the water in the kettle on the stove.

Val sat on the couch and ran her fingers through her hair and held her aching head. Her hands shook. She hoped she lived long enough to see Vika’s shredded body after Gloria got to her. She would make sure the Dragons had their chance. It was more important at the moment to ease Vika’s suspicions about her loyalties. If Vika were convinced she had no interest in Kirill, she wouldn’t suspect her return to Kirill while Vika waited to ambush the Dragons.

Val went to tend to her bloody lip in the bathroom while Vika hummed her favorite melody, a dark tune that left her with a thrilling desire for blood. She gathered the cups for tea and placed them on the table. Vika’s mood was improving.

21 thoughts on “March of the Cybrids-23

    1. LoL 😂 I was hoping this wouldn’t take us in the wrong direction. Military Ladies, just like men, do indulge in that aggressive game of one upping each other and it can get rough and draw blood. Predators are like that and a good example is a pride of lionesses. They probably don’t pick on each other verbally but they sure will bite a butt and claw a nose without much provocation. So, it just seemed natural that a Russian red headed half Dragon- half Cybrid might mix it up with a half Russian-half Mongolian Cybrid in interesting ways. Vika is a tough one, isn’t she? I’m glad it gave you some chuckles with a good dose of distraction. We all need that right about now, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Vika is a badass! All of the babes you write about are badasses. 😀

        It’s a real bummer, my family and I were wanting to take a vacation to the Smokey Mountains but I’m not sure we’ll be able to do that in late May/early June depending on what happens.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I do admire badass ladies. I tended to hang with the adventurous crowd of well adjusted people back in the day. Life was truly fun with them. The Smokies would be gorgeous in the May/June timeframe. I do hope we’ll all be in a more safe environment so you will be able to go and enjoy the trip.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. You make my heart and head elves sing Rene! I like to obsess over each chapter then just give up and post it. I believe that erotica done right illuminates that part of us that fuels a mighty creativity and connects us to the greatest parts of our humanity. Of course, that might seem a little bit odd at first, but it is our love in all its forms, expressed in uncountable ways that forms the baseline of our emotional spectrum. Vika is the Femme Fatale antagonist that rides on the dark side of the spectrum, an alpha lioness from a different pride of lions. Her confrontation with our Dragons is inevitable.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. I’ve read March of the Cybrids-23 twice now. I’m “coagulating” a response – hope your patience rating is on a high setting for me at the moment, I’m literally drowning in work and too tired to blog much when I’ve caught up with myself in the evenings… I have to learn how to say “no” and actually mean it! I’ll say this for now though: SUSPENSE!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sha’Tara. I appreciate that with a heavy workload, you actually took the time to read through this chapter twice. Suspense at this point is precisely what I was hoping for.


  2. “Has anyone told you how disgusting your fuck me, please face looks?” OMhystericalG!! I’m always walking around with this expression! No wonder the ladies cross the road when they see me coming! This dialogue was hysterically funny and evil as hell! I loved the bloodlust, the sexual lust, the conniving, the bitching and dominatrix subtleties! This one blew my mind bro! Can’t stop laughing and imagining these two having a cat fight right in front of me! Love these characters and I’m taking notes!!! ….New, short post up myself!! Beam over!! OMHG! Spot on dialogue!! And, Bro…you know your women!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did try to shift our view to the darkness in the rebel Cybrids and also Val as a Hybrid. There is a reason Val is a redhead as symbolic of those Nordic tribes of ancient times where their red hair and shield maidens struck mind numbing fear into the Slavic tribes as the Russ Vikings conquered all of what we now know as Russia and the nations of Eastern Europe. Not so long ago, German women dyed their hair with auburn hi lights as a fashion statement. Imbedded in their DNA is that strength, vitality, and ferocity of the Auburn haired Scandinavians and especially their women. So Val is a futuristic shield maiden and incredibly intelligent while Vika is a hard core killer driven by instinct, but with her people, she is a loving mother and devoted partner to her man, Kirill. Real life is not so clean cut on the border of black and white but rather a swirly ice cream cone of exotic flavors. This is what the story and this scene in particular attempts to portray. There is something to love in both of the female characters as well as plenty to fear.

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