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A Place for all of us

Hi dear readers, I wanted to let you know I’ve started a new website with some special friends at The INFJ CAFE. <- (I want you to click it. I really want you to click it)

For many years I lived in my INFJ skin with an internal universe vast and energetic. I was masquerading as a normal (well, not entirely normal) ISTJ until I began to lower my protective curtain and that is when my true Dragons roared to life. Then, a few years ago, I met Kymber Hawke at Booomcha. Kymber is also an INFJ and from then on, I was no longer alone in the world. Now, I’ve met another INFJ, Dot from DotandLines. By golly, my INFJ world is expanding.

Kymber and I thought it would be cool to create a web site for other INFJs and all you normal lovely folks that INFJs love to love can visit us in a safe public place. Its a place where introverts can go to meet vampires. I’m sure you’ll Like it…eventually. You see, there isn’t much there, just a couple of posts to get it started. More on the way as we seek out the Bohemian culture of INFJ and bring it to you. Old and Artful Souls welcome.

Drop by anytime. The drinks are free and the vampires are plentiful.

INFJ cafe

33 thoughts on “INFJ Cafe

        1. I think I’ve found my new retirement plan. Hang out at the café and discuss grand things in artful ways. My world travel account recently bottomed out as I’m sure many did. So, instead of traveling all over the world, I can only afford to sit, eat oatmeal cookies, and talk to guests. That isn’t a bad life tho…😊

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  1. Wow. Myers-Briggs? Does that still have meaning in the world? Have no idea what I was when I first took it, and have no idea what I would be if I took it today. All I can say is, over the years, life became way too complex to be contained or explained in 4 letters. Have fun learning.

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    1. Hi Rawgod! Myers-Briggs has become a cult following now with far more work put into it than psychology and psychiatry. It’s free too. People are finding answers and themselves in the research of personality traits. However, it isn’t mandatory and no one has to play or pay that doesn’t want to. If it helps a person better understand themselves and make better career decisions then it was worth it for that person. Everyone’s mileage may vary.


      1. What scares me, as an older person, is that your “cult” is going to think Myers-Briggs defines them, rather than describes where they are the day they take the test. It might make them more resistant to change, locking them into a personality type that will not always work for them.
        Life is all about change, looking at who you are, then looking at who you would like to become, and how that progression might occur. Not everyone changes, we all know that, but those who don’t are seldom happy when they reach their senior years.
        This is, of course, my own opinion. You all can do as you like, I just hope you end up happy.

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        1. I think you are right in that someone being too locked into it might get confused. I treat it like astrology. It can be fun and even enlightening but it doesn’t deserve any control of one’s life, we should, as you say, remain tuned to change as needed, look out ahead and yell giddy up. I know I’ve changed significantly over the years. I’m no more like I was, although I’m open about my past, I’m not stuck in it. I took the good from life and skidaddled on by the bad. Life is what we make of it and being too rigid means when flexibility is what one needs, they are out of luck.


  2. I clicked on the link and it says, Oops! That page can’t be found.

    So either you’ve been drinking massive quantities of bourbon to help you deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, Daniel, and you lost all track of time and woke up thinking it was April 1st and you thought you’d play an April Fool’s Joke on people


    The WP gremlins have struck again. 😈👿👹👺👽👾🎃

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    1. Dang! The links work for me but that’s cheating, the site is nestled in with the Dragons so the click doesnt have to go to far for me. Hmmm. I hope the gremlins catch Corona Beer virus and get lime breath.


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