If at first you don’t succeed, blame WordPress. They can screw up a steel ball bearing.

Hyperion Sturm
Where upon Jeffrey the Otter flubs it.

INFJ CAFE retake

Update to the Update! I think I fixed the problem so please, if you have the patience, try again. The link should work Now – Daniel (10:23 CST 22 March)

Dear readers, please allow me to rescue myself by offering yet another mystery link to the new INFJ CAFE website. It seems the previous links were mysteriously sent to the Internet byte bucket. Of course, the links work fine for me because the site is nestled safely in my WP Harem and to please me, one click is all it takes. Not so for my invited guests.

Let’s try again, shall we?


Please chastise me profusely if this new short link also fails to deliver the promised goods.

43 thoughts on “INFJ CAFE Update

  1. Page found, works great…of course, my IQ is off the scale. BTW, I believe there are many thinking if the Covid-19 seclusion drags on “I’ll just retire.” Yeah, but will Social Security be bankrupt, or will you be able to collect payment? And if my time is no longer scarce or valuable, will I write at all? There’s some exciting about “stealing” 2-3 hours out your workweek to fulfill your purpose with grim determination…but when you have 7 days a week when no one wants you, no one is calling you, no one needs you…will the motivation vanish? These are my thoughts. And finally, what it the purpose of the new INJF café? Starting a private club?

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    1. There is a massive wave of retirements going on in my city now. I will apply for social security and hope for the best because my retirement account is dried up except for the cash I squirreled away. I’m going to be a scrappy old fart when it comes to my medicare and social security; up until my doctor injects me with Corona Beer virus and I croak. The purpose of the INFJ Cafe is to find other INFJ’s and show off our amazing circus sideshow capabilities in the form of art, literature, music, etc etc. Everyone is welcome so we will embrace weirdness and introversion.

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  2. The ‘Oops’ is staring at me with its blank stare again. Now I am starting to take it personal … I CAN be the most oversensitive and insecure INFJ you know 🧸


    1. I have no idea what is going on but everyone is being stiff armed at the gate. Don’t take it personal. WordPress abuses everyone equally. Don’t give up. Click everywhere like you are after your million dollar lottery winnings. (could the virus be jamming up our internet?)

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      1. Why do I like my web better now clicking it from the Café?! Now the Café feels even more like a home for me than my own page. I love everything you’ve done with the design, it’s warm and cozy, yet still imbued with the atmosphere of ‘loving from afar’ … Your mind is the most beautiful. If INFJs are the 1-3% of the population, you are the top 1% of INFJs, along with others such as Carl Jung, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King … 🐧

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        1. I’m so glad it’s working for you now. Those famous INFJs that did so much for all of us let’s me think we INFJs can do what we set our minds to. We got the weird cool factor going on. Hang out with us whenever you like Dot, as you can see, we have lots of space and a nice view of the ocean.

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                    1. It’s a tiny website for now, but if we collect the content people enjoy reading then it becomes a good way to showcase a wide variety of very talented people. We’ll give it our best shot and see what happens. Your friendship and support is important and deeply appreciated Rene.

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                    2. You certainly can be included Rene. If you would like to be on the Contributing Author Team, we can make that happen. If you prefer to just sit in the cafe and enjoy the entertainment, that of course is an honor as well. ☺️

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                    3. I’ll sit on the side lines. I am already the administrator of Roberts blog, trying to monitor it since he passed away. I don’t want to bite off too much. Good luck with this, it’s very cool.

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                    4. That is a truly noble thing to care for your blog as well as Robert’s. Certainly we would love to host a show by PBH and Rene Russo and of course, a recital of your poetry. I think that would give us the class we hope to uphold.


        1. Egads! Did you paste it in your address bar and pound the enter key like Thor the Thunder God? I bet I need to go in and unplug the pipes. Internet plumbing is not my best skill set, but desperation calls for action.

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