Li-Fire is Brightness. It means to be attached. The Sun and Moon attach to Heaven. Kan-Water is Darkness. It means a pit in which to fall. Firm and Soft meet here.

I Ching and the Tao.
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Chapter 9

A Shot of Blur
Blur, I might, but you’d still see.
Not with the eyes but the ones within;
Trick, I try, but you’d still feel—
How magical the heart that beats art for a living.
Slow down, you can, and trust it will be.
The dawn will welcome you before the sun shines brightly.
Believe, you should, no matter how blurry.
See, if everything is clear, how boring would that be?

Fire ☲ & Water ☵

“Ang ganda mo, Rae.” You are beautiful, Ezra greeted Rae as her eyes opened to the green and gray mist that surrounded them up in their perch. The sound of water running everywhere and the thumping madness of raindrops on the roof of elephant ear plants overhead assaulted their ears, muting the words, a sound perhaps made by the wind.

A sleepy “An lambing mo,” You are sweet slipped from unwary lips, full and lush like ripe fruit.

The cold morning air reminded Rae not to move under her blanket if she wanted to hold on to the escaping heat. “Be still, Ezra. Come back here and keep me warm.” It was a demand Ezra had not heard before. He looked at those full lips, pink and soft, and saw that they moved, the brown eyes reflecting brightness. How could she be cold with so much fire in her, Ezra wondered. Still, he willingly obeyed this order from his Tala that gave him such pleasure. He lay on his back, hands behind his head, elbows pointing to heaven in defiance.

A flood of thoughts and emotions coursed through Ezra’s mind. The pleasure of Rae’s soft skin and fierce heart fed a blaze that flowed up from below, snaking around his neck. He felt the heat of desire until his head filled his eyes with water and blurred his vision and mind.


Not wanting the call of work and hunger to interrupt her cozy pleasure, Rae lay across the broad chest and straddled Ezra’s leg, pulling the blanket over them. “Put your arms around me,” she demanded, and Ezra could not comply fast enough to suit himself, it seemed.

Rae felt Ezra’s Yang energy surging against her; his dry warmth was luxurious in the damp chill of morning. She lifted her head and gazed at Ezra’s face; he was serene and looked up through the roof of broad leaves into the mist and beyond. She lay her cheek on his breast and wondered why men always caught fire so quickly in the early mornings. Perhaps it was when their Yang energy peeked.

Rae felt no fear of Ezra’s reaction to her. With him, everything was a natural flow. He would not ignore her later or tell lies of conquest about her in the barracks. He would not abandon her if she unguarded her vulnerability and gave him what he so desired.

What Eosian woman in the Fleet had a man that thought she was a star that fell from heaven just for him? With everything automated and processed and made ready for their use, men no longer worked in heat and rain, soaked in sweat only to provide for his woman and himself. No, they joined the Fleet, lived in Space, and dreamed of the moment they would fight and slay the Western Alliance.

And what Eosian woman could light a man’s desire so quickly with her body scarred with ugly clawed stripes on salty skin? How strange her life had become away from everything she knew about human existence, and yet she felt like she had come home after a long and terrifying journey.

Was she falling in love with Ezra and his life? He was so kind and gentle, yet she could see his strength in character as much as his body. Ezra didn’t take a single mushroom from the soil without thanking it for providing life, and more importantly, he never took them all. He fed her before he took his first bite of food. 

A tear of confusion escaped the bridge of her nose and hid between her cheek and Ezra’s chest. He had saved her life, cared for her all those long weeks until she was ready to face the jungle again. She felt she had given him nothing except the pleasure of being his Tala.

Something told Rae to remember these things she admired as she drifted back into a warm fugue of pleasure, security, and warmth. She slept soundly in second sleep, her moist breath soothing Ezra and sending him into the land of dreams to find her.


In the afternoon, They made the short trip to the falls to see if the rain had caused the river to flood. It had. The capsule had fallen from the mid-shelf to the pool below. The water beached the craft hard on the rocks and was out of the water.

The ship lay on its side, battered and looking like a crushed can. Rae felt her heart racing. The debris was gone, and the capsule was out in the open at the bottom of the falls. There was no way to tell if her dreams of rescue were over until they roped down and checked it out.

“We need more rope,” Ezra said.

“And bamboo steps for the rope ladder,” Rae added.

“Do you think the spirit man is still there in your egg?” Ezra asked.

Rae smiled at Ezra’s reference to Ralph. Ralph could not die, but the digital box where he resided as her Ensign and navigator may need some tidying up, not that Ralph deserved any special care, the cheeky bastard. Damn, she loved him. They had been through every hair-raising adventure together. She had to save him no matter what it took.

“Yes, he’s there. He would never leave. If the weather is good, let’s get him tomorrow. Okay? Promise?

Rae looked up into the sunlit stoic’s face, her pleading eyes red and teary.

“Yes, tomorrow we get Eggman.” Ezra turned without another word and headed toward the bamboo grove to cut more shoots and carve them down to fibers Rae could weave into rope.

18 thoughts on “Tribal-009

  1. 3 cheers for Apple Rae! Such a lovely poem.

    Wow, you are stoking the fire of love, my friend! Feeding the fire each chapter as Ezra and his Tala connect even more deeply. You’ve created such a peaceful scene and Rae is letting her vulnerability slide. All the while we are here salivating for each new chapter.

    The Eggman Cometh! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bwaaa haaa haaa! The Eggman cometh 😆 you know the whole mood will change when Ralph returns to the stage. Our new Adam and Eve, Tarzan and Jane, have a vast universe of differences, yet how easily that is bridged with kindness and a budding attraction. The empty and wild world of old earth could potentially host a new tribe. I’m holding out hope for them. Thank you Lauren, I’m so motivated by everyone that enjoys this story. I’ll keep it going with the vision that fills my head all hours of the day.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Rae felt Ezra’s Yang energy surging against her; his dry warmth was luxurious in the damp chill of morning.”- my favorite lines. Captivated my soul. What a chapter of deep contemplation and natural flow. And my lines of poetry that started this off. Aghh. Thank you for using my poem to go along with the beauty of this chapter.

    Looking forward to seeing Ralph again. Missed his cheeky presence. I know Rae feels sad about not being able to rescue him yet but i love her optimism that everything’s gonna be alright and that there’s no way they wouldn’t be able to save Eggman.

    Eggman is a nice cutesy code name for Ralph! Brilliant! Haha

    I’m curious with how Ralph would react to a new Captain Rae, influenced by the Yang Energies of Ezra and his nature earthy skills.

    Another excellent chapter, Dan. 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you got this part about yang energy reviving Rae’s spirit. I believe so much in how people either recharge or discharge and in some cases drain another person even if they have no idea that they are doing it. In this case the bond is nourishing for both of them. When I think of intimacy, I think of the pleasures of companionship and emotional support through sharing, receiving, giving, communicating and closeness. This does a world of good for our contentment and health.

      Rae will not rest until Ralph is back to his old self again. And of course, he will definitely notice Rae has changed. He will also get a chance to study Ezra and make some remarkable discoveries about him as well.

      Looks like they have some fun times ahead.

      and I thought your poem was made for this chapter. Blur is mystery and mystery is never boring.


  3. This triggered a latent memory from my youth: lying in a bed, partially clothed, next to a beautiful woman whose relationship with me was uncertain and not fully developed. I felt Ezra’s uncertainty and passion, while also feeling the heat emanating from Rae. Oh, my pulsating loins… you hit this scene out of the ballpark…and those lips, full and lush like ripe fruit…I envision her entire being like ripe fruit ready to sprout and take seed…OMG, you are a complete poet and romantic. No one can describe the scene and mood better than Hype! After I catch my breath, I’ll attempt to take a swing at this incoming volley…and what a zinger it is! I can smell Rae about to “give it up…” that odor is unmistakable…Great writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked this chapter. I can honestly say I have failed at it enough to give up and just write finally. I wanted to see if readers could see this in different ways. A lot is felt but little is said. Ultimately, Rae is bonding with Ezra and the prediction is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. But there are surprises ahead for our only couple on earth.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s a very beautiful poem Apple wrote as an introduction to this chapter, Daniel.

    So Rae-Tala prefers a natural man to the men of the Star Fleet.

    Quite possibly that’s a good thing.

    So Ralph is about to be rescued.


    An Eggman who no doubt fancies a chance to be a Spermman if he could somehow get beyond his digital self.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I must agree, Apple’s poetry is full of all those things that make historical romance a thing of beauty as John Keats said of his lovely Ms. Brawne. Ralph, on the other hand, would take on the persona of Hugh Hefner and Dean Martin. At noon you would find him in his pajamas with a martini in one hand and a cigarette in the other singing a love song while looking at his calendar to see what young starlet is on his agenda for the day. Thankfully, Rae keeps him locked up in her Pandora’s box beside the seat in her escape pod. Imagine the scene when Ralph comes face to face with one of the leopards. Lady Leopards are not kind to Hugh Martin archetypes. Male Leopards want to be friends. I have to admit, the Leopards look pretty cool in their spotted jackets.

      Liked by 1 person

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