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Going Over There

Miles and miles
of whispering trees
tell me of courage
to stand in the breeze
knowing the storm
will end our days
with a thousand sunsets
in a thousand ways.
I am weary
I am cold
I am far too old
but, I have travelled far
on this wooded path
without fear and
without a decent bath
I am hungry
I am disheveled
I am torn
but, I have loved
nature's raw abundance
and in her fury, I am reborn.
Miles and miles
of wind and rain
cleanses my spirit
and comforts my pain.
I am going over there
I am breathing mist
I am the mountain range
and I found love
in the crystal waters
soft green mosses
and purple vistas
too distant to make in a day
I am going over there
it's not my home
I have walked away
I am gone.

12 thoughts on “Going Over There

        1. Yes indeed. I’m actually learning everyday as I join in conversation with other Light Riders. When we have the universe all figured out, we’ll move on to something else. 🐌🪐


  1. I agree with George, Daniel.

    This poem is very reminiscent of Robert Frost’s poem Miles To Go Before I Sleep.

    Glad you’re enjoying winter hiking.

    From weather reports on what’s happening south of the border, I gather you can pretty well go winter hiking anywhere in the U.S. these days.

    There are rumours that Al Gore was found frozen in 10 feet of snow holding a sign that said Let’s Fight Global Warming Together.

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    1. Thank you Chris! No doubt my reading from R. Frost and John Muir got crosslinked in my mush mellon mind and Over There popped up just after I got home and defrosted my frozen self with a bowl of Tiger Mom’s hot buckwheat noodle soup. The only way to learn up faster is to have Sherrielick Holmes drop by with her hot cross buns and special mushroom soup. 🔥

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