Return of Dragons

“The last of your kisses was even the sweetest; the last smile the brightest; the last movement the gracefullest.” ― John Keats

Dragon Sister

   Return of Dragons is a story about The Black Dragon Society, an ancient clan founded on the principles of the warrior ethos with a single focus on the society’s obtaining divine status through the unified effort of its members. Past failures taught the Dragon Masters that to survive and achieve their lofty goals they must become an insular society and hide in plain sight while bringing in members from all cultures, nationalities, and races.

   The community of Black Dragons has always worked to advance science and to use science to strengthen the human biology as well as build strong intellectual minds, bodies, and souls through rigorous education and relentless training. The epitome of their success is found in their Praetorian Guards, orphan girls taken at early ages from the streets and back alleys of the world.

   This blog is a story about the Praetorian Guards; the Dragon Sisters, and their Warrior Ethos, their battles, their desire to give and receive love despite their pledge of duty, honor, and sacrifice to the Dragons and their Masters. The story is about conquest-the conqueror and the conquered. Through the darkness of conflict, the Dragon Sisters discover the truth of how one finds their soul and their humanity. Each, in turn, learns that love is the guidepost that brings one out of the darkness and into the light.

   The scenes of Return of Dragons are first drafts and will contain a few grievous errors in grammar, punctuation, content, and sentence structure. You, dear reader, may feel the urge to give up and find a more legible text to read. Fear not, it’s your feedback that writes this story and out of view is a concentrated effort to do good literary housekeeping. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. I welcome your thoughts.


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    1. I do bond well with that image myself. The Dragon Sisters are very homogenous in their appearance. When I go to the Dragon Clan meetings, they are everywhere one looks and they take such pride in their appearance. Always dressed to kill, 😉

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        1. I die a thousand deaths, each time under their gaze. I’m instantly reincarnated to do it all over again. In my real world, I find the Dragon Sisters have wickedly wonderful senses of humor and in the end, no one is harmed. 😀

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    1. Hi K! Thank you very much. How are you? I do hope your summer is exciting as well. I was thinking about you and your wonderful family recently. A friend gave me some Bosnian coffee and I watched some videos on how to prepare it. I bought the special pot to make it in and tried it and it was wonderful. It brought back a lot of memories about the coffee tradition in Bosnia. I seem to remember you made a post on it once. I’m happy to have you visit my blog dedicated to my book, Return of Dragons. Here is where I draft the final manuscript and get feedback from interested readers. Hope to see you around. Willy Nilly is still running around in the garden here chasing those butterflies. He says hi. 😀

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      1. Hi, hi, D! 😃😄 Always great to receive your reply. We are fine, thanks for asking! Summer is strange this year. Temperature ranged from 20 degrees to 40 degrees in centigrade. Thinking of going rafting next few days! 🤔😄 Hope all is fine with you & family, too.
        Enjoy your coffee! 😉 ☕️

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    1. Thank you, Natasha. It’s dedicated to the story of the Black Dragons and so I’ve kept it simple and focused on the chapters. It’s quite a long and complex story. Eventually, I’ll have a table of contents so readers can navigate easily to the parts of the story they are interested in. The theme I use is very helpful in setting up the site for writing versus a site with a wider variety of content that requires a different style of presentation.

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  1. Hi Alina. I think it works now. The social menu buttons should take you to my Hyperion Facebook page and my Google+. I set them back up again so there isn’t much there yet but would be thrilled to have you in the friend circle. 😀


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