Part II -Lee

Dance with Dragons

“Dance me slowly along a moonlit path, soaked with light from moon and stars above, hold my hand and whistle a tune, dance me slowly to the edge of Love. “― Michelle Geaney, Under these Rebel skies

Lee TOC a

Chapter 1. The Black Dragon Returns

It was the year of the dragon in the middle of spring.  Only a handful of people knew that the world order would change that day. It started with a breeze and azure skies.  Offshore, clouds collected shoulder to shoulder.  Perhaps it was an omen.

Chapter 2. In the Beginning

The father looked on for a moment as the nurses attended to his son.  Their choreographed efficiency and his son’s calm demeanor put Bai Hue in a reflective mood.  His mind drifted through memories of the house when he was a child.  He would make sure his son’s memories were as grand as his before the world took the boy away to his duties.

Chapter 3. A Symphony of Whispered Madness

The nurse thought dreams, like memories, are dances performed alone. One hears a song, falls in love with the melody, and tries to find meaning in lyrics. Often, the symphony is a cacophony of visionary notes too discordant to find a rhythm one can rest their soul inside. There is another kind – the kind that never releases the dancer. The girl was afraid of the dreams she saw on Lee’s face.

Chapter 4. A Dance with Dragons

Lee undressed in front of the mirror. The dim light and shadows danced across her body and captivated her thoughts. The reflection that stared back at her seemed to recede into the shadows.  The Dragon Sister longed for the time her promised Dragon Male would explore her body with gentle hands and soft kisses.

Chapter 5. Fear of Love is Fear of Life

It was love that fueled Lee’s life-force, and it was love that would save her. The old doctor’s technology and ancient arts overlooked this.  He couldn’t measure love.  It remained a powerful, elusive force, like gravity that one felt but struggled to explain how it worked. Without true love; advanced technology, duty, honor, fealty, and rigid societal rules could only take them so far and then they would implode like a dying star.

Chapter 6. For the Love of Dominika Aristov

Lee knew affairs of the heart were destructive weapons in the hands of the unskilled and uncaring. It frightened her. The Dragon Sister had no idea how she would convince Domi to find favor with Ivan. She knew it was important to the Masters. Lee had to trust the old Dragons and do what they told her to do.

Chapter 7. A Symphony of Waves

Trembling hands gripped the sink. Tears made tiny patting sounds on the porcelain and mingled with droplets of water, cascading together, and causing little rivers to race to the drain.  Nothing removed the ache in her heart so strong was her need to feel the touch and intimacy of another.

Chapter 8. Dragon Sisters

With the exception of Ivan and her children, she never loved anyone more than Lee. She knew what she had to do for Lee, and she would do it without a thought or reservation.

Chapter 9. Mother and Child

Lee lifted her son and held him to her shoulder. She patted his back as she sang a traditional song to him. Hei burped and cooed. He enjoyed burping and farting. It seemed he went out of his way to communicate his mischievous nature in that way. Lee laughed and held her son to her face and touched her nose to his.

Chapter 10. Ministress of Science and knowledge

Domi turned and looked at the figure in the filtered light of the room. She felt her skin grow warm and tension in the pit of her stomach. Hue reached out his left arm; palm down, fingers bent in a sign of respect and acceptance.

Chapter 11. Minister of Light

It was Ivan that reached past the tumultuous waves of pleasure and released her from the bonds of her analytical mind. His bare flesh on hers, his kiss, and caress dominated her sensual center.  The power of his union with her tore her mind from its cold logic and propelled her into a colorful world of metaphor and illogical dreams.

Chapter 12. Release the Dragon

Ivan came out of the shower and saw Dominika standing in front of the mirror, lost in thought. The light from the gas lamp outside cast a glow in the room that highlighted her in warm tones of light and cool shadow. Ivan looked at his wife and thought she was more beautiful than the day they met and what a day that was.

End of Part II

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