The Agony of Ecstasy is about the promise a King makes on his death bed to find his Queen in the next life and love her again. The time is now and Alexandra Dragana is awakening to her destiny of rebirth and reconnection. But, with every love story there is the dark side of love, the agony.

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Table of Contents.

Scene 1 By Chance to Meet

Scene 2 Alexandra Arrives in Carpathia

Scene 3 Alexandra Meets Cezar

Scene 4 Alexandra

Scene 5 Alexandra

Scene 6 Alexandra

Scene 7 Alexandra

Scene 8 Alexandra

Scene 9 Alexandra

Scene 10 Alexandra

Scene 11 Alexandra

Scene 12 Alexandra

Scene 13 Alexandra

Scene 14 Alexandra

Scene 15 Alexandra

Scene 16 Alexandra

Scene 17 Marius

Scene 18 Marius

Scene 19 Marius

Scene 20 Kinbaku

Scene 21 Marius

Scene 22 Marius

The Wolf Keeper’s Secret

Scene 23 Alexandra

Scene 24 Cezar

Scene 25 Cezar

Scene 26 Moira

Scene 27 Moira

Scene 28 Moira

Scene 29 Dari

Scene 30 Dari

Scene 31 Alexandra

Scene 32 The House Razvan

Scene 33 Alexandra

Scene 34 Alexandra

Scene 35 Wolf Blood Moon

Scene 36 The Wolf-Master’s Daughter

Scene 37 Dari and the Witch

Scene 38 Into the Past

Scene 39 The Ritual of the Bath

Scene 40 Bound to Wolves

Scene 41 Edge of Madness

Scene 42 Sins of Our Mothers

Scene 43 For the Love of Wolves

Scene 44 The Deeper Well

Scene 45 The Ties That Bind

Scene 46 The Winds of Change

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